My deck:

43 cards


x3 harpies brother

x3 7 colored fish

x3 Magician of Faith

x3Man-eater bug

x2 cannon soldier

x2 wall of illusion


mask of darkness

barrel dragon

cyber jar


banisher of the light

witch of the black forest





dark hole

change of heart

monster reborn

the forceful sentry

card destruction


Pot of Greed

tribute to the doomed

x2 Giant trunade

heavy storm


Spellbinding Circle

mirror force

trap hole

call of the haunted

7 tools of the bandit



This is my FIRST EVER tournament report- I hope it goes well. All sports has some really good duelists! Two of which Iíd be facing today... So lets get started


Me vs. Kody

Kody is a pretty good duelist, he runs the basic beatdown, like GAF, Summoned Skull, etc. Kody actually beat me last tourney in the 2nd round. But here it goes. This match started off just the way I wanted it to. He layed a cyber jar down first turn, and some m/t. I had a dark hole/heavy storm in my hand, SO I played it. Got his field clear and nailed him for 1800. He layed down a GAF and attacked my Harpieís brother, but I mirror forced him so there was nothin he could do. Next turn I got out my Jinzo, nailed him for 2400. He layed a monster, I played Raigeki, and this duel went downhill from him there.

Winner: Me 5600 to 0

Duel 2: Kody u dont have a chance! I said. I had just traded for a barrel dragon that day, so it was in my deck, and this duel it got out, and kicked some ACE. he got me down to about 4500 in the first to turns, but I heavy storm, then raigekied his force of ss, gaf, and haybusaís. He got all mad, because I tributed for my barrel dragon, attacked, and from there on, he just kept losing to barrel dragonís effect.

Winner: me 4500 to 0

This next match I felt pretty confident about. Steve, a kid from school who we nick-named Steve Keto, runs a pretty slopped together deck, but it pulls out sometimes.

Duel 1: This duel went totally downhill for me! He got out his beatdowns fast and all my good cards were at the bottom, plus no sangans or witches in my hand!!! He got my down with his gay huyabusaís and ssís.

Winner: Steve 6200 to 0

Duel 2: Now here it started to pick up. In my first hand I had a heavy storm/change of heart, and I had a jinzo. So I played heavy storm on his mirror force! yes! then change of heart, it was a bug (figures), so I tributed for jinzo, and BAM 2400. he layed out a hayabusa in defense mode. So I brough out a harpies brother not knowing what it was and attacked it then attacked directly for another 2400. Next turn he played raigeki. but I had a mirror force down, so I mirror forced his attacking monster. After this he couldnt get out any more monsters with flip effects, so I just took him down with 1800 monsters.

winner: me 7950 to 0

Duel 3: Now, I was a little pumped after the last duel, So I was SURE i was gonna win this. he went first and laid down some m/t and a monster. I had a barrel dragon and monster reborn in my hand, so I set the monster reborn, played a giant trunade, set the monster reborn back down, and nailed him for card destruction! He was like arrrgh. So then i set a wall of illusion, and played monster reborn, used barrel dragons effect (it worked yeah!) and smacked him for 2600. Next he lays a harpieís brother, and attacks my face down (wall of illusion) heís like: no!!!!!!!! so he lost 50 and was in for a beat down. So I layed down harpies brother, turn wall to attack mode, and attacked with all of emí to advance to the semiís!!! hehe.

Winner: me 6200 to 0

This next duel a far greater opponent awaited me. Russ (or inteq). This tournament he was running a direct damage deck, with jinzo 7ís, axes, black pendants, and cannon soldiers. I had to believe in my deck here, and deep down, I knew I could do it.

Duel 1:

He went first and layed out a MEB. I played heavy storm, he jammed it, then I played change of heart (hehe). Tributed for jinzo, and attacked for 2400. Next he played raigeki, and when I played card destruction the first time, my barrel dragon was in it. So he monster reborned, brought out a jinzo 7, axed it twice, and attacked. I couldnt defend my self anymore, so he won! I was like NOOOOOOOOOOOO.

Winner: Russ 5600 to 0

Duel 2: I had dueled russ two days ago at all sports, and almost beat him, it was a three dueler. Well I went first, played a cyber jar, and it flipped. I got out some good beatdowns plus a heavy storm/raigeki and swords. So I played emí brought out my barrel dragon, and annialated him from there.

Winner: me ? to 0

Duel 3: The heart of the cards was with me this duel! It started out when I played a change of heart. it mustíve been somethin good, because he solemn judgemented it! I was like YES!!! Now he was down to 4000 lp. I layed a harpieís down and attacked. it was a magician of faith, but there was nothin he could take. next turn he brough out a jinzo 7 with a black pendant. he attacked my directly. next turn I brought out my jinzo and killed his jinzo 7. Yes, this duel was going great! He threw down a dragon zombie in defense mode, and next turn I layed a MEB. I attacked his dragon zombie with jinzo. He layed a mask face down. I bugged it, got out cannon soldier, and attacked, cannon soldiered him to death, and WON!!!!!!!! I canít believe it because Russ is like one of the best duelists at all sports. I am too, but I havent beaten russ for like 2 months.

Winner: me 6500 to 0

I went up to tim (the worker) and I was like u thought I couldnt win, but he was all tellin russ like o u lost! So I was pretty psyched, cuz now I was in the finals.

Now this next opponent, Josh H, a friend of russís, was just as good if not better than russ. I hadnít dueled josh in over a month, so lets see what happened.

Duel 1: I was really psyched now, and he went first. So he played pot, then layed a monster face down. I played pot too, drew a change of heart/jinzo. Perfect! he had no m/t down either. So I played change of heart (o look a bug) and tributed for jinzo. Boom heís down to 5600. next he layed a cyber jar and some m/t (which wouldnt help him). I played raigeki brought out my harpies. attacked again. Now he was down to 1200. next turn he brought out his busa knight, axed it twice, and attacked my jinzo. then my harpies. I was like crap! next I drew a mirror force, and layed down a wall of illusion. He attacked, but I mirror forced, then he 7 toolsed it. he was down to 200 lp. my turn, yes perfect a cannon soldier. I layed it down, tributed and won.

Winner: me 8000 to 0

Duel 2:

Josh one this one I know that- but I really dont remember a lot. I do remember me taking three grand direct cuz of his ceasefire. then he beat me down from there.

Winner: Josh 7950 to 0

Duel 3. Well this was an epic duel. This was my 2nd trip to the finals, but I had never won a tourney b4, so I was ready this time.

This duel went all my way. later in the duel I brought out my jinzo, played giant trunade, raigeki, and his field was open. I attacked for 5200. He had 50 lp left, if he drew a monster it wouldnt matter, becuase I had three of my own out. He didnt he had only trap in his hand!!! And I won my first ever tourney!!! I was really psyched. Everyone was all in disbelief too,cuz pplz knew I had a good deck, but didnt think I could win the tourney.

Winner: me 5600 to 0

Come on, I won ooooo hoooooooo.

Some props:

For All sportz for holding the tourney

me for winning for the first time

Ben for trading me a barrel dragon

Russ for hating card destruction

For tim not entering!!! lol

Me getting a forceful sentry in my pack

Some Slops:

Me getting nuthin but a soul of the pure in my 2 (count emí 2!) tourney packs.

Tim not thinking I could beat russ and josh h.

All Sports not getting any tennis stuff yet.

Thanx for reading my tourney report!!! I hope to be writin more soon. If u wanna contact me, here is my e-mail info and stuff.


Yahoo! messenger thing: the_mystical_chesapeake

laterooZ yall,