beatdown zach taylor bams comics willobrook area texas 33 people 2-01-03

heres my decklist. i usually win the tournaments at bams and i’m ranked number one in
the store. (these are official tournaments)the strategy of the deck is beatdown and to get
hayabusa with an axe or two.

goblin attack force x3(highest 4 star monster)
man-eater bug x3(creature destruction)
lajiin x2(basic beatdown monster)
hayabusa knight x2(with an axe of despair it does 4000)
witch of black forest x1(searches for hayabusa)
cyber jar x1(clears field and gives you new cards)
wall of illusion x2(well needed defense)
magician of faith x2(reuse good magics )
summoned skull x2(best unrestricted 5 star monster)
jinzo x1(no magic jammer on the axe and no mirror force on hayabusa knight)
barrel dragon X1(heavy hitter plus possible creature destruction)

dark hole x1(clears the field)
raigeki x1(clears field)
tribute to the doomed x2(destroys any monster)
change of heart x1(use the monster to tribute)
snatch steal x1(same thing)
pot of greed x1(draw cards)
swords of revealing light x1(stalls)
monster reborn x1(brings back monsters)
premature burial x1(same thing)
mystical space typhoon x1(good to destroy opponents premature burial and call of
heavy storm x2(this plus raigeki is dangerous)
axe of despair x3(1000 attack, hello!)

imperial order x1(messes up opponent)
mirror force x1(a raigeki in trap form)
waboku x2(stalls for a turn)
call of the haunted x1(very good with jinzo)

first round  me vs. michael dietrick
this kid had no deck strategy and actually had a red eyes for black skull dragon. he goes to
my school and says hes the best at our school but he really sucks.of course i beat him, he
puts gravity bind out and doesnt have under 4 star monsters in his deck.i meen what is
that all about
second round   me vs. another beatdown deck
this guy had a deck similar to mine but not enough axes. both times i just gave him a

3rd round me vs. another pointless player
this guy i beat both times because he too had no strategy(overall boring tournament).I
think he just bought 2 starter decks and thats it.

4th round me vs. ANOTHER beatdown deck(thats what everyone has over here!)
he had instead of tribute to dooms, nobleman of crossout and nobleman of exterminstion
instead of heavystorm.that was his downfall, but besides that his deck and mine were
about the same.i guess just because of that little difference that i won.

5th round- me vs. TOKYO!!!!!!!!!!
this is for who gets first or second. this time tokyo didnt put up much of a fight because
he forgot his deck and had to use the store owners deck. he mainly just sat there while i
slowly killed him. maybe next time tokyo.

thats it. i made first this time. my prize was 3 packs of legions and 3 pack of onlaught(i
chose magic the gathering because i play that too)
e-mail if want at my officail yu-gi-oh tournament screen name is
yu2051572 if you want to see my rankings.