Subject: relinquished deck sdig great escape games sacramento ca
                                                great escape games
                                                relinquished deck            
                                                samir benoaur
                                                sacramento calif.
42 people came
 my deck is a good one:
total 46 cards= a liitle high
monsters 21:
1 man eater
3 giant soldier of stone
3 haybusa knights
1 cyber jar
3 armored zombie
3 dragon zombies
1 wobf
1 mof
1 sangan (sometimes 2)
1 jinzo
3 relinquished
magic 12:
1 coh
1 mystical space typhoon
1 snatch steal
1 pog
1 heavy storm
1 sorl
1 monster reborn
1 nobleman of c
3 black illusion ritual
traps 13:
1 ceasefire
1 waboku
3 magic drain (or 2 md and 1 magic jammer)
1 mirror force
1 seven tools
1 dust tornado
1 imperial order
1 call of the haunted
3 gravity bind
round 1: me vs justin 
now justin beat me real bad in my first tounoment about two months ago so this was revenge and oh boy did i get it. he and i didnt go at for more than ten minuets and i had beaten him. so first round wasnt very hard cause i got really good really fast.
round 2: me vs. a kid who hist hard and fast but makes way to many mistakes
this kid was good he got emreal low real quich but had no trap removal so gravity bind won. second duel i hit him with raigeki heavy storm haybusa with one axe and a black pendant then a jinzo with a black pendant and hit him for 7900 and the black pendants did the rest.
round 3 me vs. exodia anthony
this kid is real good for 11 years old but his deck has too many flaws and the first game was long and grueling he finnally gave us when i got all five pieces and both bakcup soldiers in the grave yard. the second game was quick and i slaughtered
round 4: me vs. zolar sorry if i spelt completely wrong
i had no troubl he got a maha with and axe and then i snatch stole and raigekied to kill him
second game was even quicker i cant remeber what happened 
round 5: i got smashed this guy was awsome i got jinzo out and arelinquishe with a gearfriend and just go his relinquished and jinzo then raigekied and that was game the other one was the same 
props getting third 
shutting down exodia 
jordan for giving me a chance for revenge 
no packs for third 
losing so quickly 
pulling nothing in my tournoment booster