Japanese Maha Beatdown
Joseph Abad Jr.
Jelly's the Original
Aiea, Hawaii
2/23/03 Around 2-3:00 P.M.
8 Contestants
Entrance Fee: $5.00
Prize: 1st - $15.00 Gift Gift Certificate 2nd - $10.00 Gift Certificate 3rd - $5.00 Gift Certificate.
Japanese Tournament (Non-Sanctioned, Japanese and Hybrid decks)
Monsters: 17
1xChaos Magician
Light/Magic User/6/2400/1900
Negate Monster effects that target a single Monster that target
this card. **NOTE** Its actually negate 1 monster effect once during your turn.
1xAndroid Psycho Shocker (Jinzo)
1xDemon Summon (Summoned Skull)
3xMaha Vailo
3xTurner of the Dead: Kaiku (Kycoo: The Ghost Destroyer)
Dark/Magic User/4/1800/700
Effect: When this Monster does Battle Damage to your opponent,
remove up to 2 monsters in your opponent's Cemetery from the
game. Also, while this card is on the Field, your opponent
cannot remove Monsters in his or her Cemetery from the game.
2xToon Gemini Elves
Earth/Magic User/4/1900/900
Effect: This Monster cannot attack the turn it is Summoned. If
your [Toon World] is destroyed, so is this card. If you have a
[Toon World] on the Field and your opponent controls no Toon
Monsters, this card may attack your opponent directly. If this
Monster does damage to your opponent, he or she discards 1 card
from his or her hand at random.
1xMagic Warrior - Breaker
Dark/Magic User/4/1600/1000
When this card is Summoned, put 1 Magic Counter on this card (to
maximum of 1). For each Magic Counter on this card, increase
this card's attack strength by 300. Also, you may remove 1 Magic
Counter from this card to destroy 1 Magic or Trap card on the
1xBlack Forest Witch (Witch of the Black Forest)
1xSaint Magician (Magician of Faith)
1xCyber Pod (Cyber Jar)
1xFiber Pod
Effect: Reverse: Each player shuffles his cards on the Field,
hand and Cemetery into his or her deck, then draws 5 cards.
1xYatagarasu ("Eight Giant Crows")
Air/Demon - Spirit/2/200/100
Effect: This card cannot be Special Summoned. Return this card
to its owner's hand during the End Phase of a turn in which it is
Summoned or Reversed. If this Monster does damage to your
opponent, he or she skips his or her next Draw Phase.

Magic: 19
1xThunder Bolt (Raigeki)
1xRaise Dead (Monster Reborn)
1xEarly Burial (Premature Burial)
1xChange of Heart
1xSealing Swords of Light (Swords of Revealing Light)
1xJar of Greed (Pot of Greed)
1xAngel's Gift (Graceful Charity
Type: Normal Magic Card
Effect: Draw 3 cards from your deck, then discard 2 cards from
your hand.
1xTempest (Heavy Storm)
1xHarpie's Feather Sweep (Harpie's Feather Duster)
Type: Normal Magic
Effect: Destroy all of your opponent's Magic and Trap cards on
the Field.
1xTheft (Snatch Steal)
1xPower of Teamwork (United We Stand)
Type: Equipment Magic
Effect: Increase the equipped monster's attack and defense
strength by 800 for each face-up monster you control.
1xPower of Magicians (Mage Power)
Type: Equipment Magic
Effect: Increase the equipped monster's attack and defense
strength by 500 for each card in your Magic/Trap zone.
2xEmissary of Obliteration (Nobleman of Crossout)
2xDemon Axe (Axe of Despair)
2xDemon's Kiss (Malevoent Nuzzler)
1xWelcome for the Dead (Tribute to the Doomed)

Traps: 6
3xBottomless Pit Traps
Type: Normal Trap
Effect: If your opponent Summons, Reverse Summons or Special
Summons a monster with an attack strength of 1500 or greater,
remove it from the game.
1xMagic Cylinders
Type: Normal Trap
Effect: Negate the attack of 1 of your opponent's Monsters and do
damage to your opponent equal to the attack strength of that
1xDestruction Ring (Bell of Destruction)
Type: Normal Trap
Effect: Destroy 1 face-up Monster on the Field, and do damage to
each player equal to the attack strength of that Monster.
1xHoly Barrier - Mirror Force (Mirror Force)

Total: 42 cards

Okay...I came to Jelly's early, an hour before English registration started. I sat down, dueled some buddies and new people to warm up. I didn't do much tuning on my deck. My deck was a hybrid because of my English Summoned Skull, the ONLY English in my deck, Maha Vailo's are Japanese, Magic Ruler, hard to find nowdays. I signed up, dueled then payed my entrance fee. It was an 8-Man tourney, and one of the employees paired everyone up. Oh and everyone whoops butt in Yu-Gi-Oh! Everyone was evenly matched, no noob were in.

1st Match: Jay, Veteran, Beatdown deck.
1st Duel
I dueled him earlier a couple of times and he is good. The minute I seen the pairs, I was doomed, I didn't wanna lose the 1st round. I started off with a descent hand, equips, descent traps, and monsters, I can't quite remember. I started off big, dealing damage back-to-back with each other. He had no hand, field clear and said "gameover" when I summoned my Yatagarasu.
2nd Duel
My hand was descent. I began to get smashed in the middle of the match. I did damage and he sometimes smashed me with heavy hitters like Goblin Strike Team, brought me down low. I was pretty pissed at him. I manage to bring out my Maha Vailo with an Axe and kill his monster but he played Harpie's Feather Sweep and screwed me up. I lost after a couple of turns after.
3rd Duel
My hand just said "victory all over"...My hand was enough to smack him a nasty one from the start. I set traps and summoned my TGE and ended. He played a little defensive but I NoC his f/d monster. He also layed traps. I played Harpie's Feather Sweep to clean the field up. I managed to dump my Summoned Skull and revived it. I summon my Maha Vailo with 1 Axe and 1 Power of Magicians. I took a handful of his Life Points away. He said "F**k, I lost" and set 1 monster. I drew Raigeki and it was over.

2nd Match: Mike, Veteran, Beatdown deck.
1st Duel
I'd say...he's easier than Jay. I sometimes dueled him when I see him, he still thinks I play with the Magician Mayhem deck I had. I drew good cards, Jinzo, Angel's Gift, Axe, Maha Vailo, and Monster Reborn. I dumped my Jinzo in the grave and reborned him along with Maha Vailo with an Axe. Nasty people on the field. He said "Damnit..." and set 1 monster. I drew NoC and played it on his set monster. I smacked him a hard one. In a matter of turns I won.
2nd Duel
My hand was crap. In the beginning, I played a monster f/d and traps. He clears my field and deals damage. I played Angel's Gift and got Maha Vailo and other cards. I summoned him and ran over his monster. He kills my Maha Vailo and murders me with Angel Injection Lily. I had one crappy hand.
3rd Duel
My hand was good, I managed to draw my Angel's Gift again. I summoned TGE and 2 traps. he played MST on my D-Ring that was f/d. But I chained and klled my TGE. I summoned Goblin Strike Team but I made him fall into my Bottomless Pit Trap. Maha Vailo is drawn and I summon the bad boy with his Axe. Did damage. His turn he didn't like his hand. Nothing good, he just played defensive. Raigeki his monster and I won.

3rd Match: Erik, Master, Psycho deck (Evil deck...)
1st Duel
Oh my...Why did Erik have to duel!! He supposed to help Kazu refferee! Right from the start I knew I was gonna place 2nd. This duel was close, damage back-to-back. He controlled Kaiku with Theft and smacked me. Harpie's Feather Sweep helped clean the field and I summoned another Kaiku and did 3600 to him. We both were low on Life Points. He set 1 monster and I attack, he flips D-Ring and it was a draw.
2nd Duel
My hand said "victory" all over it. Throughout the match, he only summoned 2 monsters. I brought my Chaos Magician out and began negating effects. Saved me against some evil cards. I did damage to him that brought him down to "overkill".
3rd Duel
I'm getting lazy thinking and typing, I'm making the paragraphs short. My hand said "you suck..." all over, meaning crap cards in my hand. I summoned Kaiku and he Theft it again!! He summons Lily and murders me. I CoH his Lily and I just, did nothing. Then I figured I had a Summoned Skull! My turn was over already...He smacked me to "beyond death", I lost.
4th Duel
Okay...I started off well, but he summons his Lily and smacks me damage. I chained with D-Ring and then he begins to wreak havoc on me. I eliminated some of his monsters and dealt him damage. It was close, our Life Points were close to each other. On his turn he just annihilates me, brings me to 0. I lost and I took 2nd.

I'm not really disappointed for loosing and placed 2nd. I was lucky to get this far because everyone in the tourney are extremely good duelist like myself. I got $10 Gift Certificate. Its small because only 8 people participated. I went down, bought myself a Love Hina DVD, $14, I paid the difference. I was also hungry, never ate, I bought instant bowl ramen and took it upstairs to eat and duel. Also, I bought 2 Demon Soldiers (ATK-1900 DEF-1500) for 2 bucks, he had 3 extras so I bought 2. They're from the newest set, Threat from the Demon World (305), and that monster is a common! I took out my Summoned Skull and 1 Kaiku and swapped them for my 2 Demon Soldiers.

-Making it to the Finals
-Beating Jay!
-Getting a bunch of good cards
-To my new Demon Soldiers
-Getting an Ultra-rare Gemini Elves
-Erik beating me on the last round!! I was close!
-Small prize

Contact Info:
AIM - crmsntears77
Email - abadv001@hawaii.rr.com