Wrom: Chaz, chaz842@aol.com

Subject: Tournament Report
Location: Frontline Comikz
Fee: $15
Participants: 40

Clown Control Deck...

Dream Clown--3
Crass Clown--3
Giant Soldier of Stone--2
White Magical Hat--2
Hayabusa Knight--2
Magician of Faith--2
Cyber Jar--1

Axe of Despair--2
Mystical Space Typhoon--2
Messenger of Peace--2
Dark Hole--1
Pot of Greed--1
Monster Reborn--1
Premature Burial--1
Change of Heart--1

Gravity Bind--3
Call of the Haunted--1 ( CotH )
Magic Jammer--2
Imperial Order--1
Mirror Force--1

Hey all. This is my 15th tourney, and my 5th report. Wel as you can see this is a control deck with Crass and Dream Clown nd Gravity Bind. Well, I used to run a Barrel Dragon Beatdown, but I decided to with the Control Deck instead of the Burner for this week. I came with my cuz and my friend Terrence. Oh, my uncle forgot to print out LP sheet so LP counts.
1st: 1 MRD box and $25
2nd: 1 MRD box and $20
3rd: 1/2 MRD box and $15
4th: 5 MRD packs and $10
5th: 3 MRD packs and $5
Everyone: MRD pack for entering
This week the prizes wearn't that great, but my uncle's shipment didn't come in so whatev.  This was a  5 round, best single elimination, losers go to loser bracket.

Round 1: Me vs. Ken ( Burner )

40 people left.

I had a good hand with 2 Crass Clowns, 2 Axe's and Hayabusa Knight. He won the toss and elected to go first. He layed a Cannon Soldier down and discarded a card from his hand to use the effect. My turn, I lay Crass Clown in def and end my turn. He tributes his Cannon Soldier for Jinzo, but doesn't atk, that move cost him the duel. I flipped Crass Clown to atk mode and sent Jinzo back to his hand. Then I layed Hayabusa night with both Axe's and atk his LP's for 6000 damage. He couldn't get anymore monsters and I won next turn.

Round 2: Me vs. AJ ( Beatdown )

20 people left.

I was kinda nervous cause he is really good and I wasn't used to my Clown Deck yet. He went first and layed a Harpie's Bro and 2 M/T's. My turn I play Hayabusa Knight with a Axe and destroy his Harpie's Bro and his Lp's doing 1200 damage. His turn he plays Raigeki and lays a GAF to atk my LP's. I draw a White Magical Hat, and equip it with an Axe and destroy his GAF, and I discard a card from his hand, which turned out to be Jinzo. Next turn he plays another GAF and destroys White Magical Hat, but I activate Gravity Bind and he can't atk for the rest of the duel, I win.

Round 3: Me vs. Caraun

10 people left.

This was gonna be easy. He runs a Weenie Beatdown with La Jinns, 7 Colored Fishes, and Mechanicalchasers. I go first and lay  Crass Clown in def and set Gravity Bind.  He lays a card in def and ends his turn. I flip Crass Clown to atk and send it back to his hand and atk his LP's with Crass Clown. He lays a Mechanicalchaser and destroys my Crass Clown, but I activate Gravity bind and he can't atk. I draw an Axe and equip it to Hayabusa Knight and destroy his Chaser and atk his LP's. He uses Raigeki, but I Magic Jammer it. I just take out his LP's with Hayabusa Knight the rest of the duel.

Round 4: Bye

5 people left.

Because of the odd number of people someone had to get a bye, it was me. So I took the liberty of the bye to buy me a pack of PSV and I got a Mirror Wall.

Round 5: Bye again... dammit

3 people left.

Damn dice man. It seems I always get a bye, but that means I'm automatically in the finals so dats cool.

Finals. Me vs. Stephen

Ok, now I'm nervous. This is the owners son. He has like every card you can think of.  I win and let him go first. He lays a GAF and 3 M/T's. It's my turn, I draw PoG. I use it and get Change of Heart and Gravity Bind. I lay Sangan in def and end my turn. He atks with GAF and I use Gravity Bind so he can't atk anymore and I take Hayabusa Knight out of my deck and equip it with an Axe and destroy his GAF and LP's doing 4000 damage. Next turn he Raigeki's my Hayabusa Knight, and 7 Tools my Gravity Bind, and tributes his Mechanicalchaser for Jinzo and atk my LP's doing 2400 damage. I draw... Raigeki, then lay Crass Clown in def and end my turn. He just lays a Gearfried in atk. Next turn I Raigeki his monsters and flip Crass Clown to atk, equip it with an Axe and atk his LP's. He lays a GAF and atks my Crass Clown, but I Mirror Force it and atk with Crass Clown for the win.

All in all it was a fun tourney. I got a Barrel Dragon, Time Wizard and a Tribute to the Doomed in the 6 packs I've opened so far. With the $25 I bought 3 Shadow Ghouls ( for my new Shadow Ghoul Deck ) another Axe of Despair and a Dr. Pepper.

To the Clowns
To Someguy for the idea of this deck... thanks dude
To my mom for driving me
To my uncle the store owner for not making the first 10 people there pay the fee
To Subway
To Stephen for giving me my only challenge in the finals

To the @$$ who stole my Right Arm of Exodia The Forbidden One, little does he know that a kid saw him take it and he got banned from the store
To the kid that saw him take it... IOU
To Terrence, he bought 4 PSV packs from 4 different boxes and got the same cards as his rares... Mad-Sword Beast