RegnR8's Fabulous Fairies
Tournament Report for August 7, 2004
Hi all,
Welcome to this week's tournament report. If you noticed, I haven't posted any tournament reports for several weeks, simply because there wasn't anything interesting to report. Since Chaos decks are currently running rampant all around, I couldn't see wasting my time writing and posting a tournament report that says: I lost in the second round to a Chaos deck or I lost in the first round to a Chaos deck or everybody used a Chaos deck and the duels were all a race to see who could get out their Chaos monsters faster than everyone else. Blah, blah, blah you get the picture.
Well, enough with the rant. On to the tournament!
Sports Cards and Collectibles
Fayetteville, Ga
$5.00 entry fee. You get a pack for entering
Swiss style (sucks)
15 to 20 people were there I think.
1st place gets 3 packs
2nd place gets 2 packs
3rd place gets nothing, because if you finish third, you don't deserve to get anything! ;)!
We got there in time for the usual large French Vanilla with cream and sugar from the Dunkin' Donuts. It just isn't a complete dueling day without the coffee! I did a good bit of trading. I got my 2nd Amplifier for a Helpomere. Whatever. Traded some DD Dragons for my 3rd First Sarcophagus and a Diffusion Wave Motion. I traded a whole bunch of other stuff, too. Right now, I'm trying to finish up collecting some cards and I am trading off all my extras. Please don't email me for trades because I won't do them over the Internet though.
We practiced dueled with some new people I hadn't seen before. They didn't really know how to play that well.
I've been fiddling with a FTK Magical Scientist deck for a week or 2 now, and I used it to duel this guy. I got an FTK both times. He and his friend wanted to team duel so, I used my beatdown and my friend used his water deck. One of the new guys activated Toon World and then summoned Toon Summoned Skull and Blue Eyes Toon Dragon without tributing for them. I told him he could not do that and he argued he could. I tried to explain the rules to him but he started to get angry, so I let him have it. It didn't matter, because I MST'd his stupid Toon World on my turn anyway. We won by a hefty margin.
Anyway, enough with the preamble....Here's the deck I used this week.
The Fabulous Fairies!
x1 Guardian Angel Joan
x2 Airknight Parshath
x3 Shining Angel
x2 Zolga
x3 Mudora
x2 DD Warrior Lady
x1 Banisher of the Light
x1 Kaiser Seahorse
x1 Fiber Jar
x1 WotBF
x1 Sangan
x1 Pot of Greed
x1 Graceful Charity
x1 Change of Heart
x1 Snatch Steal
x1 Premature Burial
x1 Monster Reborn
x1 Painful Choice
x1 Dark Hole
x1 Raigeki
x2 Fissure
x1 NoC
x1 Harpie's Feather Duster
x1 Heavy Storm
x3 Mystical Space Typhoon
x3 Waboku
x1 Imperial Order
x1 Call of the Haunted
Side Deck
x2 Shinato - King of a Higher Plane
x1 Banisher of the Light
x1 Guardian Angel Joan
x1 Airknight Parshath
x1 Reflect Bounder
x2 Kaiser Seahorse
x3 Maju of the Ten Thousand Hands
x2 Shinato's Arc
x1 NoC
x1 RoD
First pairings were called and I am paired up with someone I've never seen before.
Round 1
Fairies VS A kind of wierd Beatdown thing
Game 1
He won the die roll and I asked him if he was going to choose to go first or second. He began drawing his cards and said, "I'll tell you after I see my cards."
I said, "You'll tell me now, and we have to cut each others decks before we draw." This made me mad. I absolutely can not stand people with an attitude. This guy was a punk. He chose to go second, after I cut his cards and before he drew.
I set Imperial Order, Waboku and Fiber Jar on my turn. I really don't like to set Fiber on my first turn but, I did it anyway.
He summons a GAF and doesn't attack. OK. Whatever.
I flip Fiber on my turn and don't really get much. I play PoG and then Painful Choice.  He gives me Joan with the Painful Choice. I summon a Shining Angel and attack. I set something (I don't remember) and end my turn.
He plays Giant Trunade, Raigeki, summons Reflect Bounder and attacks. He sets a M/T card and ends his turn.
I play Heavy Storm, getting rid of a Blast with Tribute. (? - Someone actually uses this card - ?) I Fissure his Reflect Bounder and set Banisher of the Light, a MST and end my turn.
He activates Black Illusion Ritual and brings out Relinquished! That was not expected. He special summons Relinquished in face up defense, (that was dumb) and sucks up my face down Banisher. Duh.
I summon DD Warrior Lady, MST my Banisher and attack his Relinquished. I let him keep it in his graveyard and did not use DD's effect to remove it from play.
On his turn he discards Shinato for Tribute to the Doomed, getting rid of my DD Warrior Lady. What? He has no hand now.
I summon WotBF and attack.
He draws and sets a M/T card.
I MST his Mirror Wall. I summon Sangan and attack him with Sangan and WotBF.
He draws and summons Ghostrider Gustaph, removes two magic cards to increase it's attack to 2000 and attacks my Sangan and I get a Mudora.
I kill him next turn when I summon Mudora, Change of Heart his Ghost Rider and attack with both and my WotBF.
Game 2
He chose to go first, before he looked at his hand. Ha.
He set a monster and 2 M/T cards.
I set a Shining Angel and Imperial Order.
He flips up Twin Headed Behemoth and equips it with an Axe of Despair. Grr. An Axe on a Twin Headed Behemoth! Ridiculous. This guy is going to pay becasue NO ONE beats me with stupid equip cards!! He attacks my Shining Angel with it and I get another one and special summon it to the field. He ends his turn.
I play Raigeki and kill his retarded Axe'd up Twin Headed Behemoth. Punk.  I attack him with the Shining Angel and set another one.
He plays Pot of Greed and I activate Imperial Order. He brings back the Twin Headed Behemoth in defense position and sets a M/T card.
I don't pay for Imperial and Fissure his Twin Headed Behemoth which, he Magic Jammer's. I flip up the face down Shining Angel and he Trap Holes it. Urgh. I attack with the other Shining Angel and he activates Mirror Wall! Smeg! I take 300LP damage. I bluff by setting Premature Burial. That was a stupid turn.
He Harpie's my Premature Burial. Hee hee. Way to waste a Harpie's. He tributes Twin Head Behemoth for a Shadow Ghoul? Oooh, so scary! His Shadow Ghoul is at a huge 1700 ATK! He attacks my Shining Angel and I get DD Warrior Lady with it's effect.
I summon a Mudora at 2200ATK. He RoD's my Mudora and I Monster Reborn it. I attack with the Mudora and DD Warrior Lady.
He sets a card and ends his turn. I summon another Mudora and attack his Penguin Soldier with DD Warrior Lady. I chose not to remove it from play and he puts the 2 Mudoras back into my hand. Big deal.
He set another monster card and ends his turn. I kill him next turn with DD Warrior Lady and a Mudora.
Fairies VS Skill Drain/Beatdown
I chose to go first and set a Shining Angel. He summons a Grandora, gaining 1000LP and attacks my Angel and I get another with it's effect. He sets 3 M/T cards and ends his turn.
I activated Heavy Storm and he chains Waboku and Reload. The other card I got rid of is Mirror Force. I Dark Hole his Grandora and he loses 2000LP. I set a Sangan, turn my Angel to defense position and end my turn. Stupid Waboku.
He sets a monster and 1 M/T and ends his turn.
I flip up my Sangan to attack and he RoD's my Angel. Crap. Oh well, it's a fairy in the graveyard for my Mudora. I attack his Mask of Darkness with Sangan and he get's Mirror Force back.
He summons Goblin Attack Force, sets a M/T card (Mirror Force) and ends his turn.
I don't get anything. I set Call of the Haunted and end my turn.
He summons an Archfiend Soldier and attacks my Sangan. I get Fiber Jar with Sangan. He attacks with GAF and I Call of the Haunted Sangan back. He ends his turn.
I draw another Shining Angel and set it, ending my turn.
He tributes GAF for Dark Ruler HaDes. Crap. I'm in trouble. I have to get rid of HaDes quickly. He attacks the Sangan with Dark Ruler and the Angel with the Archfiend Soldier and I can't do either card's effect. That's bad.
I draw Pot of Greed. That's good. I get Harpie's Feather Duster and Change of Heart. Hmmm. This is only going to stall a little, it's not really going to get rid of HaDes. I doubt he'd activate Mirror Force if I Change of Heart his HaDes. I go ahead and MST the Mirror Force, Change of Heart his Dark Ruler, Monster Reborn his GAF. I attack his Archfiend Soldier with the GAF and then attack directly with Dark Ruler. That was pretty good. I then set a Banisher of the Light and end my turn. OK. I can stall for a little longer until I get something to take out his HaDes.
I'm actually winning at this point. It's 6600 to 2750, but I'm not counting my chickens, yet.
Well, the usual happens. One Raigeki later and I'm sitting with 2650LP left. Raigeki should be banned and I'm going to welcome it!
One attack and a Ceasfire later that sacks me for 1500Lp, I lose.
The duel was really good up until the Raigeki. Then it all went downhill from there.
Move along.....Nothing to see here....He just kept bringing Goblins and Giant Orcs out turn after turn and I couldn't compete with the fire power. Then I got stuck with 2 Airknights in my hand with no way to get them onto the field and I simply got run over.
Fairies VS Chaos
Well, It's my first Chaos deck of the day. Yawn. I wonder if I'll be able to actually make a couple of moves before one of the Envoy's pop up and kill me. I'm going to have to change my strategy a little to try to remove as many of his monsters from play with my DD Warrior Lady and Banisher of the Light. I will side deck 2 Nobleman of Crossout in between duels as well.
This doesn't start off too well when he activates Imperial Order in response to my Pot of Greed. Oh well, I set a DD Warrior Lady and end my turn.
He attacks my DD with Reflect Bounder and I remove it from play. OK. One light monster out of the graveyard. My only concern now is Dimension Fusion.
He gets Cyber Jar onto the field and I play Dark Hole to get rid of it. I know he has a very bad hand when he uses Call of the Haunted to get his Cyber Jar back.
I Fissure his Cyber Jar, summon Mudora, Monster reborn WotBF and attack with both. I set a Waboku and end my turn.
He summons Injection Fairy Lily. Some people just won't give up on this card! Why is Injection in a Chaos deck? That makes no sense to me. Anyway, he attacks my WotBF and boosts. I do not activate my Waboku and get Fiber Jar just in case. I feel like I have the game pretty much in hand, but you never know.
On my turn, I summon another Mudora and activate Waboku as an offensive weapon. I love doing this! I kill Lily and attack with the second Mudora. I set another Waboku.
He Premature Burial's Lily and summons a Mad Dog of Darkness. He attacks with the Mad Dog and I activate Waboku. Hooray for Waboku!
He can't pay for Lily's effect anyway so, on my next turn I attack her for the win.
This was a freaky game for a while.
He summons Injection Fairy Lily on his first turn and Snatch Steals my Sangan. I respond with Waboku to the Snatch Steal.
I set WotBF and a Waboku on my turn and gain 1000LP from the Snatch Steal.
He tributes Lily and Sangan for a DMoC and gets his Snatch Steal back. I get Fiber Jar with Sangan's effect. He attacks my WotBF and I activate Waboku. Hooray for Waboku! He activates Swords of Revealing Light.
I Snatch Steal his DMoC. Ha.
We're both at 10,000LP when he Snatch Steals his DMoC back! Ha. Ha. It's a Snatch Steal-o'rama! He summons Yata Garasu and attacks my Fiber Jar with DMoC! Much merriment and mirth! After the Fiber Flip he activates SoRL again! Dang it!
I get Fiber Jar again in my draw and set it.
He attacks my Fiber Jar on his turn! Wahhahaha! He plays Pot of Greed after the Fiber Flip, sets 2 M/T cards and ends his turn.
I summon a Shining Angel and he activates Ring Of Destruction. I Monster Reborn the Angel in defense position and set a MST.
He plays Graceful Charity and discards 2 Mask of Darkness, then he Premature Burial's one. What!?! This is great, I know he has no monsters in his hand if he's paying 800LP to get a dumb Mask of Darkness on the field! Then, he Snatch Steal's my Shining Angel! Oh no! Not Snatch Steal again! I MST it! HA! He plays Raigeki! His uber-powerful Mask of Darkness attacks me for 900LP loss! Argh! He sets 2 M/T cards and ends his turn.
I draw Pot of Greed and activate it. He doesn't respond. I draw Heavy Storm and play it. I get rid of his Premature Burial, Magic Cylinder and Mirror Force!! Ha! This is so sweet! I summon DD Warrior Lady and attack.
He sets a monster card and ends his turn.
I summon a Shining Angel, attack his Magician of Faith with DD Warrior Lady, removing both from play. He get's Raigeki back with MoF's effect. I attack with the Angel.
He plays Raigeki, sets one M/T card and ends his turn without summoning a monster because he has no cards in his hand.
I draw Harpie's Feather Duster and play it, getting rid of some useless card he had set as a bluff. I summon Mudora at 1900ATK.
He can't recover after that and I summon a Kaiser Seahorse on the next turn and attack for the win.
Fairies VS Skill Drain/Beatdown AGAIN?!?
For some reason, the Mantis software dropped me and no one could figure out why. This Swiss Format Mantis stuff is really screwy and I prefer a simple single elimination format but hey, I'm in the Finals so, whatever.
After much discussion, it turns out I have to face the person who beat me in the second round for the Finals. I thought that was kind of stupid since, if I won, we would be 1 and 1 verses each other. I guess it has something to do with the point system, I don't know. Anyway, I wanted to rematch him anyway because I felt pretty confident I could win.
Well, there isn't much to report for this match. Both games I was able to get every card I needed, while he struggled to get monsters on the field. It was sort of a total reverse of our previous match when he totally killed me. I was able to get a couple of Mudoras up to 2400ATK and pounded him pretty good. The first game was a lot closer than the 2nd. I don't think he did any damage to my LP at all the second duel.
The Fairies are VICTORIOUS this week! I get my three packs for winning and pull a Strike Ninja, Manticore of Darkness and Reload. Not a bad haul for this week!
That's it for this tournament!
Of course, comments are always welcome!
Keep on dueling till next time!