tourney date: 7/17/04
place: Primetime in Zion, IL
fee: $5
attendance: 25-30, not really sure exactly
format: Swiss, then top 8 bracket
Who woulda thought, 2 weeks in a row and 2 tourneys in a row. Read on for results.
15 Monsters
3 DD Warrior Lady
2 Don Zaloog
1 Spirit Reaper
1 Jinzo
1 Tribe
1 Sangan
1 Witch
1 Scientist
1 Sinister Serpent
1 Breaker
1 Kycoo
1 Yata-Garasu
19 Magic
7 staples
2 pre-negators (no confiscation)
1 Snatch Steal
1 Premature Burial
1 Heavy Storm
1 Mirage
1 Nobleman
1 Scapegoat
1 Painful Choice
6 Traps
2 Waboku
1 Ring
1 Mirror Force
1 Imperial
1 Call
Disclaimer: this tourney took place about 3 weeks ago at the time that i'm writing this, so don't expect any detailed analyses.
Round 1
v. Joseph (rand0m with a random deck)
Duel 1
it took me forever to draw a monster, and it was DD. so i had to use her effect because he attacked it, and i just HAD to remove that monster. anyway, i eventually reborned his fairy king truesdale and attacked him to death with it while he somehow couldn't draw a monster.
Me 8000>7000>5200>2200>1500>800
Jospeh 8000>5300>2600>0
Duel 2
this was easy, my only damage was from my own premature.
Me 8000>7200
Joseph 8000>6400>5200>2500>0
Round 2
v. Tony (beatdown)
Duel 1
this guy's always pretty easy for me to beat, and today was no exception.
Me 8000>7300>5200<6200>5600
Tony 8000>6400>5600>2100<3100>0
Duel 2
in one turn he reborned a gorilla, prematured another, and called a third, then summoned yata, then hit my monster and me for 4200. next turn i summon tribe, discard sinister for beast, GG.
Me 8000>7000>6400>2200>1400
Tony 8000>7200>5600>2500>900>400>0
Round 3
v. Joey (Warriors)
Duel 1
man, i don't remember this match at all.
Me 8000>7200>5800>3700
Joey 8000>4900>3500>3400>3200>1800>0
Duel 2
it's a good thing i have my LP totals to refer to.
Me 8000>7300>6300
Joey 8000>3900>0
Round 4
v. Luke (Chaos)
Duel 1
somehow, i kept gaining and losing LP in this duel. but overall, i won, so it doesn't matter.
Me 8000>7000>6000<7000>6000>4600
Luke 8000>6600>5200>4600>3100>1700>0
Duel 2
his dark elf killed me.
Me 8000>5600>4700>2900>2300>300>0
Luke 8000>7300>5500>4500>3500>2100
Duel 3
that dark elf did it again.
Me 8000>5500<6500>2600<3600>3200>1200>0
Luke 8000>7500>6500>5500>5100>4100
Round 5
v. Gabe (Chaos)
Duel 1
this was it. i had to beat gabe in order to get into the top 8. my record was 7-2 so far, while his was 7-2-1. anyway, i still had chaos maindecked since my 3rd duel (or maybe 2nd) against Luke, and it worked well enough for me in this duel.
Me 8000>6300>6200>5200
Gabe 8000>6600>6500>5000<6000<7000>6500>4800>3500>2200>200>0
Duel 2
this time around, the outcome was different. i guess he got me off-guard with all those weak monsters in his deck like kaiser seahorse, hysteric fairy, and old vindictive magician.
Me 8000>7000>6200>5400>5200>2300>0
Gabe 8000>6900>3600<4600>3000
Duel 3
let's flash forward to the end of this duel. i had thunder nyan nyan, ddwl, and BLS on the field with no traps down. he had nothing on the field, and it was his turn. the LP were at 3000 for me and 1800 for him. he used change of heart on BLS and double attacked me. i almost blundered and decided to remove with DD, then thought better of it. that onslaught brought me down to 400. then he ended, and i won.
Me 8000>6400>3000>1900>400
Gabe 8000>7200>5200>1800>0
Round 6 (quarterfinals)
v. Yoshi (beatdown, i think)
Duel 1
before this duel started, david warned me, saying "you better be on your guard." i replied with, "aren't i always?" he said "no." but i would show him. anyway, yoshi had placed 2nd in his group (while i had placed 1st by some miracle) but he was pretty complacent in this duel. he even wasted painful choice when i had imperial out, though not on purpose. anyway, an opening hand duo helped me win this one.
Me 8000>7000>6200>5800
Yoshi 8000>6500>4800>3100>1400>0
Duel 2
he hit me with his witch early on, then i smoked him.
Me 8000>6900
Yoshi 8000>7200>4500>0
Round 7 (semifinals)
v. David (Chaos)
Duel 1
it was a rematch of last weeks finals, and he gave me a great fight. can't really remember the details of this one, except it was long and both of us summoned up a chaos monster with my CED winning in the end.
Me 8000>7000>6000>5400>4800>4700>2000
David 8000>5600>5200>5000>1800>0
Duel 2
i summoned CED again, but wasn't able to do much damage. he later yata-locked me.
Me 8000>7100>6800>5800>5600>5300>4500>4300>2500>0
David 8000>4800>2700>2400>2100>1800
Duel 3
i summoned CED shortly after his cyber jar went off, and nuked for game.
Me 8000>7000>5900>5400>4400
David 8000>4600>3900>3200>0
Round 8 (finals)
v. Michael (Chaos)
Duel 1
and wouldn't you know, i play a little kid in the finals. this kid was yoshi's son, and he obviously was taught his kid everything he knows. can't really remember the details, except that BLS beat him.
Me 8000>5850>5750
Michael 8000>4600>3800<4800>4300>0
Duel 2
won by yata-lock, how anti-climactic.
Me 8000>7000>6500
Michael 8000>6200>6100>5900>5700>>>0
-all my opponents for some good duels
-me for 1st place again with a 15-4 record this time
-bill for holding the tourneys