Subject: [Relinquished] Absorption ChaoS Deck

Deck Name: --Absorption ChaoS--
Name: Chris Gahmgee
Official Upperdeck Sponsored Tournament
Caveman Comics
Springfield, Missouri, USA
# of participants: 32
1st place: 2 Japanese booster packs, 1 Metal Raiders 1st ed, 1 magic ruler, 2 pharoh's servant 1st ed
2nd place: 2 Japanese booster packs, 1 metal Raiders, 1 Magic Ruler, 1 Pharoh's Servant

Onto this weeks tourney report and my deck. I think i am getting a little cocky on these reports, so i am going to try and give more respect this time.. sorry to all those out there if i offended anyone :) BIG NOTE: SPECIAL THANKS TO "ACE" WHO POSTED "GOT RELINQUISHED?" THAT POST STARTED MY DECK, AND THEN I MODIFIED IT :)

--Monsters-- 20
Relinquished x3
MAgician of faith x3
Sonic Bird x2
Senju of the thousand Hands x2
Giant Soldier of Stone x2
Hayabusa Knight x2
Sangan x2
Witch of the Black forest x1
Cyber JAr x1
Jinzo x1
Mask of Darkness x1

--Magic-- 12
Black Illusion Ritual x3
Heavy Storm x2
Raigeki x1
Dark Hole x1
Pot of Greed x1
Change of Heart x1
Monster Reborn x1
Premature Burial x1
Swords of Revealing Lights x1

Magic Jammer x3
Waboku x2
7 tools of the bandit  x1
Dust Tornado x1
Mirror Force x1
Ceasfire x1
Imperial Order x1
Solemn Judgement x1

This is what i came up with after looking at ace's deck, which looked exceptionally good.  Instead, i switched out the hayabusa knight instead of harpies bro, that way when i clear the field i can attack for more, and also i can attack x2 to get rid of pesky mosnters, and lower then level 3, for when i eventually use gravity bind.  also, giant soldier of stone is level 3 and good defense to stall until relinquished, so lets see how my deck turned out this week, also I WOULD BE GLAD TO TAKE ANY RECCOMMENDATIONS FOR MY DECK!

Round 1

Me VS. Cameron

This little kid didn't really know how to play or build a deck, he kept pulling up magic and traps and setting different ones down once he had filled all 5 up.  it took about 7 turns each for us to finally get out a monster. he tried to bring out "blue eyes toon dragon" with out tributing, but i explained and wee went on, i finally got out sonic bird and relinquished to finish off his life points, but he got a "sparks" on me, so it was a good duel.  The next duel i had a much better hand and went quicker. Again he got a "sparks" on me, so not bad for a beginner duelist.

me 7800, him 0
me 7800, him 0

Round 2

I had played this kid before in a tournament, so i wasn't scared.  He went first i think.  he had a giant rat, so i brought on out my sonic and got my ritual, and attacked it, so i took -50 life points.  Next turn or turn after i brogut out jinzo to kill of his rat finally, so he brought giant soldier into attack mode, and i had his soldier cancel out mine.  it went like that, and i got his life points.  next duel i don't remember so well, I thgink i brought out my relinquished and finished his life points off. good game.

Me 7950? him 0
me 8000? him 0

Round 3 Quater Finals

Me Vs. my friend Jared. 

Last time i played this kid his deck wasn't to good. this time it was like "woah!", but i still got around it.  He started it off by playing a def mosnter and yami.  That turn i summoned my senju or sonic (i forgot) and pulled out my relinquished to absorb his face down mosnter and attacked him for 200 since the "yami" boosted up my relinquished.  Next turn i attack again and eventually i sucked up his cyber jar and got him down to 0.  Next round, i can't remember to well, so lets say i broguth out jinzo, attacked, he got a labyrinth wall into attack mode with his giant rat and i finished him off, but he had gotten SO MUCH BETTER!! GREAT JOB!!!!

me 8000? him 0
me 8000? him 0

Round 4 Semis

Me VS. o' crap, JOHN!!!!!

Now this kid, like in my last tourney report is AWESOME at this game.. so i was really freaked out.  But it seemed easier.  I broguth out my relinquished and absorbed.. he killed eit.. i just kept bringin it back and he destroyin it.. eventually i got out jinzo and prematured burialed my relinuished, absorbed his face down and killed him off.  Next duel he creamed me kinda, i got him down to 3700, but in the end he just got out jinzo and killed me.  In the 3rd duel i got out relinquished and absorbed... to shorten this length here is kinda what happened:  I played sonic bird, brought out rellinquixshed, absrobed his face up fishie, attack my relinquished he reborned with my sonic, we take 1400, brring me down to 3400, and then attacked the relinquished with my absorbed relinquished to finish his life points, but a VERY GOOD DUEL!! 

Me 4800? him 0
Me 0 Him 3700?
Me 3400? him 0

Round 5, then FINALS

Me Vs, my friend, Troy, AGAIN

Well this was a fun little duel.  To make this section short and simple: i brought out relinquished and jinzo and my brids at different times and beat him, but he put up a very good fight and is a very honest and sincere duelist. Onto Props and Slops:

For me winning with my brand new "relinquished deck"
For pulling a 1st edition black skull dragon and fairy meteor crush
for my friends hosting this tournament
for troy who pulled graverobber


HEY I WOULD LIKE TO SAY HI TO ALL MY FRIENDS !!! Bobert, Jeremiah, Byron!!, Scott, CHRIS P. Jimmie!!! ROSS (stop calling me avril)and KALYA!!! and meegan (i am sorry i don't know how to spell your name :( )), and EVERYONE ELSE!!!!! Thanks for the relinquished bobert!