Weenie Burner/Dark Damage/Gravity Bind
Bret Filancia
TJL's cards and Collectibles
Hopewell Junction, New York
February 3, 2003
1st place $20 and a blue eyes, 2nd place $9 and a colored fish
There were 8 people at the tourney today
My deck is 40 cards that are

Non sac Monsters
1. 3x Man Eater bug
2. 1x Kuriboh
3. 1x Muka Muka
4. 3x Jinzo#7
5. 3x Rainbow Flower
6. 3x Mystic Lamp
7. 3xGiant Soldier of Stone
8. 1x Queen's Double
Sac Monsters
1.   2x Labyrinth Wall
1.   1x Prohibition
2.   1x Graceful Dice
3.   1x Gaia Power
4.   1x Horn of the Unicorn
5.   1x Monster Recovery
6.   1x Megamorph
7.   1x Change of Heart
8.   1x Confiscation
9.   1x Monster Reborn
9. 3x Malevolent Nuzzler
10. 1x Dark Hole
1. 2x Robbin Goblin
2. 3x Gravity Bind
3. 1x Light of Intervention
4. 1x Ultimate Offering