Location: Frontline Comikz
Participants: 22
Fee: $15


Barrel Dragon[3]
Time Wizard[1]
Goblin Attack Force[3] ( GAF )
Magician of Faith[2] ( MoF )
Witch of the Black Forest[1] ( WotBF )
Man-Eater Bug[3] ( MEB )
Beast of Talwar[3] ( BoT, I like this card better than SS )


Heavy Storm[1]
Axe of Despair[3]
Mystical Space Typhoon[1] ( MST )
Pot of Greed[1] ( PoG )
Change of Heart[1] ( CoH )
Dark Hole[1]
Nobleman of Extermination[1] ( NoE )
Nobleman of Crossout[1] ( NoC )
Tribute to the Doomed[1] ( TttD )
Swords of Revealing Light[1] ( SoRL )


7 Tools of the Bandit[3]
Call of the Haunted[1] ( CotH )
Magic Jammer[3]

Hey peoples. This is my 10th tourney and my 4th report. Last week I took 2nd. I lost to some deck that was well put together. I did pretty well. Next week I'm gonna use my new Defensive Burner Deck. And I'd like to say thanks to the people who e-mailed me about my mistake, where I only tibuted 1 monster for Barrel Dragon, my bad. Thanks guys. I guess I was thinking about other things... Oh, and this was a 1 loss tourney, you lose, your out unless you get past the 3rd round. Onto the prizes:

1st: 2 PSV booster boxes and any card in the store.
2nd: 1 PSV booster box and Relinquished, Black illusion Ritual combo
3rd: 1/2 PSV booster box and Barrel Dragon
4th: 5 PSV booster packs and Maha Vailo, Axe of Despair Combo
5th: 3 PSV booster packs and Goblin Attack Force

Round 1: Me vs. Keenan
I've never seen this kid before. He must be new or something. I quickly learned he tried to copy Pagasus's deck, and he almost had it perfect.  All I remember is that I crushed him with Barrel Dragon and Time Wizard. I was kinda scared at the end cause he had me low LP at 200, but I won.

Round 2: Me vs. Nick
Nick runs a Maha Vailo deck. Alot of people around here run Maha decks for some odd reason. I almost lost this duel cause he had Maha with 3 Axe's and 2 Malovent Nuzzler's. He had me down to 100 LP, but I drew TttD and discarded MEB to destroy his Maha, then I layed GAF and atk his LP's for the win.

Round 3: Me vs. Cordell
This kid runs a weird deck. He has 3 Labryinth Wall and 3 Millenium Shields. Then he'll put a Ring of Magnetism on them and usually win. He also has 3 Shield and Swords ( maybe its Sword and Shields ) Well this duel was 1 sided til' the end. He had a Ring on Millenium Shield and all I could do is not atk. Then I tributed Mechanicalchaser and GAF for Barrel Dragon and got 2 heads and destroyed his Shield and left his LP wide open and just took him out from there.

Round 4: [Semi's] Me vs. Jay
I dunno how this kid got past the first 3 rounds. He has a Kaiba starter deck... [ im serious ] He started out with Lord of D, Flute combo and got out Blue Eyes and Kumori Dragon. I'm not gonna go into details cause I couldnt get any non tribte monsters out and I lost... to a starter deck. [ im in therapy right now, jk ]

Round 4: [ for 5th place ]  Me vs. AJ
He is one of my friends and he's trying out his new burner deck. He is good, but I can beat him. He had 3 Cannon Soldier's on the field, and was chipping away my LP's 1 by 1. I drew Time Wizard and called right. His mons were destroyed and his field was wide open. I got GAF a turn later and atk for the win.

I got my packs and GAF which I traded for a polymerization to some kid.  I got no good cards in my packs. [ Red moon baby, Mad sword beats and shallow grave ]

Jay for winning the tourney with a Starter deck... sad huh?
I bought a LOB pack and got Dark Magician