Subject: Yugioh Tournament Report OH JC

Fast Duels Deck

James Cho

Qualtiy Collectables

Rocky River OH




Ok, this was my first ever Yu-Gi-Oh tournament. I was very confused when I got there.


This was my deck:



3x Crass Clown

2x white Magical Hat

2x Mask of Darkness

2x Dream Clown

2x Trap Master

2x Giant Soldier of Stone

2x Hayabusa Knight

1x witch of the Black Forest

1x Cyber Jar

1x Man-Eater Bug


-         Magic-

2x Messenger of Peace ( my brother let me borrow one of his )

2x Ground Colapse

1x Card Destruction

1x Snatch Steal

1x Nobleman of Crossout

1x Delinquent Duo


1x Monster Reborn

1x Dark Hole

1x Change of Heart


-         Trap –

2x Waboku

1x Solemn Judgment

1x Gravity Bind

1x Call of the Haunted

1x Magic Jammer

1x Dust Tornado


-         I got the idea of this deck from the deck garage on  I use this deck to get my dream/crass clowns on the field A.S.A.P. I also use ground collapse to limit the opponents monster space to one. Then if I have dream clown and a Hayabusa Knight card on the field, bye to their life points.




Duel #1



I got there late and I didn¡¯t know what was going on. Well, this kid came up to me and asked me if I wanted to duel. I said ok. He was about 10.


Match #1


I duel him and find that he uses beat-down cards. He was tough, but I lost to him.





We ran out of time. Later, I find out that it wasn¡¯t official! He said it was but I guess not. So, I¡¯m still in the tournament.


This is where it starts.


REAL Match #1


Ok, this time I was assigned a dueler .He goes to my school. He¡¯s in the same grade as me (6).


To go first, we showed bottom card. He had a card with 900 ATK and 800 DFN. It was his first time here to. I knew that It would be easy.


Round #1


He plays La jinn in attack mode and I play giant soldier of stone in DFN mode. He attacks, then sacrifices it for sword stalker. My turn, I play a card. Then he attacked, GRAVITY BIND. Well, to make a long story short, the match was close, but I beat him.


Round #2


I was dominating. Then I let him go without attacking a lot b/c I felt sorry for him. I won again.


REAL Match #2


AHH! I was paired up with my brother! He runs an exodia deck.

The reason I was scared is b/c he knows my cards. So he can beat me easily.


Round #1


Ok, I got my crass clowns and dream clowns on the field. I keep annoying him. Then, it was the second to last turn. I COULD OF WON but I decked out. This is what happened.


I had 1 more card left in my deck. I drew it. He had NO monsters on the field, just ONE m/t card. I Attacked him, but do you know what he played? Waboku! Waboku!

Oh, I could of won this round If I had remembered to play my SOLEMN JUDGMENT THAT WAS ON THE FIELD!! I lost¡¦


Round #2


He beat me AGAIN somehow. I don¡¯t remember¡¦


Ok, this was my first tournament. Thanks for reading.


I got a tournament pack. I got a Garoozies , a teddy bear , and a flying blue bird.




-         For entering

-         For making it past the 1¡¯st round

-         For making some friends

-         For having a good time

-         To my brother for selling Exodia


-         To not playing Solemn Judgment

-         To not making it that far

-         Nothing else J

-         JLJJ

-         Have a nice day!




Any tips? Email me at no junk please!

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