Greg Scalio
Torney Report
Blauvelt, New York
13 participents

Deck name: Revenge of the toons.

     Hi, this is gregory scalio, from new york. This is my first time battling, and I run a toon world deck. I realy got lucky finding these cards. I also have many cards that are underated and were traded to me because people thought they were uselessand, most of them are very rare. My report might not be the best, because ive never written a report before. oh yea, the way we played it, not only do you get 10 dollars store credit for every match you win, you get your opponets rarest card, which made me kinda scared, cuz no ones touching my toons. ON TO THE DECK!!!!

Monsters: 25
3x toon blue eyes white dragon( direct life point attackage)
3x toon summoned skull (must I explane)
3x 7 colored fish( staple/summon)
3x neo the magic swordsman ( staple/summon)
2x la jian mystical genie of the lamp( staple/summon)
2x magicans of faith ( I need my toon worlds back, and my dain ketos and my swords.)
2x Mileniem shield (defence o' plenty, and shield and sword bait)
2x black witch of the forest (card recivage)
2x Hane-hane(exodia stopage)
2x Man eater bug( back up)
1x jinzo( hahahaha, no jammer for you, haha no imperial order, haha no seven tools of the bandit)

Magics: 21
3x Toon World ( duh)
3x Dain Keto the cure master
3x just deserts ( with 5 monsters 2500 damage per card.)
2x Sheild and sword
2x Fissure (broken)
2x ax of dispar(attack is good)
1x Ragiki( broken,broken,broken)
1x pot of greed (drawage)
1x Malovent nuzzler ( cool card)
1x monster reborn (rebornage)
1x change of heart ( Ill just tribute your blue eyes, thank you.)
1x swords of reveling light

Traps: Heres where im weird with cards:12
x3 Chain distruction ( your opponent cant bring out there blue eyes, cuz all there staple cards are distroyed. HAHAHA)
x3 trap hole ( back up for chain distructions
x3 infinity dissmisal (puts a stoper to: Man eater bugs, hane hanes, dragon zombies, aqua matidors, cyber jars, cyber jar 2s, I could go on for ever.)
x2 7 tools of the bandit
x1 wakabu

Side deck: 3 (not that many :{
1x card destruction ( put a stoper to exodia decks
1x mirror force( raigki + wakabu = mirror force.)
1x sachel steal.( skife)

On with the battles

Me(toon world) vs. little kid with gate gaurdain deck

I don't know what this kid was trying to do, but I felt sorry for him. My first hand held a man eater bug, 7 colored fish, mileniem shield, chain distruction, Dain keto and a pot of greed. I put up the 7 colored fish, and he put up a Suijin, and I immedetly played a chain destruction and blew away the rest of his Suijins. the kid almost broke in to tears. I drew a toon world, but wasn't ready to play it yet. I pot of greeded and got a trap hole and a sword and shield. I smiled big, as I played my fish and tributed it for a mileniem shield, trap holed his Suijin,(wasn't he suppost to tribute for it) well, the judge said it was perfectly legel anyway. I used my sword and shield on my meleniam shield on my put it in attack position, doing a whooping 3000 dammage on his lp. (wow, that was alot for one turn) He went and puld a man eater bug and put it in defence position and fliped tails (poor kid). I drew aanother chain destruction and destoryed his man eater bug. he put down a 7 colored fish, and ended his turn, because he coldnt face my sword and shield. I drew my first toon, the toon blue eyes, and wated, because I didnt have enough tributers yet. I blew away his fishie. he had an ox though, and he played that and ended his turn. I drew a la jiin and blew away his ox. he drew a card, but didnt have any monsters. another 3000 atack on his lp ended the game. I won his gate gaurdian, and he broke out in tears.


Match 2 : bye match, I gave back the little kids gate gardian, because what I would do with one of them is beyoned me( also, because the mom of the kid was swearing up a storm at the store manager for not being fair to younger children.)

Match three
Me vs. exodia deck

This was two easy. My opining hand was toon world, two seven colored fishes, card destruction, la jiin and toon blue eyes blue dragon. yummie. I put a seven colored fish up., he had a neo the magic swordsman. I went first. I played toon world and tribbuted my 2 fishes and la jiin to play toon world. I went streight thru 
his neo and attacked for 3000. I also used card destruction and destroyed not only his exodia the forbidin one, but his  monster reborn and witch of the dark forest. scoreage. i just kept going thru him for the next to turns. scoreage again. 
I got his exodia the forbidin one, which is oh so yummie, becasuse my brother needed this card for his exodia deck, which later got traded for a 1000 eyes restrict and a polymethasation and a 1000 eyes idol. mega score.
Me 3-0
4900- -1000 :o

Round 4 bye again :o
Im happy right now because I now have 40 dollors store credidt and a exodia the forbidden one. yummie.

Round 5
The champoinship round. Me vs. 1000 eyes restrict/dream clown/time wizard guy

This guy was nearly unbeatable. there were two cards and only two cards that saved my butt here. mirror force and snach steal. I dont really remember what happeed here because the event was 4 days ago( I should have wrote it sooner.)  All I know is that i Satcheled his time wizard and destroyed many of his cards, and same thing for mirror force, since he never bothered to switch his cards in defence mode.

I had a choice between his time wizard and 1000 eyes restrict, and I got his time wizard.

I got  70 store credit, because of  me coming in first, I got a Meatal radiers 20 pack box for 60 bucks, and I preordered a joey starter deck for my brother. I gots a lot of of good cards from it too. Ive started to build another deck with the cards I won.

60 bucks store credit
The champion ship that I won
Pojo for posting this
My brother for trading me most of my toon cards in exange for exodia pieces.

Cry babys
Cry babys over obsesive moms
skull servent
My sister for drawing on my dark magician girl(stoopid 2 year olds.)

Thats all folks!

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