Name Of Deck:Monster Removal
Name:Jay "The Heat" Robinson
Location of Tournament:Time Warp
City/State:Secacus, New Jersey
# of people in Tournament:16

My Deck Total:48


Blue Eyes White Dragon X2
Barrel Dragon
Buster Blader
Summoned Skull X2
Harpie's Brother X3
La Jinn The Mystical Genie of The Lamp X3
Giant Soldier of Stone X1
Man-Eater Bug X1
Crass Clown X1
Hane-Hane X1
Maha Vailo x1
Lord Of D. X2
7 Colored Fish X1
Muka Muka X1
Dream Clown X1
Wall Of Illusion X1
Witch Of The Black Forest X1


Pot Of Greed X1
Monster Reborn X1
Change Of Heart X1
Tribute To The Doomed X1
Confiscation X1
Heavy Storm X1
Dian Keto The Cure Master X1
Card Destruction X1
Insect Barrier X1
The Flute Of Summoning Dragon X1
Malevolent Nuzzler X1
Dark Hole X1
Soul Exchange x1
Riageki X1
Fissure X1

Magic Jammer X1
Magical Hats X1
Trap Hole X2
DNA Surgery X1
Enchanted Javelin X1
Solemn Wishes X1
Call Of The Haunted X1
Michizure X1

This was the tournament held at Time Warp in Secacus.

1st Round:Monster Removal vs Exodia Finally
1st Match:
       Okay this guy was the best so of course I had to think of a strategy to stop Exodia. I drew and had in my hand Blue Eyes, Lord Of. D., Monster Reborn, La Jinn, and Heavy Storm. This was an okay hand. I played La Jinn and kept it in attack mode and placed my magic and traps down. He played Pot of Greed, drew two cards and had a happy look on his face. He placed a Giant Soldier of Stone and kept it in Defense Mode and placed two cards face down. It was magic and traps. I drew and got Riageki out. I placed it down and played Lord Of Dragon in defensive mode. I knew this was a bad move. My opennent drew and had a happy look again, he played Dark Hole and whispered to another person 3 more. I knew he was talking about Exodia pieces. I had to do something. I drew and got Confiscation and look at his hand. Lucky for me he had 2 Exodia pieces in his hand so I made him throw the Head out. For the rest of the match I dominated. Everyone was shocked. I knew this was luck. I sacrificed for Buster Blader and changed his Aqua Mador that he placed down to a Dragon so my Buster Blader can power up. I dominated him with my hp:2500 his hp:0. It was a good win for me.

2nd Match:
       This time he just used alot of cards to pull out Exodia. He won!!!

3rd Match:
       Like the first I drew a Blue Eyes, but I also had another Blue Eyes in my hand, Lord Of Dragon on the field and The Flute Of Summoning Dragon face down. I've been waiting for this, i did the flute thing and got my two blue eyes out and destroyed his face down defense monster and then attacked his life points with my other blue eyes. It was like this for the whole match and I won.

For the rest of my duels I lost and I found out that this kid borrowed the pieces. I was POed but I dont know why I lost. They had good cards.

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