Scientists Direct Damage
Brennan DeCandio
Toys R Us
Clarksburg West Virginia

Yea this is like my 2nd report and I've completely changed my deck. It went from
Attacking to Direct damage. Today it was a special tournament. They were doing
Double dueling. It was fun. Each player had 4000 lp and cards like Riageki or things
Like that affected both teammates. Admission 5$. Prize 10 packs of what ever they had.
Heres my deck.

Fusion: 4

Thousand eyes restrict ( I was testing it out)
Dark Flare Knight x3  ( Good combos)

Tributes: 6

Dark Magician of Chaos x2 (Read combo below)
Mirage Knight x3 (Read combo)
Catapult Turtle (Same)

Non-Tributes: 12

Magical Scientist (See above)
Cyber Jar (I use in every deck)
Mystic Tomato x3 (Get Scientist+ Cannon)
Cannon Soldier x2 (Combo)
Spirit Reaper x2(Nasty little bugger)
Sangan (Search)
Sinister Serpent (Immortal)
Fiber Jar (Reset)

Magic: 14

Premature Burial (Reborn)
Harpie's Feather Duster (Insurance policy)
Monster Reborn (Reborn+ combo)
Graceful Charity (Drawing is Power)
Pot of Greed (see above)
Mirage of Nightmare (see above)
Riageki (Make way)
Dark Hole (New land fill area)
Change of Heart (Control)
Swords (Stall)
Heavy Storm (everything in gone)
Mystical Space Typhoon x3 (1 less threat)
Painful Choice (Puts cards in play)

Traps: 7

Torrential Tribute x2 (Dark Hole+ Trap Hole)
Mirror Force (Reflect)
Imperial Order (Negation)
Ring of Destruction (Destruction)
Magic Cylinder (Attacking yourself?)
Call of the Haunted (Reborn)

40 cards +4 Fusion

Yea we each got to pick our partners I picked the guy who I beat in the semi-finals
Last time, Nick. He ran a chaos Deck and I wasn't to sure how our decks were goin
To work with each other but what ever. I don't remember this too well so sry in advanced. In this tourney both players must be eliminated For the team to be out. Single elimination blah blah blah and now we started.

Duel 1 Me+Nick vs. Jake+???

Me and Nick Started out terrible. I got CoH Premature B. HFD Mirage K. and swords of light. He got CED and Heavy S. and IDK what else. Jake went first takin out beserk gorilla and 1 m/t  face down. Nick drew Archriend Soldier and played 2 m/t fd. ??? played Mad Dog and 2 m/t fd. I drew magicial scientist (thank god). I couldn't get Mirage knight out but I used HDF and activated Swords, summoned Scientist brung out Thousand eyes restrict took over Gorilla atked Mad dog doin 100 to ??? and then ended.
Since Thousand eyes returned to Fusion Deck gorilla died . Nick put 1 in def and ended.
Jake sacked archfeind 4 Jinzo atked ,Cyber jar. Jake got 2xDDWL and nothing else. Nick got goblin HDF and mystic tomato. ??? Mad dog and a lot of Magic cards. I picked up graceful MoR Mystic T. Heavy S, and Change oH. It was ???'s turn an he axed his Mad dog atked my Tomato, I got another tomato. Me turn. I drew Turtle and sacked 4 it. Used Graceful got DmoC x2 and M Force. Discarded x2 DmoC. I Monster R DmoC then got back Monster R and got Dark MoC again then got Monster R and got back Scientists. I launched x2 Dark MoC and hit ???. got out x2 Dark Flare K ramed them in to Mad dog w/axe got x2 Mirage K atked Jake w/both killing him and in my Main phase 2 I launched both Mirage K in to ??? for the win. YaY 1 down and ? to go.

Duel 2 Us vs. John and Eric

  We had better hands this time I got Cannon, Painful, Mirage K, Ring of Des, Spirit R, and Graceful. He got BLS and CED AND PAINFUL CHOICE. I went first, used graceful, got Mon Reb Change oH and Tomato, tossed tomato and cannon. Set Ring and spirit reaper. John went and set 1 mon+ m/t. Eric set the same. Nick used painful 2 light/dark and Ring. He got ring and just set 1 mon and imperial order+ Ring+Trap Jammer.  Me turn. I got  Torrential  and ended figuring Nick would win on his turn. John went and saced his fd 4 Summoned S. I ringed it and he set 2 fd. Eric used HFD, Imperial order then he saced 4 jinzo and atked my reaper. Nick went and didn't pay and got both Envoys out and killed John and atked Jinzo and atked again w/BLS, Eric M forced, and nick used trap Jammer and won.

Duel 3 (semi-finals) Us vs. Jay and Bill

I don't really remember this one cause this guy was trying to trade with me the entire time but I know Scientist kicked some major @$$ on turn 2.

Duel 4 Me and Nick vs. Kyle and Joe

This duel I was cautious about because I knew these guys to cheat a lot in the game. So I had a Judge watch the entire game. I go a pretty good hand. Painful, Graceful Monster R, Imperial Order and Cannon soldier. Nick had nothing, maybe a monster reborn and Swords of light. I thought we were to lose easy. Anyway I went first and got Ring of Des. I used Painful and selected Pot of greed, Dark MoC x2, Scientists and Turtle. They let me take Pot of G. I used Pot and got Premature burial and Cylinder. Used Graceful got, Cannon, Mirage of Nightmare and fiber, destroyed fiber and cannon. I Monster Reb Dark MoC and another and got back turtle. Then I premature burial scientist and saced both Dark MoCand hit Joe 4 2800 and then summoned Cannon  and got 2 Dark Flare K and saced them to kill Joe and then got 1 more and hit Kyle 4 1100 and Launched scientists 4 cannon taking him down to 2400 then launched cannon w/Turtle and then launched turtle bringing him to 1200. and Im at 200. I set Ring, Cylinder, and Order and activated Mirage of Nightmare. I ended and got HFD Tomato cyber jar and Mirror force. I ended. He set a mon and 5 M/T. Holy $h1T. he ended and it was Nicks turn. He had Monster reborn, Swords, painful choice, Mystical space x2, and Spirit reaper. I told him to play Swords. He tried to activate Magic Jammer but he didn't have any cards in his hands. His cyber was flipped and he got 3x Mad Dogs and reflect bounder and a Mon Reb. I got Mirage K, Dark H, Heavy S, Sangan, and Mystic tomato. Nick had Both Envoys and 2xDDWL and a Torrential. I didn't care I just flipped Ring of Des for the win.

Yea so that's it I picked 10 IOC and got like nothing.

Scientist proving there worth
The Dark MoC killin
Nick 4 takin the 3rd duel by him self

Slops: Getting nothing in the packs

If u have any suggestions on any more 1 turn wins or want to trade Contact me at
AIM: Brodogi3