Vengance of Sword Hunter

Decatur, IL

Root Beer Comics

Date of Tournament: 2-20-03

People Attended: around 11.

This should be the last tournament report I make this month. This tournament was tougher than the last. I was up last night making lots of adjustments to my deck. I traded and tweaked, and finally came up with a great deck. The people there were tough. Here's my finalized deck.

Monsters: 23


2.Curse of Dragon

3.Twin-Headed Fire Dragon

4.Sword Hunter

5.Dark Magician

6.Blue-Eyes White Dragon

7.Gearfried the Iron Knight

8.La Jinn

9.7 Colored Fish

10.Harpie's Brother

11.Darkfire Soldier #1

12.Darkfire Soldier #2

13.Neo the Magic Swordsman

14.Battle Ox

15.Girochin Kuwagata

16.Invader of the Throne

17.Man-Eater Bug x3

18.Cyber Jar

19.Magician of Faith

20.Island Turtle (Wall)

21.Giant Soldier of Stone (Wall)

Magic: 14


2.Graceful Dice


4.Soul Release

5.Gravekeeper's Servant

6.Burning Land

7.Change of Heart

8.Monster Reborn

9.Monster Recovery

10.Nobleman of Crossout

11.Nobleman of Extermination

12.Dian Keto the Cure Master

13.Malevolent Nuzzler

14.Horn of the Unicorn

Traps: 14


2.Skull Dice

3.Acid Trap Hole


5.Shadow of Eyes

6.Forced Requisition

7.Skull Invitation


9.Trap Hole

10.Major Riot

11.Minor Goblin Official

12.Enchanted Javelin

13.The Eye of Truth

14.Lightforce Sword

Sideboard: 15 cards

1.Upstart Goblin



4.Time Seal

5.Soul Exchange

6.Bombardment Beetle

7.Armed Ninja

8.Goddess of Whim

9.Sword of Deepseated

10.Ground Collapse

11.Just Desserts

12.Bite Shoes

13.Darkness Approaches

14.Jigen Bakudan

15.4-Starred Ladybug of Doom

I had to face off againist only 2 people this time.. Lots of them left. And some just wanted to trade. So here's how this painfully short tournament went.


Rare Hunter X vs. Guy with a so called, ''Turtle Deck."

I won the coinflip. My first hand was Graverobber, Dian Keto, Island Turtle, Jinzo, Prohibition and I drew a MEB. I set Prohibition, then set Island Turtle facedown in defense mode. His turn. He plays a UFO Turtle in attack mode, and attacks my Island Turtle, and he pays for it. He then activates Raigeki. My turn. I used Graverobber, and took it from him. I then used Dian Keto to restore half of the LP I lost. I used Raigeki and got rid of his UFO Turtle. I card I drew was Enchanted Javelin. I set it for now. His turn again. He goes, and plays a Petit Moth in defense mode. My turn. I draw and ended up with Change of Heart. I activate it, sacrafice his Petit Moth and get out Jinzo. I attack his LP directly, then flip up Prohibition and the card I chose was Fissure. So he couldn't get rid of Jinzo. His turn. He says he'll pass this turn. So I go again, I draw Graceful Dice. I use it on Jinzo, get a 6, and attack his LP directly again. He had about 2000 LP left. He went, and used Pot of Greed, and drew a 2 cards. He plays a Jinzo #7, and attacks my LP directly. My turn. I draw and play the Darkfire Soldier #1 I got in my hand, killed Jinzo #7, then attacked his LP directly with Jinzo. I won.

The next duel was pretty easy. He summoned weak monsters, and used lots of strange magic cards. I got out Sword Hunter and beat him down. He was pretty whiney after he lost. Spoiled Sport.


Rare Hunter X vs. Maha beatdown.

This guy built a Maha Vailo deck. He had two of them. Most of his other monsters were pretty weak. Here's how it went. He gets to go first. He plays a Maha Vailo, and equips with Sword of Deepseated. A 2550 to to deal with. goody. My turn. My first hand was Soul Release(Hmm..), Malevolent Nuzzler, La Jinn, Forced Requisition, Skull Dice. And I drew Shift. I played La Jinn, and used Skull Dice on his Maha. I got a 6. I equipped La Jinn with the Malevolent Nuzzler, and took out Maha. I then used Forced Requisition and discarded Shift. He discared a Maha.. Hmm... I grinned, then used Soul Release, and got rid of both his Maha Vailo's. He looked upset then. His turn. He plays a Thousand-Eyes Idol in defense mode. eh? o.o;.. My turn. I draw and get 7 Colored Fish. I play him, and take out the Idol, then attack his LP directly with La Jinn. He was down to about 5500 by then. His turn. He said he passes, there's no monsters he can play. I go, and get Twin-Headed Fire Dragon. I tribute 7 Colored Fish, and attack his LP with La Jinn and Twin-Headed Fire Dragon and won.

The next round was speedy. I got to use my sidedeck. I depleted his LP, and I beat him with Ookazi.


For getting 3 special edition promos as prizes.

For the Promos being the 3 Magnet Warriors. Limited Edition yet!

For not losing. (whew)


To having 2 opponents...

For them both focusing too much on power.

For not getting any tourney packs.. ;_;

For still not getting Fiend Megacyber.. ;_;


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