World of Books, San Leandro, CA. Report by alan ďschezarĒ

Tournament consists of 16 players. Best 2 out of 3 single elimination. 6 dollars. 3 divisions. beginner, intermediate and advanced.

1st gets 2 packs of tourny

2nd gets 2 packs of tourny

everyone else who enters gets one for sure

Retro beat down

Monsters: 21

La jinn x3

Harpy Bro x3

Dark Elf x2

Jirai Gumo x2

Summoned Skull x2

Magician of Faith x2

Mask of Darkness

Cyber Jar

Man Eater Bug x2

Witch of the black forest

Sangan x2

Magic: 11


Change of Heart

Monster Reborn

Dark Hole

Fissure x3

Heavy Storm x2

Pot of Greed

Swords of Revealing Light

Trap: 11

Mirror Force

Magic Jammer x2

Solemn Judgement x2

Magic Drain

Trap Hole x3

Cease Fire

Imperial Order

Total: 43

First off I would like to say that I did not sell out to the crowd. I just didnít obtain the cards I needed to make my conversion deck yet. And since retro is in these days with all the retro jerseys, shoes, and such, I decided to go with the retro beat down.

First duel

me vs. Donald

It was pretty insulting of him to eat in front of me while dueling, so I got back at him the only way I could, I read a book during his standby phase. Anyways, I beat him down severely with harpy and Dark elf. Nothing much to say when you have a beat down beating down a beat down. Never pulled a skull. All I did was beat him down with Dark Elf and Gumo. Several times he urged me to attack with Gumo so my LP would drop by half, but being the thinker that I am, I waited until the right moment to flip the Gumo. I must be on a roll today because my flips never missed itís mark. I played him again after I won 2-0 and it seems he didnít have enough monster removal, oh well.

Duel 2

me vs. Nick

After playing Donald I looked around for Nick, but it seems like he did one of his trademark vanishing acts to the bathroom because he was no where to be found. For the moment I dueled Ed because he wanted to see what was so great about my retro beat down.

me vs. Ed (non tourny)

Gave him the old heave ho after I busted out heavy storm on his punk traps. Trapped his harpy brothers like I was hunting in the woods for turkeys and finally he said he lost because the sun was blinding him. Sure it was the sun, or it couldíve been that he felt the after shock of the burn from my burn deck last week. So we switched seats and I was in the sun. Bad decision because the sun is my power, turned up the heat and melted him on 450 degrees with Elven women. Why canít I win with my other decks this well?!?


Finally Nick shows up after a long and arduous trip from the bathroom. I donít want to roast him anymore because I know the rest of the people who write from K Force 1 will finish it. We began our duel as intended.

me vs. Nick

I had the first match in the bag, but for some reason I solemn judgemented his 7 color fish. I was at a healthy 8000 and he was at 1500. I solemn his fish. I am at 4000. I guess I did that because I felt I had to cleanse myself of this dirty beat down and lose. He change of hearts my sangan, tribute for jinzo, reborns my skull and itís over.

pt. 2

I manage to make him squeal all the way down to 2200 with my gumos and elves, but he also was able to get me down to 2475. I had defenses on the field, 1 bug and one witch. He only has a skull on the field. Our decks are nearly depleted, when he searched with painful choice, he notices he only has 6 monsters left. I laugh even though I am not doing any better myself. Then he asks, ďDid I use my Raigeki yet?Ē and we both look through his cemetery. Guess not, but everything else was. He then shuffles and with my luck I didnít cut. He then says only 1 card can save me now. He must have been praying hard since itís Sunday because he threw down a thunderbolt and cleared my field.

Kind of glad I lost, but man next week is the debut of the Conversion deck, and I am pretty sure it is going to wreck havoc. Peace!

Slow Jam shout out to: K force 1 (B Keif, Kevo Kaiba, PinayMai, The penguin knight known as marcus, lil mokuba and yugi ching), Alex and his dad Rondell (this how you spell it? sorry if itís spelled wrong) and all folks at World.

-Pulling exile of the wicked ( man how come everybody else who writes a tourny report be pulling Sea snakes and morphing jars???)


-doing the retro beat down

-pulling all these stuffed animals in TP

-playing with a retro beat down that requires not much strategy

If you want to give me advice that I already know? or if you just want to shout at me for selling out then send all your poorly written crap (like my tourny report) to: I promise I will not check it >=P