Subject: Yu-Gi-Oh Tournament Report/HeavyTrapDeck,Jonathan,GothamComics,Harlingen,Texas
Heavy Trap Deck! By: Jonathan De La Garza
Gotham Comics, Harlingen,Texas(South Texas) 02/23/02
Number of Players:21(usually 32 people) No Japanese Cards
Our tourney start at 5000 life points 1 match so that we play 8 matches and the best record wins. 1st - 2 Metal Raiders    2nd- 2 Servents   3rd -Black Plastics  (6 Raffling Prizes)
Hi I`m Jonathan and this is my first deck report. Here in South Texas(everthing below San Antonio) there is no real sanctioned
tournements.So one day I talked to this guy named Andy who works at Gotham Comics if I could throw a tournement for the public.
So we did. We charged people 2.50 and we ended up having 24 people come.The second tournement we had 28 people come.And our third
tournement we had 32 people go . everyone comes and plays and they have a good time. This was our Fourth tourney and it was 21 people.
I thought it was pretty small except for one thing-18 of those people have not been to my past tournements. Cool thats 49 people who have
come to the tourneys. Well Andy told me that Gotham will be a sanctioned area in a month so that was pretty cool.

Well let's get started!  P.S. I hate Dark Holes

Heavy Trap Deck (50 Cards)                   
Creatures(24)                 Magic(11)                                       Traps(15)
Dream Clown x1           Remove Trap x1 (must have)                   Fake Trap x1
Nimble Momonga x1     De-Spell x1 (must have)                         Magic Drain x1
Harpie's Brother x3       Monster Reborn x1                                Ceasefire x1
Wall Of Illusion x2        Malevolent Nuzzler x1                            Just Desserts x3
Summoned Skull x3    Sword of the Deep-Seated x1                 Trap Hole x2
Jirai Gumo x1             Heavy Storm x1                                     Wobaku x1
Time Wizard x1           Change of Heart x1                             EnchantedJavelinx1
Mystical Elf x3           Swords of Revealing Light x1                 Grave Robber x1
Spirit of the Harp x2     Giant Turnade x1                                MinorGoblinOfficalx1
Big Eye x2                 Graceful Dice x1                                   Skull Dice x1
Man-Eater Bug x2      Insect Barrier x1                                  DNA Surgery x1
Dark Magician x1                                                                 Magic Jammerx1                          
Mask of Darkness x1
Kuriboh x1

Rd 1 (Me v.s. Juan)
It was a pretty fast duel I started by bringing out Defensive Creatures(Harpies Bro). He did not have a creature his first turn. I put
Man Eater second turn.Then he put his first creature in defense.My turn I flip man eater destroy his only creature and i sack my bug for
Summoned Skull and I add a Sword of Deep Seated i attack him.It ends up at the end he`s open and I kill him with Magician,SS, and Jirai
Gumo Kill him. 
5000-0 (1-0)

Rd 2 (Ramon)
Ouch! I played weak. He hit me and hit me and hit me. Near the end just never died. Then I did.

Rd 3 (Rueben)
It was an even match back and fourth hits . I was whacking him with Harpie`s Bros. I was being attacked hard but my traps like trap holes and
Just desserts ate up his life. I got messed up at the end.
0-(1850) (1-2) So closed but yet so far away.

Rd 4 (Chris)
This kid is cocky. He may be cocky but he`s cool and can back up his words in dueling. I played him two weeks ago and he Beat me. I start
Hardcore on his butt and I use man eater to kill one of his creatures . I sack man eater for SS and him and Big Eye finish the job.
3700-0 (2-2)

Rd 5 (Albert)
AHHHH. This little kid confused me. Evertime he said "Go" I drew a card then he says "I attack with Launcher Spider" on my turn He
also said "You drew a card on my turn ,destory it" So I did. HE did it for 4 turns i lost swords of light, kuriboh,SS, and Desserts.
I finally realized when his older brother Rueben told me His "Go" means "I Attack." I couldnt argue with the kid so I lost.
0-1600 (2-3) I guess little kids have one advantage-CONFUSION-

Rd 6 (Robert)
Robert is from my school and He was a rookie. I play quick and fast. I use Cease Fire on him to do 3000 damage. I finish the rest with a
Dark Magician.

Rd 7 (Stevie)
The little kid or around 11  had a deck full of cards and I looked through it and it had Hayubusa Knights and Quick hitters and power up
I traded him my Goddess of Whim earlier.He also had Maha Vailos and axe of despear. I thought "Hes Playing an Organized deck" it ended
that he did`nt that he didnt know his strategy. I kill him fast
4300-0 (4-3)

I had a bad record so I did`nt win
I won a Servent Pack in the raffle Oh well maybe next week!

-for Ramon,Jeff,and Ernie winning(Good Work Guys)
-For My Brother Getting Toon World
-For me gettingThousand Eyes Restrict and Purple Plastics
-Andy for letting us have the tourney and signing us as the only store in South Texas to start to be a sanctioned tournement area
-For me not winning
-For getting Mirror Wall

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