From: KintaroOe

I attended the event on Saturday 2-01-03 and would like to submit these pictures to Pojo. 
If you have any questions, please feel free to email me.
NoteThe Upper Deck people were very hostile to players with Japanese cards.  Please warn readers not to bring them to the events.  I was kicked out of 3 separate areas of the Mall either by Upper Deck players and even some of the Yugioh players.

Pojo Note:  Upper Deck has the license for the U.S. Market.  They don't like people getting cheaper "Asian or Japanese" from elsewhere.  So they are banned from all Upper Deck events.

"Oh Yugi, Panic won all my star chips. 
Can you help me get them back?"


"Big cards like these are just as illegal as
Asian & Japanese cards!  If you are caught
with large cards, one of our blonde hired
models will whip you with her make-up purse"