# of people:8
Prize:One Magic Ruler booster
Were at:At Carousel Mall on the Tables

Note: This tourney is a weekly thing that me and my pals do every Saturday.Please post you did for one dude do it for me this is high scale duelin here. =) Thanks.

Jinzo(Self Explanitory)<--------------Love him
Barrel Dragon(2nd Best)
Summed Skull(MRD holo rocks!)
Blue Eyez(LOB Blue Eyez is tight)

Non Tribs
7 Colored Fish x2
La Jinn
Harpies Bro x3
Cyber Jar
Magician Of Faith x2 (MoF)
Man Eater Bug x3
Maha Vailo (Awesome...)
Wall Of Illusion x2
Mask Of Darkness(Come to me Mirror Force, Imperial Order, And Cease Fire)

Pot Of Greed
Malevolent Nuzzler x3(Made for Maha)
Nobleman Of Crossout x2(NoC Love it)
Fairy Meteor Crush
Dark Hole(See Jinzo)
Raigeki(See Dark Hole)
Change Of heart(See Raigeki)
Snatch Steal
Monster Reborn(See Change Of Heart)

Trap Hole x3
Magic Drain (Until Magic Jammer comes a' knockin)
7 Tools
Cease Fire(See Mon. Reborn)
Mirror Force(See Cease fire.....long chain)
Imperial Order(See Mirror Force)

Shadow Of Eyes
Gaint Germ x3
Jinzo #7 x3
Gravity bind X3
Messenger Of Peace x2
Nible Momanga x3

Now to the matches this is a pretty tough tourney and Yoshi, Alfy, Me, and Max stay at the top. Ok here it is.

Match 1:Sean~Jinzo Beatdown~Vs. Sam~Flame Deck~
Sam is not that good at all his deck has all Fire Type monsters in it and it wasn't that hard of a foe. Ok so in my first hand I got Sangan,Blue Eyez, Forceful Sentry(Switched it from side deck), Harpies Bro, Noc. He went first and summed Dark Fire Solidier #1 and sets 2 m/t's.I draw and get 7 Colored Fish. I summoned Harpies Brother and play The Forceful Sentry and send Mr.Valcano packing. The w/ Harpies I atk his Solidier for 100. On his turn he sets a monster and ends his turn. My turn I draw TttD. So I summon 7 Colored Fish then play Noble man of Crossout the atk for 3600. For his turn he sets another monster. I draw Jinzo! Then I play TttD and through away Sangan from my hand then destroy his monster and then trib 7 colored fish for Jinzo then atk directly w/ both for the win!

Match 2(Semis):Sean~Jinzo Beatdown~ Vs. Alex ~Warrior~
First hand I get Imperial Order, Trap Hole, Raigeki,Megamorph, and NoC! No monsters. He goes by summoning Jarai Gumo and I draw and get Dark Hole..Still No MONSTER. SO I set Imp. Order and Trap Hole then end my turn by playing Dark Hole. He sets a monster and then ends his turn. My turn I draw Man Eater bug set it then end turn.He flips Gaint Rat i trap hole it then he summons Uraby and atks and dies by Man Eater Bug.Draw Fairy Meteor Crush and end turn.He summons Destroyer Golem and Atks for 1500.
I draw Shadow Of Eyes (Which I switched.)Set it end turn> He sommus another Golem and atks for 3000. Draw get Maha Vialo Then it clicks bam I got it!. I Summon Maha equip it w/ Fairy Meteor Crush then play Raigeki from my hand. Then atk for 2050! he plays Gia Power I then flip Imperial Order (finally). He sets a monster and ends. I get WotBF and destroy Imp Order dont wanna pay then paly NoC summon WotBF then atk for 3150 and then his turn he sets a mon my go then I equip Maha w/ Malevolent Nuzzler I drew then atk his Mon w/ WotBF  then atk for the win w/ Maha for the win!

Finals:Sean~Jinzo BeatDown~ VS. Max~Weenie Burner~
This guy is tough he beat Yoshis Direct Damage and Alfys Buster Blader Deck!
     First Hand Raigeki, Harpie Bro, Wall of Illusions, Tttd, Dark Hole, and Mega Morph I go 1st and draw Imperial Order I set that and the Wall. He sets a trap and a monster. I draw Dark Hole Then I summon Harpies Bro flip up Wall play Raigeki then atk for 2800. His turn he plays fissure on wall then he also flips Gravity Bind! Crap I thought that I could get Jinzo or 7 tools out before he played one. My turn I draw Monater Reborn and end turn. He summons Jinzo 7(Bum Bum Bum!!) and atks. My turn I draw fissure and then use it to destroy Jinzo 7 then reborn it. From there on I witled his life points below 1000 and then he gets TttD and uses it. Then Summons another Jinzo 7 and atks me agian! Ok my turn and I cant do nothing but watch my life points get obliterated turn by turn. I never thought I had to be in a situation like this. I hoped for the one card that would turn it around. I draw and get  JINZO! I trib my Harpie Bro that was on the field forever and then atk his Jinzo 7 for the win!


That was one of the best tourneys yet but I still remain the best now onto the props and slops.

~Jinzo for getting me out in the 1st and last matches
~My Deck
~Getting a Toon Summoend Skull in the Magic Ruler I got
~Max for being so good
~Me for being so good =) for being the best
~My fingers hurting from typing this
~Mirror Forece not being played once not even being drawn.
~Pepsi Blue it tastes like friggin cotton candy

If you wanna contact  me and trash talk about me, gemme some suggestions, or just talk e-mail me at my name is Sean.