Monster Removal Deck

Diamond Sports Cards and Comics

Austin, Texas

February 2, 2003

Roughly 70 Duelists Entered



1st:  1 Legend of Blue Eyes Booster, 1 Tournament Pack, Gia the Dragon Champion

2nd: 1 Legend of Blue Eyes Booster, 1 Tournament Pack, Imperial Order

3rd: 1 Legend of Blue Eyes Booster, 1 Tournament Pack, Summoned Skull

4th: 1 Legend of Blue Eyes Booster, 1 Tournament Pack, Celtic Gaurdian


I got some e-mails from some people who were upset that I haven’t written a tourney report in about 3 weeks.  Guess I have a few fans out there.  The reason I didn’t type them up is because Mike (he’s like one of the best duelists) beat me first round, then the next week I didn’t attend a tourney, and the third week I lost third round.  Anyway, I walked around early to find a Goblin Attack Force that I needed, no such luck though.  I waited for all the names to be set out on the tables and found my first opponent.


Round One


Me VS Jeff


I have never seen Jeff at a tourney before so I didn’t know what to expect.  First turn I put down Mirror Force and Call of the Haunted and played La Jinn.  He used heavy storm and dark hole (Ouch!) then reborned my la jinn to sac it for Skull.  Ok not bad for the first move, but after that it was all me.  He was no match for my Jinzo and Hayabusa w/Axe of Despair.  Second duel I owned him for free.


WIN: (1700-0) (6700-0)


I went to check on all the tough competition to see if they had made it past the first round: Kevin, Rick, TJ, Sung-the usual Semi-Finalists.  Oh and Mike wasn’t there, so that gives all the other duelists a chance to get farther and win.  They had all won first round.  I traded a Mystical Space Typhoon and Stop Defense for a Goblin Attack Force… YES!  I need one more now.


Round Two


Me VS Robert


Another new face, Robert. He looked to be in his twenties so I figured he’s one of those adult pro’s that come to tourneys and suck all the fun out of things, but when I saw the size of his deck (like 80 cards) I knew he was just a beginner.  I seriously owned him both duels no problem


WIN: (7300-0) (8000-0)


Third Round


Me VS Taylor? Tom? Jack? I forgot his name.


He’s friends with Jeff from Round One.  I had a fluke in the first duel, but won really easily after that.  After the duel I went to buy some packs, I got some really bad cards so I gave them to Kevin and Carl (guys from school that I know).  I decided to buy some more packs and I got a Cyber Jar and UFO Turtle.  The Cyber Jar is good for trading so I decided to keep that card, and give the rest to Kevin’s little brother (I think he’s his brother…).  I have the Cyber Jar in my left hand, and the rest in my right.  I go to hand them to Kevin’s brother and Carl dives across the table and tries to grab the cards, and in the process he causes my left hand to close, and thus horribly bending my Cyber Jar.  I was ticked at him.  Good thing I play him next!


WIN (0-6300) (7500-0) (8000-0)


Fourth Round


Me VS Carl


I could taste the sweet nectar of revenge as we began the duel.  In the first duel he got out all of his good cards in the beginning and totally destroyed me, I only tagged him once the whole game.  Revenge doesn’t seem to be working…  Oh wait, yes it does!  I purely dominated the next two duels.  Aaahhh, sweet sweet revenge for my Cyber Jar.  And if you’re reading this Carl- HA! Just kidding…


WIN: (0-6700) (8000-0) (7600-0)


Fifth Round


Me VS Jeremy


Jeremy is one of those adults who sucked all the fun out of dueling, but that has changed since I realized that it’s loads of fun to beat adult pro’s.  A few months ago, (my second tournament, my first tourney report if you’re one of my freaky stalker fans and want to go back and read it) he beat me in a huge duel that took over an hour.  There were tons of problems with the whole duel, but as I sat down to duel him this time I got that want for revenge again.  He plays Exodia/Weenie Rush/Stall/Burner deck, a bad idea.  3 deck themes in one deck, I think that’s crazy, but whatever sinks your submarine…  First duel he pulled out Gravity Bind and Toll, no problem because I had out a Hayabusa Knight w/Axe of Despair and won the first duel with ease.  The second duel had an argument in it about his Spear Cretin.  He went first, set Spear Cretin, and then I played La Jinn and attacked it.  He put his Cretin in the grave, then put it back out and I was like “Hey uh… wutcha doin’?”  He said that you could do that, but news to him: YOU CAN’T!  His wife/girlfriend/whatever who was watching the duel started to argue for him and I quickly motioned for her to hush, and called a judge (I hate it when other people watch the duel and then participate in it like it was their own match.  And I also hate it when people commentate on the whole match.  It’s my duel, get your own!)  The judge quickly agreed with what I said so we got on with the duel.  My next turn I activated Robbin’ Goblin and made him discard Exodia the Forbidden One, so I knew he couldn’t win by exodia anymore.  I won by using Heavy Storm on is 2 Gravity Binds and Toll, then using change of heart on the left leg and attacking him with 2 hayabusa knights.  It felt so good to know that at one time I had so much trouble playing him, and this time I totally PWNED HIM FOR FREE!  (Am I getting cocky? I think yes).  Oh and by the way here’s that Spear Cretin ruling straight from Upper Deck’s FAQ page.


Spear Cretin

Q: When "Spear Cretin" is sent to the graveyard it says that a monster from my Graveyard must be specially summoned on the field face up attack position or face down defense position. So can I bring "Spear Cretin" back again in defense position every turn it is send to the graveyard from an attacking monster?
A: No. This card's effect cannot be used on itself. Also, the text says, "you can Special Summon", not "you must Special Summon". So you do not have to Special Summon if you don't want to.


And while I am posting rulings I have one more.  A Judge/Duelist/Kinda Old Guy was talking about how you don’t get 1000 per card you draw when you have 2 Solemn Wishes out on the field.  He was talking smack about how he has Upper Deck on speed dial, and that he’s a judge, and how he was right and that I was wrong.  Even though Upper Deck posted a ruling that shows I’m right, he’s wrong, and that I rule!  Why does everyone resist me?  Resistance is feudal!


Solemn Wishes
Q: If I play 2 "Solemn Wishes", do I gain 1000 life when I draw?
A: Yes.


WIN: (4000-0) (3000-0)


After the duel I traded Serpent Night Dragon for my second and final Goblin Attack Force!  Go me!  3 out of the 4 of the “tough competition” I mentioned above made it to the Semi’s.  Rick, Kevin, Sung, and me.  TJ lost earlier to John, and John lost to Sung.




Me VS Rick


I wanted to play Kevin, but I got to play Rick.  No offense to him, but beating him is easy.  His deck is kinda all out there, and he changes it every week.  This week’s special: exodia deck, with a buncha cards that don’t really support exodia.  I beat him no problem both duels.  Like I said, beating him is easy. 


WIN: (8000-0) (5600-0)




Me VS Sung


I’ve never played Sung before, but I’ve seen him play a ton of times.  I didn’t really see him as a threat.  I felt that my deck was too strong to lose to him.  The first duel I won with my favorite little combo-Hayabusa w/Axe of Despair.  Took me 3 turns to take him down after getting my knight out.  The second duel I got 2 Magician of Faith, 2 La Jinn, Wall of Illusion, and Man-Eater Bug in my first hand.  And for my deck, that sucks-NO magic/traps = I lose.  He took me out in about 6 turns with his Barrel Dragon since I had no M/T’s to support my monsters.  3rd and final duel to decide the 1st place winner.  I played my Cyber Jar and destroyed his Barrel Dragon and got out La Jinn and Haybusa.  He had one card in defense mode.  I used change of heart on the down card, reborned my Jinzo, then used Premature Burial on Goblin Attack Force and attacked for the win.  GO ME!






Oh yeah here’s my deck, I put it in the end cuz reading through a person’s deck in the beginning is just down right boring!




1 Witch of the Black Forest

2 Hayabusa Knight

2 Magician of Faith

2 Summoned Skull

2 La Jinn

1 Cyber Jar

2 Wall of Illusion

2 7 Colored Fish

1 Sangan

2 Man Eater Bug

1 Jinzo

2 Goblin Attack Force




1 Raigeki

1 Axe of Despair

1 Monster Reborn

2 Heavy Storm

1 Dark Hole

1 Pot of Greed

1 Change of Heart

1 Card Destruction

2 Heavy Storm

1 Snatch Steal

1 Premature Burial




1 Magic Drain

1 Mirror Force

2 Trap hole

1 Imperial Order

1 Call of the Haunted

2 Robbin’ Goblin (I keep thinking to take this out cuz when you’re in a jam its worthless, but when you use it in the right way you can become unstoppable real quick. I am thinking of taking one out for a trap hole, but what should I put in for the other one?)


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