Mighty Morphiní Deck Ė Lucas. P Ė Gamers Lair - Edmonton Alberta, Canada


11 People

August 1, 2004

4 Rounds Swiss, Cut to top 8 Single Elim.

1st Ė Vampire Lord & Store/Card Credit

2nd Ė Store/Card Credit

3rd & 4th Ė Card Credit

Booster for Entry


††††††††† The tournament starts at 10:30, and Peter and his little buddy person were supposed to meet me at the train station at 9:00 so we could head to the tournament together. Well, they didnít show. <<;; But who cares? Not me, standing alone at the train station was great! o_O;;. Anyway, I made it to Gamers Lair at about 9:35, but it doesnít even open until 10:00. So I sat inside of Macís with Tony and Jesse and waited for it to open. Jesse, Tony and I have an agreement, that as long as we let Jesse judge, he pays our entry fee, so Tony and I sign up, Jesse pays for us (With the money he makes from judging) and weíre good to go. There are usually around 20 people but there have been many events in Edmonton lately (Klondike days, Animethon) so itís been a bit slow, but hey, Iím not complaining. ^o~!


Deck List



Airknight Parshath

Spell Canceller (Head start against Speed/Control)

Breaker the Magical Warrior (I dislike playing this card) << v

Tribe Infecting Virus

Kycoo The Ghost Destroyer (Head start against Chaos)

D.D. Warrior Lady

D.D. Warrior Lady

Tsukuyomi (Great card! Itís great for flipping Spell Canceller f/d)

Witch of the Black Forest


Fiber Jar

Spirit Reaper


Magical Scientist

Sinister Serpent



Scapegoat (Great Card =D)

Scapegoat (Airknight Food though ~~!!)

Mystical Space Typhoon

Mystical Space Typhoon

Mystical Space Typhoon

Mirage of Nightmare

Premature Burial

Snatch Steal

Monster Reborn


Harpies Feather Duster

Dark Hole

Change of Heart



Delinquent Duo


The Forceful Sentry

Painful Choice

Graceful Charity

Pot of Greed



Imperial Order

Call of the Haunted

Ring of Destruction





Side Deck:


Vampire Lord

Goblin Attack Force

Goblin Attack Force

Goblin Attack Force

Kycoo The Ghost Destroyer

D.D. Warrior Lady

Exiled Force

Skill Drain

Skill Drain

Skill Drain

Mask of Restrict

Mask of Restrict

Torrential Tribute

Mirror Force (=D I said I disliked it last report, and now Iím not main decking it)



Dark Flare Knight

Dark Flare Knight

Ryu Senshi

Ryu Senshi

Dark Baltar the Terrible

Dark Baltar the Terrible

Dark Baltar the Terrible

Fiend Skull Dragon

Reaper on the Nightmare

Reaper on the Nightmare

Thousand Eyes Restrict

Thousand Eyes Restrict

Thousand Eyes Restrict

Giltia the D. Knight

Giltia the D. Knight

Karbonala Warrior

Charubin the Fire Knight


Round 1: Lucas vs. Wil (Burner) Record 1-0


First game I was having a bit of trouble, he has a great burner deck. I was rolling badly with Mirage. I had a set Call of the Haunted, he rolled Spell Canceller with Mirage of Nightmare. And on the next turn he played a spell, I negated it with Call on Canceller and drew my 4 to gain advantage and for the win. =D


Second game, Airknight and Sangan beat him around for a while; he shot me with Wave Motion canon for 3000 x_x! I was down to 900 LP after a Secret Barrel; I played Call of the haunted on my Airknight and trampled over something for game.


Round 2: Lucas vs. Kurt (Chaos) Record 2-0


I canít remember much from this game; I beat him up with Baltar and Sangan though. I conserved my cards really well and that was what was able to win it for me. Mirage of Nightmare hurt him pretty bad.


Second game I got Baltar out first turn. He summoned tribe and killed it. I was on the giving end for awhile, until he took control again. I was able to Fiber Jar just when I needed to. I drew a Witch of the Black Forest and slapped him around with it for a while. Mirage of Nightmare was screwing him over again. He had 1600 left, I summoned Fiber Jar and attacked along side of Witch. Good game. Afterwards he told me he needed light for his chaos, he still hasnít gotten it out against me. =D


Round 3: Lucas vs. Kyle (Not sure, Maha Vailo deck maybe? =/) Record 3-0


I won the dice roll and decided to go first. Oh man, I got a beautiful hand! ^o^. I played Pot of Greed, got Graceful Charity, dropped Sinister Serpent, and played Delinquent Duo, it was hurtiní from there on in for him. I got out Spell Canceller and Yata for the win, he showed me a hand full of spells. =D


Second game was a bit more even, he slapped up my monsters with a Maha Vailo equipped with an axe, and that was hurting for a while. I dumped his Jinzo early game. I was able to Snatch Steal his Maha Vailo (Giving it more power) and Monster Reborn his Jinzo and slap him with those for game.


Round 4: Lucas vs. Lawrence (Speed Control) Record 4-0


I canít remember the exact results of each game. I beat him down the first game.


Second game I got pounded, bad. He was able to get out Baltar, x2 Airknight, and Dark Magician of Chaos. Goodbye Lucas o_O!


Third game I decked in my Anti-Speed Control and was able to take the game. Mask of Restrict hurt him bad; when we were done he showed me his hand.

Airknight Parshath, Metamorphosis, Monster Gate, and something else. 3 Cards stopped by Mask Of Restrict ĖPoses-


Top 8 Time! =D. I checked the standings they were so great. I was in first place nn!


Round 1 (Top 8): Lucas vs. Michael (Deck type Unknown) Record 1-0


This game was going really well for me. I wasted my Duster early on and I got Destiny Boarded ~~! I got laughed at; I was ashamed of myself uu! XD. Oh well, thatís what happens when one doesnít conserve.


Second game, I could see Tony eyeing Michaelís hand, and Tony said to watch what Michael was doing CAREFULLY, I kept an eye on him, I think I caught him cheating, he drew a card, picked up his grave and shuffled some cards around and I asked him about that, he picked out a card and said it was the one he had drawn and that looking through the grave with a hand is a bad habit of his. Anyway, I Fiber Jarred and got out Airknight and beat him up with it.


Third game he got screwed early, many of my friends were gathered around and he seemed to get pretty agitated by that. <<; I wonder why? ĖRubs chin-

Anyway he set 4 s/t first turn, and I dusted them away and slapped him up with Airknight.


After the game, Tony told me that he had played Michael during the Swiss rounds and caught him cheating, adding concealed cards to hand that he had under his arm or something.



Round 2 (Top 8): Lucas vs. Tony (Speed Control/Turtle) Record 2-0


Tony didnít seem to be on the ball either of these games, I guess he didnít have very good hands.


I donít remember much; I beat him down first game.


Second game he got a bit careless attacking with a Gilasaur, I ringed it, summoned Yata and he was locked. He showed me a hand with Dark Magician of Chaos and Turtle. Ouchers << v


Round 3 (Top 8): Lucas vs. Tim (Speed Control) Record 2-1


Finals time! =D. Mark (store owner) showed everyone a 1st Ed. Vampire Lord as first prize.


Anyway, all I remember from this one is that it went quickly and I got beaten.

Lucas Won

Tim Won

Tim Won.


The third game I got crap ><! I drew like, 6 traps in a row against a Jinzo. It was pretty brutal.


Tim shook my hand triumphantly I really enjoy playing him, heís wicked polite and an awesome strategist.

With my prize money, I got another Spell Canceller (Building a Clown Deck), a D.D. Crazy Beast, and a 1st Ed. Raigeki Break. =D Not bad for free entry.


Props & Slops! O__O!!



Perfect Swiss Record

Beating Kurt after going 0-4 the prior day

Beating Tony, Iíve never beat his Speed Control/Turtle deck

Beating a cheater

Spell Canceller


Good Dice Rolls

Good prizes

Making it to Finals

21st Place in Canada! O__O!!



Losing in Finals

Playing a Cheater

Goofing up, I canít remember when.

Drawing traps against Jinzo

Peter not showing up until after the tourney started

Perry. XD


In my opinion, taking out Mirror Force and Torrential Tribute was one of the better things Iíve done, if you find that MF and TT are getting MSTíd or negated too often, play x3 Waboku. Itís a great, chainable card. ^o~ v


Lucas Potts