- Matrix
blacklabel, blacklabeldecks8@yahoo.com
outpost gamers inc. 
entry fee: $5
participants: 30
1st: booster box
2nd: 10 packs
3rd: 5 packs
booster pack of choice for entering
== Tribute Monsters ==
1 Barrel Dragon
1 Jinzo
== Non-tribute Monsters ==
3 Goblin Attack Force
3 Harpie's Brother
2 Invader of the Throne
2 Magician of Faith
2 Hayabusa Knight
2 Dark Elf
2 Wall of Illusion
1 Witch of the Black Forest
1 Cyber Jar
== Magic ==
3 Fissure
2 Mystical Space Typhoon
1 Axe of Despair
1 Premature Burial
1 Raigeki
1 Change of Heart
1 Fairy Meteor Crush
1 Pot of Greed 
1 Monster Reborn
1 Swords of Revealing Light
1 Delinquent Duo
1 Snatch Steal
1 Dark Hole
== Trap ==
1 Graverobber
1 Call of the Haunted
1 Mirror Force
1 Trap Hole
Hey! This is I think my 2nd report on pojo.com in the last month or so. 
I didn't even get past the second round last week, but I knew I was 
gonna win it this week. I really want that booster box, I could buy 
one, but Idon't wanna spend $75 on a PSV box, when I can get it for 
free. I am gonna use my "Matrix" deck, which as you can see is a beatdown. 
I don't have many traps in this deck because I have a Jinzo, and I don't 
wanna overload my deck with cards I can't use when he is on the field. 
This deck is a even 40 cards, ya' gotta keep your deck in shape dude, 
you may be lookin' at Graverobber and ask why ? Ima tell ya' why. This 
is probably the coolest art in the game, up there with Beast of Talwar 
and Barrel Dragon, and it could turn the tide of a game with me taking 
my opponents Raigeki or Axe of Despair to deliver a final blow. This 
tourney was gonna be single elimination, because Dave, the owner had 
to cathc a flight to Hawaii with is wife for thier 15th anniversary. 
* applause *
I got to Outpost at about 11:30 and the tourney started at 12:00. I 
made a few trades. I traded my extra Premature Burial for a LOB 
Red-Eyes Black Dragon, and I traded my other Barrel Dragon or an 
Axe of Despair and Snatch Steal. I was happy about that last trade... 
I practice dueled my friend Dean and won 3 times in a row. About 
10 before the tourney started, Dave the store owner passed out our 
packs for entering. I chose an LOB pack and gave it to my little 
brother, who was there. He pulled Exodia the Forbidden One! Man. 
Since he doesn't run Exodia, I told him he should sell it to the store. 
He traded it in for a Jinzo and a Call of the Haunted. He is 11, so he 
was pretty happy.
Round 1: Me vs. Caron ( Beatdown )
Caron has really good cards, but he just isn't with it. He doesn't think 
before he makes a move and is new to the Advanced Bracket at Outpost. He 
won the toss and told me to go first. I layed an Invader of the Throne 
in defense and set Mirror Force. He played an Ultimate Offering and layed 
4 monsters down and 1 M/T. I flipped my Invader and took his Goblin Attack 
Force and attacked his face-down Man-Eater Bug. Then attacked with Invader 
of the Throne to his face-down Wall of Illusion. He then tried to attack with 
Harpie's Brother, but I mirror Forced it and destroyed Haprie's Brother and 
Goblin Attack Force. He had no monsters on the field and I layed a Hayabusa 
Knight with an Axe and attacked his life point's and did 4000 damage. He 
didn't get a monster out and I won next turn.
( 1-0 )
Round 2: Bye
I don't like bye's because I think it is a cheap way to advance, but 
I don't have to face my brother, cause he lost this round. I also bought 
some new metallic blue card sleeves. I sat down in one of the computer 
chairs and put my cards in my new sleeves. I dropped one of my sleeves 
and leaned over to pick it up and saw a piece of Exodia. Wow! I knew it 
wasn't anyone's here, because only one person runs Exodia and he would 
have been friggin' bauling if he lost a piece of Exodia. So I put it in 
my trading binder.
Round 3: Me vs Dan ( Gravity Bind )
I wasn't really worried about this one because I also have a Gravity 
Bind deck, but am using a beatdown this week. He goes first and lays a 
Hayabusa Knight and 1 M/T. I lay a Harpie's Brother and destroy Hayabusa 
Knight, but he activates Gravity Bind. I would have been worried, but I 
drew a MST and destroyed his only Gravity Bind. Yeah, a Gravity Bind deck 
with one Gravity Bind, go figure. I got out my Barrel Dragon out two turns 
later and just murdered his monster left and right. I won again.
Round 4: Me vs. Lee ( Clown Control ) Finals
There should have been another round, but the other kid came with his 
friend, and his friend had to go, so the kid had to too, because or else he 
wouldn't have a ride. When I found out he ran a Clown Control Deck, I had to 
laugh. I know Clown Deck can be unstoppable, but it wasa complete rip-off of 
Someguy's Clown Deck. I dunno how this kid got to the finals, he really didn't 
know how to use his deck, since he didn't create it. I got my Barrel Dragon out 
on my third turn. He got his Gravity Bind out. I had my Jinzo in my hand, so I 
tributed my only monster on the field, Barrel Dragon, for Jinzo, negated his 
Gravity Bind, attacked his open field and won.
Wow! I won! I was totally stoked! I got my booster box, and chose a PSV box. 
I got 9 foils! 1 Secret Rare, 4 Ultra-rares, and 4 Super rares. I was really 
stoked. I went snowboarding after and broke my wrist. That really bites. Oh, well. 
Now my mom has to do my homework since I can't write. 
-me for winning
-my awesome pulls
-my new blue card sleeves
-my mom for taking me
-Subway not being open in the mall
-my bro for losing so early
-my kids with 100+ card decks
-people who bash other peoples decks, or bash cards. I can put any card in my 
deck if I want, It's my choice not yours. 
Praise, Hate, wanna talk Yu-Gi-Oh! or snowboarding? E-mail me at blacklabeldecks8@yahoo.com
P.S. don't bash my deck or anyone elses, cause your probably a loser anyways...

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