Archfiends dancing on your grave


The Dicepool

Leuven, Belgium

Swiss, about 20 people



Yo, first i’d like to thank for being the best site ever :D!

This is my first tourney report, and I speak dutch, so please don’t mind the spelling errors.


Here’s the deck:


Tribute monsters ( 1 trib) :4


Mazera DeVille (special summon)  x1

Great maju Garzett  x1

Guardian Sphinx  x1

Summoned Skull x1


Non-tribute monsters :20


Goblin King  x2

Warrior of Zera  x2

Desrook Archfiend  x3

Tribe-Infecting Virus  x1

Shadowknight Archfiend  x3

Terrorking Archfiend  x2

Berserk Gorilla  x2

Infernalqueen Archfiend  x2

Pandemonium Watchbear  x1

Witch of the Black Forest  x1

Sangan  x1


Spell cards :11


Pandemonium  x3

Terraforming  x1

Dark Hole  x1

Axe of Despair  x1

Change of Heart  x1

Tribute to the Doomed  x1

Nobleman of Crossout  x1

Fissure  x1

Monster Reborn  x1


Trap cards :9


Magic Jammer  x1

Waboku  x1

Dust Tornado  x1

Sakuretsu Armor  x1

Bark of Dark Ruler  x1

Cursed Seal of the Forbidden Spell  x1

Trap Hole  x2

Seven Tools of the Bandit  x1


I know this deck may look weird and I know that I don’t have most of the staples, so please no mails like ‘your traps suck’ or ‘get the staples’, thanks guys!


The tournament:


I got up early (9 AM) had quick breakfast and went to my friend Piet’s( pronounce Pete) house and we went to the tournament. I bought a special edition IOC box, I got lava golem, which I am going to sell for €50 ($60).


First round


I played some noob, there were really only about five players who actually had a deck strategy LOL!

Me: 8000-6200

Him: 8000-6000-3200-0

He actually managed to hit me with a la jinn or something, I was really pissed, but I smacked him with a berserk gorilla after dark holing, then got out my Mazera Deville, forcing him to discard his hand, and he topdecked his blue eyes, so I smacked him again.

Me: 8000

Him: 8000-7000-4000-0

I started off great with pandemonium and Shadowknight attacking his field, next turn I got a terrorking out, en kept hitting him, next turn got out goblin king at 2000 att, went in for the kill. I was a bit disappointed because there were so little ewperienced duelists


Second round


This guy had actually played some matches before, and his deck was some random beatdown

Me: 8000-6100

Him: 8000-6000-4400-0

He managed to hit me with a mad dog of darkness, which made me even more pissed, so I fissured, attacking his field with a gorilla. He dark holed and ended his turn. I summoned tribe and attacked. He tried to kill it with a 7 coloured fish, but I sakuretsu’d and discarded my sphinx to kill it, then reborned it and attacked for the win

Me: 8000

Him: 8000-6400-3200-0

I didn’t have a great hand, but neither did he, and I think it’s just because his deck doesn’t work. I was beating him down with warrior of zera and tribe, then I got out mazera and attacked for the win


Third round Me vs Martin ( weird hand disruption/control/beatdown/tribute deck)

This is a kid with a lot of great cards, playin 3 soul exchanges to get his tribs out

Me: 8000-6000-4000

Him: 8000-6000-2000-300-0

I made a good opening move with face up berserk, but he soul exchanged it for helpoemer, he att me twice with it, so I had to destroy  it be reborning my berserk and tributing it for great maju garzett, so there goes that annoying affect. I beat him up a litlle  , he dark holed, I got out the sphinx, used his effect twice and beat him

Me: 8000

Him: 8000-…-0

I don’t really remember it, but I won really easy, he didn’t hit me!


Fourth round (is this correct?) Me Vs Peter (pronounce Paiter), (chaos deck with yata, he won the tournament, he’s Belgium’s number 5)

Me: 8000-6100-…-0

Him: 8000-6000-4000

I was doing better than I expected, only getting hit once by his archfiend soldier, and beating him up with berserk, until he got out his BLS, I lost, I hate chaos

I sidedecked big burn and soul release, to counter him a bit

Me: 8000-6400-4500

Him: 8000-6000-3000-1000-0

I remember getting hit by his breaker, but I got the upper hand, and he mad a fatal mistake by using solemn judgment, when I jammed his reborn. He got out my skull, only to be sakuretsu’d , I got out the gorilla, he topdecked horribly and I won! I was the only one to win a duel against him!

Me: 8000-6400-4400-1400-0

Him: 8000-6400-4400

We were equally matched, he hit me with breaker, I tribed it and hit him, then I got out the gorilla and attacked a face down. He used Ring of destruction on my gorilla, and I ended my turn. That was were it went downhill. He flipped it, it was a cyber jar, giving me a great hand, with terrorking and shadowknight on the field and pandemonium in my hand, but it was his turn, he used card destruction and dark hole then he summoned his CED and won. Too bad, if it wasn’t for that RoD I would have won against him! 


Fifth round

 I won 2 times, don’t remember how, because I was thinking about what would have happened is Peter didn’t have that RoD (lol)


I was really happy, my record being 9-2, but I only got fourth because of some weird ranking system, while I should have been second! Damn!


First prize was an IOC special box and 4 TP’s , second and third were TP’s and barrel dragon/foil time wizard


My friend Piet only turned out ninth, too bad




Me getting a lava golem

Me almost beating Belgium’s number 5

My archfiends ruling over almost al my opponents

Doing great without most of the staples

Knowing I’m almost as good as Peter




Piet for being ninth

Me for being fourth and not getting anything

Me for not beating Peter

The tournament system for making me fourth while I should have been second



Thanks for reading it to the end, mail me at