Power Deck
Noz the Power Wielder

Hi all, this was my first ever public tourney!!!!!!!!!!!!! And my first ever real competition.........There were 18 people wanting to compete but 2 pulled out which gave us a perfect number.

Heres my deck
Monsters Level 4 or Less
3=7 coloured fish
3=Harpies Brother
3=La Jinn
2=Dark Blade
2=Magician of Faith
1=Blazing Inpachi
1=Gemini Elf
1=Sea Serpent Warrior of Darkness

Monsters over Level 4
2=Blue Eyes
2=Tri Horned
2=Summoned Skull

Ritual Monsters and their cards
2=Black Luster Soldiers
2=Black Luster Rituals

2=Dust Tornado
2=Shadow Spell
1=Rageki Break

3=Mystical Space Typhoon
1=Pot of Greed
1=Dark Hole
1=Graceful Charity
1=Swords of Revealing Light
1=Monster Reborn
1=Change of Heart
1=Offerings to the Doomed

The cost of entering this tourney was 2 about $3. Worth it since the prize was 10 Boosters of your choice runner up got 5 and 3rd got 2. The  duels were fought in a best of 3 match with the final in a best to 3.

Round 1
Me vs some newb
1=The first deul was pretty easy once I used my Graceful Charity to sacrifice my Blue Eyes and Monster Reborn it, my opponent didn't stand a chance 7400-0.

2=In the second match I found out he had a Dark Hole and Monster Reborn to Reborn my Blue Eyes which he just destroyed,luckily for me however i had a Waboku in play and a dark hole in my hand. I later beat him 4600-0

Round 2 (Quater Finals)
Me vs Adam (a freind of mine who i had tought)
1=Adam was good, he was the only person i new who could beat me. I started with a bad hand= the 2 rituals a tri horned a summoned skull and a mystical space typhoon........I drew baddly and with his Levia-Dragon I COULDN'T DO ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 0-7700

2=I managed to draw gemini change of heart and summoned skull at the start, so within 1 go he had lost over 4000 life points i then later summoned my faverouite card to finnish him off my Black Luster Soldier.8000-0

3=This turned out pretty close. I was on 700 life points at one point while he was on about 5500 but i turned it all around. i used a dark hole to destroy his Levia-Dragon (2600 att) and i summoned a dark blade to do direct damage but wait theres more after he set amonster face down i chang of hearted it to use to summon a summoned skull (sound familliar ; )) and with that he lost.700-0

Round 3 (semi's)
Me vs last weeks champ (i was told)
1=I was humiliated 0-8000!!!!! Thats all I can say.

2=If destroying my morale wasnt bad enough he then took my dignity. However at least I did a bit of damage, score 0-6700

3rd place play-off
Me-Some Guy? Dave I think?
1=I won this with ease, im disapointed I did because it meant I was over confident in the next round. After I summoned my black luster offering one of my blue eyes's as a sacrifice and then reborning it, i was garenteed victory. 8000-0

2=Being arogant is bad, take my word for it. I lost this deul by finding out he had a raigeki. 0-6400

3=This was the decider, I was glad i had made it this far, but I wanted 3rd place. But unfortunately I couldn't do it, i made some bad mistakes eg. I had a space typhoon in my hand yet i didnt check to see if my opponent had a card face down so i summoned my blue eyes and finding out he had a trap hole....... I lost 0-4600.

If u want to give me any advice?????Which im sure there's loads to give it's just weather you can be bothered or not to give it. My email adress is naughtynoz@aol.com.
Real Name: Daniel