The Jokers – Kevo Kaiba - A World of Books

San Leandro, CA, January 26, 2003




3 lord of d                                3 messenger of peace

3 blue eyes                               3 giant turnade

3 tri horn                                  3 soul release

3 wall of illusion                        2 toll

3 magician of faith                  2 magic drain

2 sangan                                   2 shallow grave

2 spear cretin                            3 flute of summoning dragon

2 invader of the throne   1 change of heart

1 la jinn                                    1 pot of greed

1 cyber jar                                1 mirror force

1 black forest witch                1 raigeki

1 mask of darkness


$6 dollars to enter the tournament.

4 rounds, 16 people in the Advanced bracket.

Prize: 3 Magic Ruler packs


I started of the tourney with a by since last weeks finalist are automatically advanced.  If anyone watched batman beyond would know that I got my deck name from that show.


Round 1: Me (Kevo Kaiba) vs. Nick (Toilet Boy)


Every week we always mess around wit this guy, he knows it’s all in good fun, hopes he doesn’t go and buy some youth-in-asia.  Well he ran his usual beatdown and my jokers took control of the field.  My surprise was that he didn’t bring out a jinzo like everyone else. 


Round 2 Finals:

Me (Kevo Kaiba) vs. Alex (Son of _____, sorry I don’t how to spell your name)


This round went to him. The final was 0-1-0.  I came into this pretty confident like last week, but unlike last week fell short win.  I couldn’t get set up and his magic heavy deck caught me off guard. My imperial wasn’t coming so I fell short.  One thing that surprised was the nobleman of extermination. Hmmmm?, I wonder where he got it from. And another thing bugs me. Why when I had my lord of d. that actually worked, Alex’s dad wanted to make one? And now that my dear good friend Bandit Keif made a successful “machine deck”, he wants to make one too??? Hmmm, makes ya think.



-to Kforce1, Marcus looking forward to the Exodia

-to Alex for beating and me and Serf, good job dude

Also this is too all readers, if someone actually makes the deck at the top, hope it turns out alright.



-to grades, making youngins like my brother and my cousin (Chris and Ching) get grounded, haha