Revenge of the lesser monsters! (yeah I know)
BC comics
Arlington, VA
February 1, 2003
5 people

This is my first tournament report.  It’s pretty short, because of how many people
that were there.  We played by the official rules.

The prizes were either 6 normal booster packs, 3 tourney packs, or $30 store credit.

Well this is my deck:

17 monsters
2x Dream Clown (gets rid of their monsters)
2x Hayabusa Knight (double the attack)
2x Giant Rat (gets out my clowns or birds)
2x Giant Soldier of Stone (huge defense, lv 3)
1x Karate Man (could become huge)
1x Witch of the Black Forest (gets out my monsters)
1x Sangan (same as the witch)
1x Morphing Jar #2 (gets rid of their high lvl monsters)
1x Cyber Jar (same as the other jar, plus 5 cards)
1x Time Wizard (could be raigeki)
1x Man Eater Bug (gets rid of monsters)
1x Wall of Illusion (gets rid of those high monsters on the field)
1x Hane-Hane (same as the wall)

14 magics
3x Fissure (bye bye monsters)
2x Ground Collapse (1 monster of your field easy target)
1x Raigeki (obvious)
1x Monster Reborn (yay clowns back!)
1x Rush Recklessly (useful at the right spot)
1x Monster Recovery (no destroying the clowns or birds)
1x Prohibition (heavy storm, sorl, mirror force)
2x Messenger of Peace (look at my monsters)
1x Change of heart (clears the field)
1x Snatch Steal (same as coh)

10 traps
3x Trap Hole (no monster for you)
2x Waboku (don’t hurt the monsters)
2x Gravity Bind (same as mop)
1x Lightforce Sword (prevention)
1x Magic Drain (traded my jammer)
1x Shadow of Eyes (no bug for you)

Well I didn’t have money that day, so I was allowed to enter, but if I won I get no

My strategy is to clear the field and attack them with my stones, birds, and clowns.

Round One-5 people left
Salman vs. horrible deck
This guy had a horrible deck, his best card was like Relinquished.
On the first match he did absolutely nothing.  I had my mop out so I just Dream Clowned him.
The guy still did horribly, pretty much the same as above, except I used the bind instead.
The loser had to face the fifth guy.  The fifth guy still lost.

Round Two-3 people left
Salman vs. Blue Eyes deck
This guy was really good he had a beat down blue eyes deck.  He also claimed that he was the ninth best in the world.
The first match was pretty easy.  He got out his 1800 monsters so I just used the bind.  I eventually
Had to use mop too because he powered his mof a lot, used like two aod.  I wasn’t hurt though thanks
to waboku.
This one was the hard one.  He kept using giant trunades, and attacked me.  Eventually he ran out of
those so I played mop.  He got me down to 3250 because of his elf, blue eyes, and wall.  It was so annoying at the end cause I ran out of monsters.  I still had bind out so he couldn’t attack.  Eventually he got decked cause of his pog.  He used it like twice, mof.
The winner of this one got to face the last guy since he was last weeks champ.

Round three-2 people left
Salman vs. Burner Exodia
This was the hardest guy I ever played.  Exodia is the most annoying thing ever.
In the first match it was horrible.  He went first and used sangan.  I didn’t know his deck so I just clowned
the thing.  He probably got out and exodia piece.  He placed a mof down and used premature burial on his
sangan  he killed my clown cause it was in defense.  I didn’t draw a single monster so I just played bind.  Oh before that he had out mop yet he still kept it in play.  Then he annoyed me with his cannon soldier he kept giving up his sangan and then he did the same recovery move.  Soon enough he used hane hane to bring his mof to his hand, and used it again.  Did the same thing and he got exodia.
The second on was the same cept he also got out the witch and another sangan.  So he exodiad me a lot quicker.  I did not draw a single monster this time, but I had the bind.

Well that was pretty good.  I beat the ninth best and lost to exodia.  The store owner still let me open one pack.  I chose a PSV one, and I got GAF!  But I don’t play beat down anymore, so it’s only trading material.  Now onto props and slops.

-To me for beating the ninth best
-For getting snatch steal before the tournament
-For the ninth best for making a good match
-For everybody cause no one stole any cards
-To the store owner for letting me enter (and he let me open one pack)
-To the GCN for being the coolest system ever
-For getting Goblin Attack Force

-For not having enough money cause I woulda got three packs
-To me for not playing beat down any more
-To Exodia
-To my friends cause they didn’t show

Thanks.  If you have any questions, comments, or just want to say how awesome my deck is email me at (I know)