Subject: Yu-Gi-Oh Tournament Report
DECK: Blaze of Beatdown (Direct Damage-Beatdown-Speed)
NAME:Chris Holland
LOCATION: Albuquerque, NM
DATE: Feb 1st 2003
Nearly 70 people participated
PRIZE: Tourny Pack (Season 2)
PRICE: $3.25
Normal Monsters (11):
2 Summoned Skull
3 La Jinn
2 Giant Red Seasnake
1 7Colored Fish
3 Harpies Brother
Effect Monsters (10):
1 Barrel Dragon
2 Man-Eater Bug
2 Magician of Faith
3 Nimble Momongas
1 Cyber Jar
1 Withc of the Black Forest
1 Sangan
MAGIC (14):
1 Pot of Greed
2 Fissure
2 Nobleman of Crossout
3 Axe of Despair
1 Raigeki
1 Change of Heart
1 Monster Reborn
2 Heavy Storm
1 Giant Trunade
TRAPS (6):
2 Magic Jammer
2 Trap Hole
1 Ceasefire
1 Seven Tools

ROUND 1...
Me vs Ryan
This kid wasn't all that good but he had some amazingly good cards for a newbie. First round I pulled Heavy and Crossout on him to this became a clean sweep with my 1800's.
This time around he rattled me a bit, i had set a CJar with a BDragon in hand hoping to bring it out. He had gone first and had layed 1 MT and one Mon. His next turn he Change of Hearted my Jar and saced em for Sanga of the Thunder. He hit me for 2600. I set a Man-Eater and it was his turn. He played Toon World and Summoned a Toon Mermaid. This was getting out of  hand. Thankfully He didn't attack my Bug. I drew a fissure, killing his Mermaid then having the Bug eat his Sanga. Then I set a 7 Tools and summoned a LaJinn and hit him. He set one monster, then i killed it via Crossout. I tribed both my mons for BDragn adn hit him twice, since he didn't have any monsters left.

ROUND 2...
Me vs Jeff
This was a hard round to win. This guy had a deck i havnt seen before but was effective. He kept summoning White Magical Hats and nailing my directly throwing away essential cards. He also Card D'd me his first turn so i lost a mgaic jam 7 tools corssout and a heavy. I couldn't beat him
0-???? (I Lost my score sheet when i got home..)
This was a clean sweep. He couldnt get any monsters out at all. I just hit him with everything i had.
This was the hardest match of all. It was back and forth, countering everything the other would do. Then he started to win. he summoned a ton of little monsters including maha vailo, WMHs and a lord of d. he had me down low. He had a MoF, two WMHs a Vailo and Lord of D. This draw would be crucial.....and i drew cyber jar. being wary i set it. he didnt have a crossout! he attacked and we both drew. I had a GRS a Jinn and A nimble which i set. he had a jinn and a cyber jar. i was running low on cards and cyber jar wouldve killed me. he kiled my GRS with his jin making it set cyber jar vs a Jinn and a set Nimble. i drew my last card....Barrel Dragon. I heavy sotrmed his 2 trap hole then summoned the Dragon. this was the deciding coin flip. First was heads, the second was tails. The final coin spun on the table for what seemed like hours. then it landed heads. he was at 1200 and i attacked for the win.

ROUND 3...
Me vs Robert Padilla
This was the round i lost. Robert and his brother Eddie are nearly the two best in the store. robert also had a morphing jar #1. I forfeited the first round when he had me at less than 1000LP to save time. Second round it looked like i was about to win, but he had 3 Goblin Attack Forces and i coudnt stand up to them. I lost..

This tourney is always a blast with my friends forrest joe, and evan. all of us went out in 3rd round.
Ive been coming here for months, and i always will until i move and go to the tourny at 5 D's collectibles in scranton pennsylvania!

Chris Holland