Subject: Name Of Deck: James' Beatdown
Name: James Pantig
Deck Name: James' Beatdown
Location: A World Of Books
City & State: San Leandro, CA
Date: February 2, 2003

Monsters: 21
La Jinn x3
Summoned Skull x3
Man-Eater Bug x3
Harpie's Brother x3
Goblin Attack Force x2
Wall Of Illusion x2
Magican Of Faith x2
Mask Of Darkness x2
Witch Of The Black Forest

Magic: 12
Axe Of Despair x2
Tribute To The Doomed x2
Mystical Space Typhoon x2
Change Of Heart (Ultra Rare Version)
Monster Reborn
Pot Of Greed
Dark Hole (Super Rare Version)
Swords Of Revealing Light

Trap: 9
Trap Hole x2 (Super Rare Version)
Waboku x2
Imperial Order
Magic Jammer
Seven Tools Of The Bandit
Solemn Wishes
Magic Drain

Deck Total: 42

Duel 1 - Me Aginst Oliver (Zombie Beatdown)
I won this game. I had trouble in the beginning of the game because he had a Castle Of Dark Illusions on the field in defense and i couln't take it out. I finally drew Goblin Attack Force and took it out. I finished the game by killing off all his crappy zombies with my Harpie's Brother.

Duel 2
This was a no contest. I won obviously. He kept throwing his monsters in defese. I had him on the run. I cleared his field with my Man-Eater Bug and took out his life points with my Summoned Skull equipped with Axe Of Despair.

Duel 1 - Me Against Andrey (Beatdown)
I won this game. I summoned my Summoned Skull and Goblin Attack Force and took him out. No sweat.

Duel 2
He got me this game. I was drawing nothing and he took out all my defenses and killed me with his Haybusha Knight.

Duel 3
I got him back with a win. I had La Jinn, Goblin Attack Force, and a Summoned Skull on the field. He had about 3 monsters in defense. I used Raigeki. I applied an Axe Of Despair on Summoned Skull. I reborned his Haybusha Knight and I killed him.

Well, that's about it for today. I kicked some butt. Well, if anyone has any questions about my deck or anything. My AOL is FiLiPiNoDuDe1223 and my AIM is FiLiPiNoDuDe2003. Remember yall, my name is James so don't forget. Well, that's about it, thanks Pojo.

Oh Yeah, I want to give a shout to Brandon, Serf, Marcus, Geraldine aka PinayMai, and all the other World Of Books players. Well, I'm outty, peace out Pojo!!