The Jokers – Kevo Kaiba – World of Books

San Leandro, CA February 23, 2003


3 lord of d                                3 messenger of peace

3 blue eyes                               3 giant turnade

3 tri horn                                  3 soul release

3 wall of illusion                        2 toll

3 magician of faith                  2 magic drain

2 sangan                                   2 shallow grave

2 spear cretin                            3 flute of summoning dragon

2 invader of the throne   1 change of heart

1 la jinn                                    1 pot of greed

1 cyber jar                                1 mirror force

1 black forest witch                1 raigeki

1 mask of darkness


5$ Tournament

4 rounds, 16 people in the Advanced bracket.

Prize: 4 Tournament packs


Round 1: Me (Kevo Kaiba) vs. No One


This round I got a by and didn’t have to play no one. So I tried most of time trying to convince this dude to trade me his mechchaser, didn’t happen cause his cousin is the disgruntled Blake that got beat by three members of Kforce. What a loser!!


Round 2: Me (Kevo Kaiba) vs. Froilan 2-0


This was the first time I played Froilan, I hoped I spelled your name right, but he had heard about the tourney at cow palace and was dead set that he would lose. Well he was right I took him 2-0, but he had a decent beatdown and had me scared when he got his Jinzo out.


Round 3: Me (Kevo Kaiba) vs. Serf (AzNxNeLLy) < ------ that’s his sn, go bother him


Before the duel started he was invited to Kforce, but he slapped my hand away and said, “I rather take off my clothes wit Zeeno’s crew.” Now it was personal and I had never beat him before, so being the hothead that I am, I was gonna turn down his heat and beat him 2-0. I took control over him so quick his matches were still wrapped in the original packaging. He tried to side deck with infinite dismissal, but that just a waste of space for him.


Round 4: Me (Kevo Kaiba) vs. Bandit Keif


Before the duel started he didn’t want to battle so he bribed me with a mechanicalchaser, and gladly conceded the duel.



-to Kforce1, we getting to big you know who you are.

-to the players at World of Books and Collectors Corner



-to Konami for making the magnet warriors video game promos


            Kevo Kaiba