Subject: Barrel Dragon deck YU8048360
Store: The Treasure Stop
Entry Fee: $5
City/State: Washington PA
Number of Contestints: 26 I think
Deck Name: Barrel Dragon Madness Crush
Everyone got a TP2 pack after they lose, 1st place got I think 3 packs of choice or TP2 I dunno 2nd got, I can't remember. Time for my deck.
my deck 41 cards
Tribute monsters 3
Barrel Dragon
Beast of Talwar
non effect monsters 7
Two Headed King Rex [popular here]
La Ginn x3
Harpies Brother x2
7 Colored Fish
effect monsters 10
Jiria Gumo
Nimble Momonga x3
Gearfried the Iron Knight
Dark Elf
Magic 12
The Forceful Sentry
Monster Reborn
Snatch Steal
Fairy Meteor Crush [FMC]
Eternal Rest [Maha Vailo is popular at PA]
Horn of the Unicorn
Rush Recklessly
Trap 9
Seven Tools of the Bandit
Spellbinding Circle
Ceasefire [effect monsters are also very popular]
Imperial Order
Call of the Haunted
Solemn Judgment
Mirror Wall [I don't have Mirror Force]
Trap Hole
Dust Tornado [combo with MST]
Before the tournament, I went to the store to sign up early to practice and trade. I dueled this guy to warm up, he had cards from starters and some commons, I beat him 3 in a row, he wanted rematches so I gave him rematches and then the tourney began.
Round one YU8048360 vs Chad [defence deck]
I went first and played Confiscation on his DM, and put La Ginn in ATK mode, he played a monster in defence. I put Dark Elf in ATK mode and attacked with La Ginn, he had a Mystical Elf! Then He Layed Another Defence Monster, I attacked with La Ginn again and his monster was Aqua Madoor!  I Had to get a powerful monster out, and I drew Barrel Dragon!  I Fliped 2 heads and 1 tails!  I destroyed Aqua Madoor and attacked Mystical Elf, he set a monster, I summoned Harpies Bro and attacked with barrel dragon, I forget the rest but I won both duels.
Round two YU8048360 vs Todd [I dont know what deck he had maybe tribute deck]
He had too many tribute monsters and I creamed him in both duels.
Round three YU8048360 vs Forget his name!! [sorry]
I saw him play before and he creamed one of the best duelists there!  I have to vs him, and at the end I was glad I played him.  He started by laying a defence monster and a card face down, I think I defended too, he activated Solemn Wishes and summoned Jinzo, he eventualy beat me. next duel was the best one I played, I beat him!! I slapped down prohibition and I prohibited Jinzo, and beat him. Next duel he beat me, I forget what happened.
for Barrel Dragon
for getting that far
for beating the guy at least once
for getting junk in my TP2 pack