Deejay Morph V.2
                                      New Orleans, Louisiana
                                              12:00 PM
                                              10 Duelist     Prize 2 Tourament Pack
                               5 Dollar to Enter , Get a Tourament Pack
                      2 People enter including me!

I KNOW this is just a one round tourament........that lame!

        Note you may redit it, since i said bad word on this report.



I won the Tourament
Got a Poly
Got a Mirror Force
Won A Dragon Zeeker


Man only one person came!
Uh it only last for 10 Min LAMEO!!!!!!!
HEre MY Deck

Monster=  20

Cyber Jar
Witich Of Black Forest
Goblin Atk Force
2x Magican Of Faith
3x Man Eater Bug
3x Maha Vailo
3x Dark Elf
3x Jairu Gumo

Magic= 15

1x Raigeki
1x Dark Hole
1x Change Of Heart
1x Monstereborn
1x Pot Of Greed
1x Snatch Steal
1x Sword Of Reveling Light
1x Heavy Storm
1x Limiter Removal
1x Axe Of Despair
2x Nuzzler
3x MegaMorph

Trap= 6

1x Mirror Force
1x Imperal Order
1x Solemn Judgment
1x Mirror Wall
2x Trap Hole


   I open my pack, i got a Sonic Maid, Witich Of Black, and got a Poly in my LOB pack

Round 1

Me VS Direct Damge Deck  Man this dude is ANNOYING

M/T= Magic/Trap
F/D= Facedown

First Turn

Me= Hey sup what ur name dude?
Opponent= I will kick ur ASS
Me= Ok whatever jackass
Me= Let make it more FUN
Opponent- Yah put that raigeki on the line
Me= HUH?
Opponent= I duel for it
Me= Ok i get that little Dragon Zeeker that you got
Opponent= Bring it ON!
Me= I play 1 m/t f/d   I play Pot of Greed, Go!
Opponent= LOL! I ply Armed Lizard! With 2 m/t F/D, and Also end my turn.
Me= Hmm, i flip my facedown card Heavy Storm.
Opponent= Magic Jammer Discard Jinzo.
Me= Hmm i play Maha Vailo With 2 m/t F/D
Me= Atk ur Armed Lizard.
Opponent= Flip my DNA Survery, to change into Machine, and Flip my MetalMorph . So your Maha Vailo is destory.
Me= I sadly end my turn with nothin on the field.
Opponent= Hmm i play a mon in def f/d. I atk with Armed Lizard
Me= 1 m/t F/D (Trap Hole) I ply Dark Elf, " i atk your Armed Lizard"
Me= End
Opponent= I flip my Trap Master
Me= DOH!
Opponent= I destroy that f/d card.
Me= Trap Hole
Opponent= Execllent, i will play Black Illusion Ritual, Sacfice my Trap Master, and Summon RELQUISHED!
Opponent= 1 m/t F/D
Opponent= End
Me= Wait a Min, his Relqusihed is unprotect.
Me= *Draw* Hmm Yes, I play Jairu Gumo, with MegaMorph.
Me= Atk Your Relqusihed for 4400 Damage
Opponent= Graivty Bind!
Me= 1 m/t F/D Limiter Removal was the f/d card
Opponent= I play my Jinzo 7!
Opponent= Suck Jairu Gumo
Me= NO!!!!! You little B!!!!!!!
Opponent= Relqusihed atk your LP, and Jinzo 7 too!
Me= *Heart Of The Card* Yes, a Imperal Order ( in my head)
Me= *Smile* 2x M/T F/D Def F/D Cyber Jar
Opponent= I play!
Me= Chain!
Oppnent= Wtf!
Me= Flip my Imperal Order
Opponent= DAMN!
Me= I get back my Jairu Gumo
Opponent= *Little giggle*
Opponent= i equip my little  Jinzo 7 with 2x Horn Of Unicorn
Opponent= Atk ur LP
Me= Hey u can't do that! Imperal Order is out!
Opponent= U will SEE!
Opponent= 1 m/t F/D
Opponent= End
Me= i need to do something on this turn, or i will be Toast!
ME= I paid for Impearl Order
Me= Yes, a MegaMorph, hmmmm, i play Snatch Steal, with ur Jinzo 7 with the 2x Horn Of Unicorn
Opponent= Flip Dust Torado to killed ur Impearl Order
Me= Ok I will play MegaMorph on Jinzo 7
Me= Ok Def F/D Magican Of Faith
Me= Jinzo 7 Atk ur LP
Me= Go
Opponent= I sacifice Jinzo 7 for a Def F/D, and i will set this card f/d
Opponent= GO
Me= I flip MOF
Me= Get back Pot Of Greed
Me= I play hEAVY sTORM, and pot of greed
Me= Hmm, i play change of heart on ur def f/d, *Dragon Zeeker*
ME= Sacifce it for Jinzo!
Me= Raigeki!!!!!
Opponet= Oh SHIT!
Me= Jinzo, and Jairu Gumo Atk ur LP
Opponent= Damn horn of unicorn
Opponent= *Crying* End
Me= I WIN!