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Clown Crisis
Gamers Haven
January 26, 2003

Clown Crisis (CC)    -SAKUDA

First I want to thank someguy for posting this deck. Mine is slightly different but its based on his deck almost exactly  Second I just wanted to say I’m finally playing again after a laundry accident that totaled almost all my cards pissing me off and making me quit for a while but I’m back. I went to a tourney it had like 20+ kids in the tourney and it was January 26 2003 SUPER BOWL SUNDAY.

Buccs are #1    

-Monster- 19
3 – Dream Clown                 
3 – Crass Clown                   
2 – Giant Soldier of Stone
2 – White Magical Hat

2 – Hayabusa Knight

2 – Sangan

2 – Magician of Faith

1 – Goddess of Whim  

1 – Cyber Jar
1 –  Cannon Soldier

-Magic- 15
2 – Axe of Despair

2 – Nobleman of Extermination

2 – Prohibition

2 – Messenger of Peace

1 – Dark Hole

1 – Card Destruction

1 – Monster Reborn
1 – Change of Heart

1 – Premature Burial
1 – Confiscation
1 – Snatch Steal

-Trap- 6
1 – Call of the Haunted
3 – Gravity Bind

1 – Imperial Order

1 – Ceasefire

-Side Deck- 15
1 – Witch of the Black Forest

2 – Giant Rats

1 – Pot of Greed

1 – Dark Piercing Light

1 – Soul Release

2 – Mask of Darkness

1 – Skull Invitation
1 – Prohibition

2 – Princess of Tsurugi
2 – Ultimate Offering

1 – Cannon Soldier

I will explain what happened in the tourney but not in complete detail just the important parts. My info on contact is on the bottom I like helping out people so if u have any questions email me DO NOT IM me  

First match
Clown Crisis vs. Burner

Well this is an intresting match I side decked goddess of whim for a second cannon soldier and a White magical Hat for Witch of the Black Forest and card destruction for pot of greed.

He hit with tremendous fire and got jinzo out wicked early I had used messenger of peace and had Crass Clown place Jinzo Back in his hand a few turns later I use prohibition to stop him from using jinzo (I should have kept card destruction) I then attack his LP doing 1350 I was able to get dream clown out my next turn and destroyed his monster. I kept either placing a monster in his hand or destroying it and doing damage. When he had around 2900 lp left or so I had about 5000 I had messenger of peace, prohibition and imperial order cannon soldier and sangan with a axe equipped to it and a crass clown on the field I put his la jinn in his hand then attacked with sangan doing 2000 then sacrificed him to do 500 damage and got a dream clown out of my deck and finished him by sacrificing crass clown (could attack w/gravity bind on field) and then got .  The second I won also. This match I won with dream clown being returned from the dead w/call of the haunted destroying his princess of Tsuguri and attacking twice with hayabusa knight equipped with an axe.

Second Match
Clown Crisis vs. Another Clown Control Based Deck

(What I did was made the same side deck changes but put 2 ultimate offering in also instead of a gravity bind he used gravity bind also so I took one out and change of heart so I could get more lvl 3s out than him.)

After a few turns I competly destroyed him what I did was activate ultimate offering on his turn summoning giant soldier of stone in defence and summoned my dream clown from the grave using call of the haunted then on my turn destroying his clown and summoning sangan and magician of faith I finished off most of his lp I then used cannon soldier to destroy my monsters in order to beat him. Next match he didn’t draw any monsters and I just finished him off with haybusa knight equipped with an axe in a couple  turns.

(I put my regular deck back together exept cannon soldier for Crass Clown and witch of the black forest for change of heart and soul exchange for snatch steal)  

Third Match
Clown Crisis vs. Exodia the Forbidden One

Wow this was a close one he pulled Exodia in like three turns and now I’m behind by one game how in the world did this happen he pulled 3 pieces of exodia in his first hand then used sangan and then got exodia while drawing I barely touched his lp. Next Game I used card destruction to get exodia out of his hand then soul exchange eventually then I just let my Dream clown and White magical hat and Goddess of whim take care of everything. Second match he had 3 pieces of exodia in his hand I used confiscation and destroyed on piece then I just had my haybusa knight and cannon soldier take care of him.

(put all my regular cards back into my deck)

Fourth Match
Clown Crisis vs. Beatdown Deck

This was pretty easy considering all the monsters he used were lvl 4 or higher and most of his magic was equipment or hand destruction. Once I got gravity bind, imperial order and 2 dream clowns out I just finished him off with ease. Next match I just used sangan with an axe and crass clown w/the help of messenger of peace and dream clown to beat him toward the end of the match I used hayabusa knight (equipped with an axe) and goddess of whim to beat his monsters and drain his lp.

Final Bout
Clown Crisis vs. another Burner Deck

This kid got a buy into this round and I didn’t think he would have made it this far without it. (I used my regular deck for this one. The only side deck change was crass clown for cannon soldier.)

This was the toughest duel of the day. There were so many key plays in the whole match he kept countering my cards with 7 tools of the bandit and solmn judgement and I was just trying to survive I finally caught a break I used prohibition to sop him from using his 7 tools and then I used change of heart and cannon sodier to kill jinzo. When that happened I was able to activate messenger of peace after a few turns I had messenger of faith on the field and haybusa knight (with a axe equipped) on the field with cannon soldier he had harpys brother and la jinn I sacrificed magician of faith (500 lp to his lp) using her effect getting change of heart and using it to get control of la jinn sacrificing him that’s another 500 to his lp then hayabusa knight attacked his harpys brother doing 200 lp damage to him then haybusa knight attacked his lp directly and I won. The next match I won easily because of prohibition (I got on like my 4th turn and 2nd turn) his 7 tools and jinzo quickly and I got dream clown and crass clown on first draw along with dark hole and messenger of peace and card destruction so in like 10 turns I won.

someguy for the great deck idea
The kid who gave me a challenge in the final bout
and my new found friends (dream, crass clown and
cannon soldier)

Goddess of Whim failed me for the first time in a while
The jerk hole washing machine

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