Subject: Yu-Gi-Oh Tourney Report by Kid Echo

Deck name: Burning Illusion

Location: Heroes Comics and Collectibles in Sugar Land, TX

Entry fee: $3.00

# of participants: about 30

Official Upper Deck tournament


Deck: 43


Monsters: 20

2 Hane- Hane

2 Man Eater Bug

2 Giant Soldier of Stone

2 Mystical Elf

2 Wall of Illusion                                                               

2 Spear Cretin

2 Cannon Soldier                               

2 Princess of Tsurugi

1 Sangan

1 Witch of the Black Forest

1 Magician of Faith

1 Cyber Jar


Magic: 13

3 Tremendous Fire

2 Ookazi

2 Chain Energy

1 Pot of Greed

1 Dark Hole

1 Change of Heart

1 Monster Reborn

1 Giant Trunade

1 Heavy Storm


Traps: 10

3 Gravity Bind

2 Just Desserts

2 Magic Drain

1 Ceasefire

1 Mirror Force

1 Imperial Order



Jesse and I get there a little late, so we go right in and sign up and they give both of us a bye for the first round. I find out that I am playing Law so I start to go to my side deck to bring out my anti-Exodia cards. But, when I walk by the table where he’s dueling, I see that he is playing a beatdown. I am now very confident because I believe my Gravity Binds will stop him in his tracks. On to the duel…


Round 2:  Kid Echo vs. Law (beatdown)

First off Law is the best duelist at Heroes. He has access to any card he wants.

Duel 1

In the first duel I start off fast, hitting him with my burn magics and a Princess of Tsurugi. Combined with the Solemn Judgment he used on Gravity Bind he was left with 3000 lp. Here’s where the trouble started. He equips two Axe of Despairs on a Maha Vailo (do the math). Then… He gets out a Black Skull Dragon. Then he kindly Raigeki’s my side of the field and attacks for the win.


Duel 2

He murdered me. PERIOD. I won’t even talk about this. Oh wait… I will tell you one thing. On my last turn, he shows me that he has three Solemn Judgments down. Man… Did I feel stupid. There’s nothing I can do so I throw in the towel.



Jesse was eliminated right after me. So we stroll over to Original Eats and dry our tears in a bowl of chilli cheese fries. After that we roll back into Heroes. I duel a few people. Make some trades. Here are the trades with my card listed first then the card I got 2nd:

Spellbinding Circle for Megamorph

Buster Blader for Snatch Steal

I think that was all, but I’m not sure. Jesse got a lot of good trades. He hustled up a Raigeki, Imperial Order, Pot of Greed, Fairy’s Meteor Crush, Ceasefire, and a Serpent Knight Dragon.

Next week I will probably go to Heroes with a beatdown. I need a break from my burner.



To me for only spending $7.00

To Original Eats for making me feel better

To Jesse for making good trades

To Jesse for giving me a quarter when I wanted some Skittles

To the Kid I dueled who brought me down to 300 lp. It was a good duel.

To the other kid who I beat twice. He promised he would change his deck and beat me, so he went and made some trades, then murdered me in like four turns.



To me for getting to Heroes late

To Law for being so ruthless


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