Deck:Attack of the Warrior
Time:August 14th at 3:00pm
Place:PA, Great Traditions
Number of Participants #48

1st 3 packs, Beagle, Pretzel
2nd 1 Pack, Beagle, Pretzel
Round 5 Beagle, Pretzel
Round 4 Pretzel
Everyone else gets a pack of MFC

Monsters- 18
D. D. Warrior Lady
D. D. Warrior Lady
D. D. Warrior Lady
Chaosrider Gustaph
Marauding Captain
Marauding Captain
Exiled Force
Breaker the Magical Warrior
Sinister Serpent
Tribe-Infecting Virus
Witch of the Black Forest
Don Zaloog
Don Zaloog
Goblin Attack Force
Goblin Attack Force
Goblin Attack Force

Spell: 18
Dark Hole
Monster Reborn
Pot of Greed
Reinforcement of the Army
Reinforcement of the Army
The Warrior Returning Alive
Change of Heart
Heavy Storm
Snatch Steal
Mystical Space Typhoon
Mystical Space Typhoon
Mystical Space Typhoon
Painful Choice
Mirage of Nightmare
Premature Burial
Harpie's Feather Duster
Graceful Charity

Traps: 6
Mirror Force
Ring of Destruction
Call Of The Haunted
Imperial Order


Well, after my vacation to the shore was canceled to to weather, I made a compromise with my parents. =\ I got there, and traded my Yata-Garasu for 2 Goblins, reinforcement of the army and Painful Choose, did a little change and completed my warrior deck! Just in time since the pairings were about to be called. My friend is 20 minutes late, but he gets a break and is allowed in, when he came there was no byes too. XD He was set on making a fiend deck, his beatdown was getting boring for him. Good Luck

Round 1-yatalocker vs Some newb

Duel 1-he opens with a scapegoat, I set waboku and attack with don zaloog, he ends his turn, I summon D.D. Warrior lady and attack 2 tokens. He summons Harpie's Brother, and doesn't attack Don Zaloog. I summon GAF and attack Hapries brother, D.D. Warrior Lady attacks a token, and Don attacks directly, discard relinquished. He draws and sets a monster in defense. I draw, Summon marauding along with something else, didn't matter because I still won. D.D. Warrior Lady attacks f/d... Petit Moth XD Everything else attacks and wins the game.

Duel 2-I open with painful Choice, D.D. Warrior Lady, marauding, waboku, Don Zaloog, and Goblin. I keep waboku, Set it and D.D. takes out his tokens. He ends his turn. I set ring, and summon Marauding and don and take out all tokens, he summons harpie's brother and I ring it. I summon GAF all attacks discard Relinquished and petite moth, not that it matters because he lost anyway.

In-between Rounds: Well, that was an easy round, my little brother got to round two, so did my friend. Now my bro and friend duel, my friend will win for sure. =\

Round 2-yatalocker vs Micheal, I dueled this guy 2 weeks ago, and he beat me. But I was using a dumb Ocean Deck XD

Duel 1-I summon Marauding and Don, he summons Berserk Gorilla and kills
Marauding, Get GAF to attack berserk and Don Zaloog attacks life points. It goes back and forth a few turns, unstill I draw Painful Choice, and pick 5 cards, no matter what he picked, I win the duel.

Duel 2-I didn't get good notes on the last 2 duels of the match. I remember him summoning Magical Marionette, I change of heart it, and attack, he cylinders, i search my deck with reinforcement and summon Goblin. I end and he plays swords, summons Mad Dog of Darkness, removes tokens to destroy GAF, and both attack for the game. I was so angry, if I used snatch steal I woudn't have lost!

Duel 3-My Don Zaloog are taking a part his hand a bit, when he take me down to 200 with a Jinzo, he said it's basically over, his dad said I dunno, he could come back. I raigeki, reinforcement of the army, on Goblins. Painful Choice and he gives me a waboku, set it, and he takes 2300. He doesn't have much he can do, Don Zaloog attacks his life. He draws, sets a card and says, he gamed it! Even though I didn't declare an attack yet, even though I had heavy storm anyway XD

In-between Rounds: My friend traded his CED for Dark Necrofear, Hades and and some other fiend card. I called him an idiot for doing it. XD

Round 3-yatalocker vs Jordan, this guy is crazy X_X He's using a random deck from what I can tell, but he's not pushover

Duel 1-By turn 3 he gets V-Lord on the field with 4 tokens on the field, and United we Stand on V-Lord. He sets a card face-down and attacks me directly! He declares Trap and I put Ring in the graveyard. I draw, snatch steal Vampire Lord, attack and magic cylinders. X_X Damn Cylinder!

Duel 2-He summons Marauding and Tribe. I Change of heart tribe. Attack and he Magic Cylinders. Discard 2 to destroy marauding and Tribe. He summons Familiar Knight, I summon Marauding and tribe, discard and destroy, his Familiar Knight, they both attack. He premature's tribe and then summons V-Lord. I raigeki, Don Zaloog attacks life and discard. Set Waboku. He attacks and I waboku. I summon GAF and take out V-Lord. He Monster Reborns V-Lord and attacks Don. I draw and Summon Gaf, and attack V-Lord, we both laughed. He losses shortly after, I don't have how =\

Duel 3-This duel was hilarious, so funny, about 7 moves in, with the help of Don Zaloog, he's topdecking. He topdecks that monster with 2400 attacks and can't be normal summon or set. I attack with some warriors, he draws the same card! I attack him again. He goes and draws S/T removal! I finished him off with the rest of my monsters. He showed me his hand and we both laughed. XD

In-between Rounds-I watch my friend crush this little kid with an... Ocean deck? His normal beatdown was in his Mom's Car, which was being repaired. He lost miserably both times. So now i have to play my friend in the quarterfinals.

Round 4-yatalocker vs yatalocker's friend , sorry, didn't take any notes.

Duel 1-I lose this duel, it's pretty much back and forth, I snatch Steal his Gemini Elf, I have Don And Gemini on the field, he topdecks... MST! Damn, that was a bad loss.

Duel 2-I'm sorry, I just remember nothing of this duel, I do remember I won the duel though. I remember Nothing at all that happened during the duel though, strange

Duel 3-Well, I do remember how I finished him off, he has Tribe on his field with a card in his hand, which is not kuriboh because doesn't run any, so I knew I might be able to win. I use Painful Choice, Monster Reborn, Change of Heart, Snatch Steal, Pot of Greed, Graceful Charity. He gives me Pot and i draw GAF and premature. I use Dark Hole, premature a GAF, marauding Captain and then I summon GAF, all attack LP directly and I take the game.

In-between Rounds: Well I received my pretzel, and since I get a bye in the Semi-Finals I get my Beagle too. I have to wait about an hour before the next match is on. My friend is collecting many cards for his fiend deck, that's good, when he gets home he's goanna put in Giant Orc and his 3rd Giant Germ.

Round 5-yatalocker vs Bye, I'm in the Finals, yay

Round 6-yatalocker vs Anthony

Duel 1- He plays forceful Sentry, I have Tribe, mirage, 2 typhoons and D.D. Warrior Lady. He returns Mirage. He sets a card face down and a monster in defense. MST his MST, I set D.D. in defense. He goes and summons D.D. attacks and sends to graveyard. I MST his waboku. We go forth for a while until we eventually get to him- shining angel, and 2 down monsters. I have witch in defense. Angel attacks witch and I get Jinzo. I Change of heart his angel and sack for Jinzo, attack f/d Scientist. He removes Scientist and angel to summon BLS, to attack for 3600 and the game. X_X

Duel 2-This was a really great duel, all I have is the ending for you guys, he summons BLS and sets a monster in defense. I get pot of greed, draw mirror force and raigeki. Raigeki his field. Drop Mirror Force and I attack him directly with something. He typhoons my Mirror Force and kills my monster with Monster Removal. in the end I have Jinzo, and he summons has Scientist bring out TED, take Jinzo, and attack my life points when I only have 2200.

8 wins 5 losses

Aftertourny-2nd place, they gave me an exclusive pack and the same 8 cards come in those so no need to tell you guys. Me and my friend dueled, he made his fiend deck, he said he was going to swap D.D. Warrior Lady and Jinzo for a Giant Orc and a Giant Germ. We tied 1-1 but then we had to go.

Now to props and slops!

-To my dad for taking me
-To me for completing my Warrior Deck
-To me for 2nd
-To Anthony for taking 1st, good job

-For not taking 1st

Well that's all! I hope you enjoyed reading all the good times and the bad! Until next time!