Retro Beatdown pt 2

World of Books, San Leandro, CA


16 person official tournament

first prize 4 packs tourny, everyone who enters one gets one pack, 5 dollar entry, 6 if you think you got what it takes to make it to the finals and claim those 4 extra

Monsters: 21

La jinn x3

7 color fish x3

Harpy Brother x3

Summoned Skull x2

Man eater bug x3


Witch of the black forest

Cyber Jar

Magician of Faith x2

Mask of Darkness

Dark Elf

M/T: 21

Change of Heart


Monster reborn

dark hole

swords of revealing light

mirror force

snatch steal

fissure x2

waboku x2

trap hole x2

imperial order

magic jammer x2

solemn judgement

heavy storm x2

Magic Drain x2

Nice cloudy day, should've known better than to be tricked by the weather. It was sunny when I stepped out, but it turned ugly after 2 hours apparently RA the sun God didn't feel like coming out...First thing KF1 did was sign up, then we headed to the chinese place and ordered some beef and brocoli, man was that greasy...headed back soon after...

Retro beat vs. Magic heavy staller? (Phil)

One of the people on my "list" you know, the list that people go on when they cross me...anyways, we begin the duel and without any face down removal I told my La jinns and Harpy brothers to swing blindly at his face down monsters. It paid off, because I only ran into 2 bugs or so. The rest was history, barely any trap holes or removal. I stole his goblin attack force and smashed him with a army of 1800s. Next round, <pish> , same thing, only strategy here was to have 2 monsters on the field at all times and have cards in hand. Had 5 cards in hand plus 2 monsters. I used neanderthal brute like strength to kill. HULK ANGRY, ME SMASH, ME ATTACK WITH DARK ELF CRAZY MAN!!! Side note: during the second match when I played waboku to stop a attack, he goes "owww freakin splinter" apparently my waboku hurt him and affected his dueling abilities although he claims it was the splinter...go figure 1-0

Break...I take 10 min to shuffle my deck around. I wait for the next duel. Would it be Brandon with the clown deck or blake with the equip beatdowns? I had 4 cards with their names on it. If Brandown would win I would put in Giant Trunade and Ceasefire. However, if Blake were to win I would put in an extra solemn and another Drain. Result, Blake won with massive equips.

Retro beat vs. Equip beat (Blake)

I played him before, but that was when he was in the intermediate league. Back in the days when I was running my defense deck he slammed hard into my walls. Today HULK ANGRY, HULK SUH-MASH!!! I open up with a magnificent combo of the age old snatch steal and tribute for summoned skull, reborn goblin attack, POW! WHACK! ZING! 2 more turns and we go on to the next match. Match 2 he thinks he figures me out when I use lots of traps on him. I attack his facedown card which I said out loud is probably a witch and even before he looks at it, my millenium ring senses that he is getting a jinzo and lo and behold he is shocked that I predicted everything. He gets a cyber Jar to try and throw me off. With the strategy of Bandit Keif, I manage to have 9 cards in my hand, with so many options I CAN'T LOSE!!! No matter, with the power of my millenium ring I take him to the shadow realm and his mortal mind is no match for lies beyond. 2-0

Intermission...I look for my next opponent, Donald, crushed him the week before 1,2,3...did his mind toughen up enough to challenge me this week in the shadow realm?!

Retro beat vs. ??? (Donald)

Didn't see his deck, but read his pojo report. Very interesting because it had a combination of stuff, but I knew my main concern had to be the cannon soldiers. I ran into problems the first duel when he brought out his barrel dragon, I couldn't get rid of it and he clears my field and slowly runs me over with it. He gets the first, and I shuffle my deck thoroughly. Match 2 didn't take long. I brought imperial order to the field and upkept it for atleast 6 turns and within those 6 turns he got creamed. I had in my hand the whole time only traps and monsters. I kept him from using soul exchange and bringing out Jinzo. By this time everyone crowds around the table because you know the duel is good when people go to three. With final-like atmosphere I was over confident like always. Epic duel, because it went down to the wire. I am at 5500 and he is at 3000 give or take some. I monster reborn his Jinzo, he jams it, I solemn. I am at 2750 and he is at approx 3k. I take his jinzo and run over a faith and attack with my harpy bro. he is at 1200. Then the unbelivable happens. He change of hearts to get back the jinzo, that much I suspected and I could take the damage plus another hit, but what is this?! He Limiter removes his jinzo...that punk REDLINED ME!!! 4800-1800=3000 = me destroyed in my own realm...damn...2-1

You beat me this week Donald, eventhough I am consumed by the darkness don't forget, " I AM THE DARKNESS!!! I will be back to have my revenge..."

Last word: Michi-serf nobody, and the Rock means NOBODY turns their back on KforceOne, we got people begging to be in it, you should be honored, but noooo you had to take our "judgement hand" and slap us with it huh?! we see how it is...a-Ha a-Ha a-Ha you not a winnah a-Ha a-Ha! just playing man you know it's all fun and games...

Holla at: KForceOne Members, the "elites" at World of Books, and Thanks to "Grandpa" for hooking it up with the nobleman of crossout hahaha, hey Jacob you found the place that is next to nations!

Better check yourself: All the haters sending hate mail to my homeboy KevoKaiba, why don't you guys just go to your mamas and whine "OH BOO HOO CLOWN DECKS SUCK BECAUSE I DON'T HAVE ONE WAAAAA WAA" OH SHUT UP! Have some dignity for crying out loud!

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