Deck name: xTrEmE V1
my name: Edsel Laforteza
Location: Signal Hill, California (Toys R' Us)
Date: Febuary 22, 2003
Number of People: About 20 People 
BTW this is my first report so bare with me. next time i will take better notes.


ss X3




la jin X3

7 colored X3

harpie bro X3


man eater bug X3

magicain of faith X3

dark elf X3

cyber jar



fissure X2

heavy storm X2

change of heart

monster reborn

dark hole


pot of greed



trap hole X3

waboku X3

magic drain X2

shadow of eyes X3


monsters: 23

magic/trap: 19

total: 45


Yup this is my deck. BTW this report is about the Duelist League tournament. Lemme give some in-sight on the Duelist League. What it is, is a place where you duel. The person who's in charge of it(upperdeck emplyee) decides how to do that. It could be by juss letting people duel or in a tournament format. For the first week, it was jus letting people duel BUT that's not all. You also get a booklet and has stuff in it. i think they did this with pokemon but not sure. anyways, u can get stamps for these things:


playing in one duel: well i'm sure you know what that means (9 stamps)

teaching a friend: doesn't nessisarily meaning teach your homeboy how to duel. it means that you can help on rulings, and stuff like that(6 stamps)

bringing a friend: uh DUH! (3 stamps)

matching the monster: they show u a pic of a monster and they ask you who ahs that monster. ex: summoned skull pic. this monster belongs to A. Yugi B. Mai. C. Kaiba (stamps)

assisting the duelist leader: helping him set up, help on rulings, etc. (3 stamps)

there are TWO full pages of this. you fill up 1 whole page of stamps and get a promo buster blader or thousand eyes restrict. I forget. u fill up both pages you get the other promo AND if you fill up the WHOLE booklet then you can send it to upperdeck and get a duelist league pin. not bad i guess. well on to the report:


You had to come in a week before to sign up but I got lucky. It was just a LOT of dueling for me. And the BEST part was ALL kids. So that means easy wins. I see a little kid who's like "I SUMMON SUMMONED SKULL AND ATTACK YOUR LP DIRECTLY." He had some weak cards like 1600-1800 attackers. I challenged him to a duel and we went at it.



Me: 6000

Him: 8000: ????: ????: 0000

I didn't even have to try. only took hits from a bunch of dark elfs really.

got a stamp for that. and that's how it went for the REST of the day. i gained 5 more stamps and people are talking about me about how i'm good. ppl tried to get my jinzo and raigeki for trade. i did a 3 on 1 and here's how it went.


3 on 1 duel:

the problem was that my friend was a "wild card" and it went REALLY weird. so it was 1 vs 1 vs 3. i killed 1 person BUT the problem was my dark elfs. took me down to 2600 and a shadow ghoul killed me???  ouch really. and just for that i get 4 stamps for that.

sorry, i don't have anything else but that's how it REALLY went. it was SO many noobs there. i beat everyone in like 3-5 turns. here's some other stuff as well. there are some freshman in high school who think that they were SO kool cuz they had reliquished. but all i did was kick there butt. my ego and mouth was in there to and i talked a LOT of smack. but my dueling backed it up for me. there were kids w/ like a deck w/ anywhere between 50-200 cards. there was NO challenge there accept a friend i brought BUT i ALWAYS duel him. i tried to get sum kid's JMP Blue Eyes for a bunch of stupid rares and a super rare but that didn't work.  oh well. i got some more stamps for helping rulings on enchanted javelin and ultimate offering.(and i though ive seen noobs.) all in a days work i think i did not bad. hell i did GREAT. only 1 whole loss in the WHOLE thing. next week we might get it tournament style so that will be REALLY cool. so i think i did GREAT. i got a rep for a big mouth and a GREAT duelist. now on to pros and cons


for pojo's being TIGHT

for toys r' us holding this

for john about telling me about this

for my dad taking me.

for all the noobs(easy wins)

for the host giving me all these stamps

for all you for reading this


all the noobs

small size

those freshman thinking that there the GREATEST duelist. it wasn't funny when i kicked your butt was it?

the kid w/ the SMP Blue eyes. I just like the art.

for not taking notes, i will next time


If you want to join up then go to the Toys R Us on Saturdays between 9:30-11:30. If your lucky you'll be able to sign up. If you want to duel me look for an asian guy with a opend up polo shirt. i also trade and buy cards. let's talk. if you want to help my deck there's my contact stuff. thanks for the time for reading this and i hope to see you at the next duelist league. latez

contact: emai:

AIM: xtremeffect