Deck Name: Piece of Crap
Name: Mr. DooHead
Store: Bookend- Stockbridge, GA
Date: 2-1-03

About 60 people were there
$5 entry fee and the prize was 5 tourney packs *sigh* and you got a tourney pack when you lost
best 2 out of 3

Now...on for my deck


3x 7 Colored Fish
1x La Jinn the Mystical Genie of the Lamp
2x Harpie's Brother
3x Summoned Skull
1x Sangan
1x Mask of Darkness
2x Man-Eater Bug
1x Mystical Elf
2x Magician of Faith
1x Relinquished
1x Witch of the Black Forest
1x Wall of Illusion
1x Hayabusa Knight
1x Cyber Jar
1x Hane-Hane


1x Change of Heart
2x Malevolent Nuzzler (untill i get more axes)
1x Axe of Despair
1x Raigeki
1x Monster Reborn
2x Mystical Space Typhoon
1x Dark Hole
1x Pot of Greed
1x Heavy Storm
1x Snatch Steal
1x Tribute to the Doomed
1x Swords of Revealing Light
1x Black Illusion Ritual


3x Trap Hole
1x Mirrior Force
1x 7 Tools of the Bandit
1x Magic Jammer
1x Magic Drain

*whew* that took it out of before the tourney i got a MRD pack and guess what...i got my 4th Bladefly..i know it sux for me but oh well. i went with my friends and got there at bout 1215 because his mom was late. my friend was going to use his newly build wenie deck and it was kinda good. this was my first time at this store so i didnt know what to happen. any way on to the tourney

Round 1
Me v some really horible kid
this kid was really bad. he only played 2 monsters the WHOLE 2 duels. i felt real sorry for him so i only played 2 monsters. i dont feel like making fun of him so im jus going on to the 2nd round

in between this match and my next i watched my friend wipe the floor wit his wenie deck. he beat his first opponite with ease. after he was done i was still waiting for my next opponite to finsh so i went and watch his next duels. he lost then they finnally called me to go duel

Round 2
Me v some fat kid that broke a chair
Duel 1-this guy was soooo fat and mono toned. he got a Parasite Paracide in my deck and he suffled. it ended up being the 2nd card on the top of my deck....hmmmm...can u say cheap. he had some cards face down so i played heavy storm and got rid of his insect barrier and dna surgery. i only lost lifepoints because of Parasite Paracide then i used dark hole and played hyabusa wit a malevolent and then jus took him out from there
Duel 2-he didnt get past 5 turns b4 i took him out with my summond skull. he then sayed he wanted a maha vailo and i said why and he said because he had 1 sword of deep seated

in between this match and the next was a 40 minunte interval because i had to wait for people to finsh. i went outside and meet my friend hanging out wit Lisa trying to get cards (Lisa has every card in english, and she used to have 9 gate gaurdians plus she has no job and she bought a LOB box that day and gave out the cards she didnt need like i got 2 metal dragons and a giant soilder of stone) while i was waiting i had to watch my friend get card after card and i couldnt get any because i couldnt trade from my deck. the FINNALLY called me to duel.

Round 3
Me v some small kind thats dad was sitting right there and watching my every move
Duel 1- this match was a simple duel~~~he runs and goes defensive and i got on offensive. he got out time wizard and killed my monsters but that was about it
Duel 2- this duel was the easyist for the whole day. he played nothing absoultly nothing no more to be said.

Round 4
Me v this kid who played at the speed of light
Duel 1- he had some really weird freaked out type of way to play. he looks calm, but he is really hyper. he got me down to bout 4000 but he playd a burning land and i jus let it go because i had more lifepoints than him and i countered everything he played so he killed himself.
Duel 2- i took him out wit a hyabusa wit an axe and a malevoilent nuff said

Round 5 semi-finals
Me v the kid who took out my friend
Duel 1- i really dont like this kid. he looks so homosexual or gay as some of u prefer. i took him out fast because he took out my friend
Duel 2- he got me down kinda far bout 3000 but i used mirrior force and then it was down hill for him

Round 6 finals
Me v exodia,beatdown, and burn deck???
Duel 1- you know i love hyabusa knight. i remember this match clearly, the one that i won of course. i got a hyabusa knight, axe, raigaki, m-eb, and coh. he goes first and plays me-b face down. then i play change of heart and flip m-eb and kill it self. i then play hyabusa knight wit an axe and do 4000. he plays 1 more m-eb face down and a trap card. i draw a 7 tools and play it. then i use raigaki and attack. he play mirrior force and i counter and win.
Duel 2- man this duel was kinda gay. he plays cyber jar and kills my m-eb. he gets all 1800 cards and i get all magic/traps. he wins because of this.
Duel 3- my hand is a hyabusa, axe, dark hole, tttd, mof. i go first and get mystical elf. i play it in d mode. he plays something face down in d mode as well. i use dark hole and play hyabusa wit axe and attack for 4000. he play something. i use TTtD and kill his cyber jar and i attack. he was supposed to be hard

WHOO i win i got my 5 packs and get DUN DUN DUN nothing. when i was dueling my friend got a jinzo..after we hung out till bout 440 and we had KFC now for props and slops
for me getting first the first time i went to the store when i took my friend about 2 months to get first
for the good taste of Cherry Coke
for the $5 i had

for my friend getting jinzo
for me not having any more money
for the dueling making me wait

u can e-mail me at