Andre. aliís sports cards, miami, florida
1/24/02  # of people: around 30 players
Ok so this is my first tournament report, written for my first tourney. My deck is as follows:
1x la jinn the guy who lives in a lamp
1x 7 colored fish
2x harpys brother
1x giant soldier of stone
non effect tribute:
1x summoned skull(soon 1 is to be replaced)
3x blue eyes white d. (and now i will unleash my ultimate beast)
2x red eyes black d. (I WANT A TRI HORNED!)
non tribute effects:
3x lord of d
1x dark elf
2x man eater bug
1x sangan
1x wall of illusion
1x witch of the black forest
1x magician of faith
1x cyber jar
3x flute of summoning dragon
1x card destruction
1x dark hole
1x raigeki
1x monster reborn
1x premature burial
1x swords of revealing light
1x giant trunade
1x dust storm
1x fissure
1x nobleman of cross out
1x change of heart
1x axe of despair
1x trap hole
1x waboku
1x imperial order
1x magic drain
2x 7tools of the bandit
So my friend finally drags me along to what is my first tourney ever, this being his second or third. We get there, pay our five bucks, get our packs, and get jack crap- oh well. I then go on to check out the competition, get some trades going, and check out the one fine girl there hehe. Itís amazing how the little kids try and rip the big ones off isnít it? Oh, and a quick observation and comment- why are the best players here either: 1)fat and 12, or 2)30 years old and cocaine addicts. I donít have a job since I am a kid, so I canít afford all the cards these guys can- well whatever money they have left over from the cocaine that is.... Well on to the tourney.
Round 1....FIGHT (couldnít help myself but to say it)
Iím called up, and supposedly I am now shaking violently- well I was scared I will admit, especially because I was going to duel a man known as the duelist sage- ALSO HE IS A JUDGE- DAMN MY LUCK! So it begins, and we draw. I choose to go second, and he plays a monster. Long story short I change of heart is skull, flip my bug and destroy one of his cards, tribute the skull for a blue eyes.... that gets trap hole. But, I then play premature burial bringing back blue eyes, play monster reborn and bring back his skull, and then play a harpyís brother- for the win.
2nd round- I again go second, and long story short I manage to play lord of d, and bring out a blue eyes and a red eyes. I raigeki his field, and he has just one card left in his m/t zone. I declare a direct attack when he laughs and reveals mirror force. Self confidence then hits me and I move my jittering hand to reveal..... SEVEN TOOLS! I win.
Round 2.....FIGHT (itís a disease)
Here I am, ready to duel again and much more confident this time. Iím up against a guy that looks like dr. dre and I am now even more confident. He plays a good hayabusa knight, beat down strategy- and we are about matched.
round 1: We draw and play our cards. I manage to pull lord of d and two blue eyes, and not even solemn wishes and waboku could save him- I seven tools and hit for the win.
round 2: I draw crap and those damn hayabusas hit me with axes for the win.
round 3: Good match, he managed to solemn judgment my lord of d... which sucked. I drew monster reborn and was ready with the flute..... but he had to go, so he forfeited.
So here I am on a winning streak. My friend just beat some 40 year old with an exodia deck. What surprised me was that he managed to pull exodia on every deck he had played so far. By now we have been here for three hours, so we are pretty tired. But there is no giving up until we lose... which happens next. I am paired with a 30 year old that has jinzo, barrel dragon, limiter removal, and an otherwise astounding deck. He also does coke lol. My friend is up against the aforementioned 12 year old fat kid who also plays a beatdown with barrel dragon and jinzo.... what a coincidence.
Round 3.... you guessed it fight
round 1: DAMN JINZO! I WANT ONE! he plays well and I stand no chance against him with out key cards like mirror force and jinzo. I did get him to like 2000 though.
round 2: Same crap, except it became personal. He had me on the ropes with jinzo, until I reborned his barrel dragon and killed jinzo YES! but then when I go to kill the other monster it is.... cyber jar. I pull no monsters and lose. DAMN. After swearing revenge, I walk over to witness my friend lose too. DAMN. Oh well at least we place pretty far, since the tourney was only 4 rounds long... we got to the semi finals. One of these days I will get revenge on those two ingrates... wait is that their car lol, letís throw some rocks. I then go to talk to the fine girl some more, and then we go home. PROPS AND SLOPS!
Ali, for giving us free food.
Me for getting far in my first tourney.
Umm the fine girl... for being fine.
That boy band reject, and all the other freaks I befriended.
Me, again- for no particular reason.
The people at the store, for being honest.
Ali, for giving the worst prizes in the history of bad prizes.
The store, for smelling bad.
The cocaine addict adults, for playing against kids even though they have jobs and wives and beards. DAMN THEM, my beard is still growing.
The fat kids who have no life other than yu-gi-oh.
The store being so small (like 500 square feet), but having around 60 people there, most of whom didnít even participate in the tourney.
To fine girl, for having a boyfriend.
To osama binladen.
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