FX deck next name : Redline – By Bandit Keif

A World of Books

San Leandro, CA                     February 2nd, 2003


3 Dark Elf

3 Magician of Faith

3 Numinous Healer

1 Call of the Haunted

1 Swords of Light

3 Wall of Illusion

3 Mystical Elf

3 Waboku

3 Shield and Sword

1 Monster Reborn

3 Princess Tsurugi

1 Black Forest Witch

1 Change of Heart

2 Demon’s Kiss

1 Raigeki

3 Maha Vailo

1 Royal Palace Infiltraitor

1 Mirror Force

2 Shadow of Eyes

1 Dark Hole


$6 dollars to enter the tournament.

4 rounds, 16 people in the Advanced bracket.

Prize: 4 Tournament packs


Round 1: Me (Bandit Keif) vrs. Melvin (Rare Hunter Brother)

        The Rare Hunter Spirit was not with Melvin when he dueled me, possibly he had to use it all up on Marcus (K Force 1 – Penguin Knight) to get to the next round. He started the duel by saying, “Let the hunt begin!!!” The last time I dueled Melvin it was me versus him in the championship when he defeated Serf then Kevin by studying hard! Well Melvin has been holding back, I did not know that he and his brother called themselves Rare Hunters. Knowing the dueling style of the Rare Hunters I knew I already had the edge. This style was based around, “A true Hunter doesn’t rush his kill.  A Hunter waits for the right time to take someone down.” Well versus me there was never, and will never be a right time! Flawless games are my specialty. I also was able to overhear him whisper to his Rare Hunter brother, “My fellow hunters know that in order to beat me, you have to get me down and keep me down.” Well he let the secret out and I heard it. So that’s exactly what I did. I won the first match and dominated the second one, winning the duel. Well I dared “Hunt a Hunter” and I won.


Round 2: Me (Bandit Keif) vrs. Geraldine (PinayMai)

            We dual all the time at home, so the cards and the strategy that came up were no surprise. She runs a very versatile Earth Themed beatdown. The first and original Earth beatdown ever made at both stores we duel at. She has tried and tested this beatdown so that it can verse weenie decks or be an anti – beatdown beatdown. Hoang, her deck has been tweaked to beat you! Your days of winning are limited.


Round 3: Me (Bandit Keif) vrs. Alex (Son of Rodel (hope I spelled it right!))

            Round one, quick fast beatdown tactics took me this duel. He also had some inspiration from his dad. If he won versus me he would get 3 packs as a prize from his dad. Well him winning the first round theoretically makes it harder for me to win the match because I would have to win two more in a row. All the people watching knew that this Championship had heat.

            Everyone watching could feel the intensity, including the Stuffed Penguin and Flame Ghost that were “refereeing”. Alex really came up this tournament, I don’t usually see him in the championships. Results of the championship, I take the next two duels, and win some tournament packs with nothing in them except commons. Alex however got one LOB pack from his dad for winning once and he got an ultra rare. Good job!



-         Bandit Keif (Sunday February 2, 2003)

-         Evangel008@hotmail.com



Post Game shouts:

Anyone who sees me who reads my reports;  Bandit Keif is the guy with “Bandit Keith” on his cards.

To Ching and Chris for both getting grounded this week!

Shout to all the other expert players – Brandon “Pho”, Donald, Edmond (Donald’s cousin), Nick, Steffon (Sick), K Force One: Kevo Kaiba (Kevin), Bakura (Alan), Bandit Keif (Jeff), Mai (Geraldine), Yugi Moto (Alexis), Mokuba (Chris) and Penguin Knight (Marcus).