Subject: Exodia_Da_Gangsta_- Dark_Dragon718 - E.K Trading - Mississauga, ONT.

Deck name: Exodia_Da_Gangsta.

Name: Michael L.

Location: E.K Trading, Mississauga, Ontario.

Date: Sunday, February 23rd, 2003. 1:30-4:00

Number of Participants: 15

Entry Fee: $5.00

Well, this tournament was alright. It was only for points though so no prizes. E.K has tournaments on Saturday too and you can win prizes on that day. There were very few people today because there was so much snow outside and itís so damn cold. Anyways, hereís my deck:

Monsters (18)

1. Exodia the Forbidden One

2. Left Arm of the Forbidden One

3. Right Arm of the Forbidden One

4. Left Leg of the Forbidden One

5. Right Leg of the Forbidden One

6. Mystic Tomato

7. Mystic Tomato

8. Mystic Tomato

9. Witch of The Black Forest

10. Wall of Illusion

11. Sangan

12. Sangan

13. Nimble Momonga

14. Nimble Momonga

15. Nimble Momonga

16. Cyber Jar

17. Magician of Faith

18. Magician of Faith

Magic (12)

19. Raigeki

20. Dark Hole

21. Change of Heart

22. Snatch Steal

23. Pot of Greed

24. Monster Reborn

25. Premature Burial

26. The Shallow Grave

27. Upstart Goblin

28. Giant Trunade

29. Swords of Revealing Light

30. Painful Choice

Traps (10)

31. Mirror Force

32. Imperial Order

33. Magic Jammer

34. Magic Jammer

35. Solemn Judgement

36. Gravity Bind

37. Gravity Bind

38. Backup Soldier

39. Backup Soldier

40. Call of the Haunted

Monster/ M:T ratio: 21:21

Match one - BYE!!!!!!!

YepÖ I got a bye. Lucky me. Heh.

Well, after waiting for everyone to finish, I found out that my opponent was some guy named Andrew. He has an okay deck. It is a beatdown though.

Match two (8 participants)

Duel one:

Michael (me)> 8000-9000-10000-12000

Andrew> 8000

Exodia rocks. I got it on like the 5th turn with the painful choice/backup combo. Also, I gained 4000 lp by a snatch steal cost and my 3 nimbles.

Duel two:

Michael> 8000-7200-6400-5600-4800

Andrew> 8000

This duel was pure jokes. I got all 5 pieces by using 1 sangan. I also started with no pieces in my hand. This is how it went: First, he set a harpies bro and a trap. I set sangan and gravity bind. He flips harpies bro and attacks and I flip gravity bind. On my turn, I attacked his harpie bro with sangan and got a piece. I then monster reborned my sangan on my next turn and attacked his harpies bro again. I kept on doing that for a couple of turns (from call of the haunted and magicians) using only 1 sangan. Too bad he didnít have any lvl 3ís or m/t removal in his deck. Now when I got all 5 pieces in my hand, I decided to play for a few more turns just for fun. I waited and waited but then I got too bored because he didnít bother to attack me. So I go oops I forgot to mention I had exodia. I win.

After the duel, I watched some other people and dueled other people for fun. I then found out that my next opponent is my friend Mike. He has a beatdown deck I guess and it is really good too.

Match Two (4 participants)

Duel one:

Michael> 8000-7550-6550-2775-2975-0

Mike> 8000-4950-5950-4950-4050-2025

This was pretty ugly. I donít even remember how I lost. Right now, Iím drunk from all the bubble tea I had. Lol. Ok. Now I remember. He friggin used exchanged on like the 5th turn and stole my head. That was bad. At least I got his mech chaserÖ From then on though, I tried to kill him with tomatoes but that didnít work and I eventually lost.

Duel two:

Michael> 8000-5200-6200-6650-5850-3050-150-0

Mike> 7000-5900-5100-4600-3600-6600-7600

This time, I side decked to my thin-out deck (new style. Email me if u want to know bout it). I think he side-decked too but im not sure. All well. I still lost. Damn his nimblesÖ. Heh. Really saved him. Anyways, he got me top-decking with his robbin goblin and that really hurt me. At least I made it to the semi-finals.

Well, this tournament was alright. I wish there were more people though so I could get more points. All well. I still know that Iím in first place at the store. Now on to the props and slops:


To all the duelists (you guys did a fine job dueling today).

To Mike for winning (but he cheated).

To this kid named Micky for making me laugh a lot (he lost to a little kid who used minor goblin officials against him)


To me for losing.

To Mike for cheating.

To Mike for beating me so cheaply.

To E.K for not having free hamburgers like they always do.

And to me again for lying about the whole Mike cheating thing.

L8r all and thanx for reading my tourney report.


Michael L.

Send any comments or ideas to

Have fun!