Low Level Conquer!
BC Comics
Arlington, VA
February 15, 2003
12 people

This is my second report this month. I submitted it pretty late though.
I changed the name of the deck.

The prizes were
1st choice of 6 packs of choice or $40 store credit
2nd three packs of choice
3rd 1 pack of choice

Here’s the deck:
18 monsters
2x dream clown (I say no mons for you)
1x princess of tsurugi (helps out if neither of us can do anything)
1x cyber jar (gets rid of mons)
1x 4 starred lady bug of doom (die mech chaser die!)
2x man eater bug (eat jinzo!)
1x sangan (lets me pull any mon from my deck)
1x witch of the black forest (lets me pull nearly everything)
2x karate man (if I don’t gave gravity bind this guys the best)
2x hayabusa knight (he can attack twice)
2x giant rat (lets me pull just about any monster)
1x wall of illusion (go to your owners hand stupid blue eyes)
1x time wizard (he’s helped me so many times)
1x big eye (lemme see what’s next)

15 magics
1x monster reborn (gets back any mon)
1x premature burial (gets back my mons)
3x ground collapses (you cant play mons!)
1x messenger of peace (jinzo must not attack!)
1x raigeki (did I say you can keep your mons?)
3x fissures (destroys practically anything)
1x insect barrier (lost a messanger of peace so I have to use the combo)
1x card destruction (like to use with the eye)
2x prohibition (cant use stuff)

9x traps
1x michizure (I killed my karate man now I kill your mon)
2x gravity bind (most mons can’t attack)
3x trap hole (you can’t use mons)
1x imperial order (forget your raigeki)
1x waboku (you won’t hurt me)
1x dna surgery (I mentioned insect barrier)

I had money this time and the entry fee was $5.

Same strategy as before so I really need tttds.

Round one 12 people left
Salman vs. Jordan
Jordan has a pathetic deck. He just put a bunch of cards together.
Well he actually did well cause I didn’t draw gb or mop or the combo.
So he attacked me with la jinns and harpies bros. Eventually I got gb
and hayabusa an karate men can’t forget raigeki so I won.
Salman 8000-6200-4400
Jordan 8000-2000-0
This one went much quicker. I got gb out early so I just used the clown
and the bird a lot. I won quickly.
Salman 8000
Jordan 6000-2800-0
Jordan stayed in the store and just watched. He was angry that he
Went up against me first round.

Round two 8 people left
Salman vs. Steven
Steven has a pretty good deck. Its pretty much a beat down.
I went first an got prohibition I prohibited heavy storm an than
he knew he’d lose. He just got 1800 mons an I destroyed em with
fissures an raigeki. He didn do anything.
Salman 8000
Steven 8000-7000-4800-800-0
This one was pretty much the same as the last one, cept I got 2 birds out.
Salman 8000
Steven 8000-4000-0
I was scared to face him before this tourney. So I was happy.

Round three 3 people left
One person had to leave so Greg had to face an eliminator,
who wasn’t in the tourney.
I played the hardest person to beat, ever. He was the guy
who had the exodia the last time I came now he has beat down, with jinzo.
Salman vs. Gamma
I went first an I drew prohibition so I prohibited heavy storm. I laid down a
gb an played the bird. On his turn he just mstd my gb. So I was doomed.
He attacked my bird with Harpies bro. I fissured it an played mop. He used
Imperial order an then played sorl. He also tributed his harpie for jinzo.
I was scared. Next turn I drew raigeki used it on his jinzo. I couldn’t do
anything else cause of sorl. His turn he played la jinn I trap holed it.
My turn I got out the clown an I had a bird an karate man. I tried to attack
but  I forgot about sorl. Next he reborned his jingo an attacked the clown.
I couldn’t do anything so I lost eventually. He used raigeki.
Salman 8000-7200-4600-3400-1000-0
Gamma 8000-6000
This was so much shorter he got jinzo out an then he killed me.
Salman 8000-6200-3800-0
Gamma 8000
Since Greg lost he and I had to play to determine second place.

Salman vs. Greg
I prohibited heavy storm an heavy storm an beat him with hayabusa.
Salman 8000
Greg 8000-6000-4000-2000-0
Greg got a good draw in this duel, while I had the horrible
one. I didn’t get any of the cards that help me out.  Greg had
been annoying and used sorl. I couldn’t do anything and
he beat me with gearfried and summoned skull.
Salman 8000-6200-4400-100-0
Greg 8000-6000
This was the final duel of the tourney. It went pretty quick.
It was the same as the first of the 3 duels. Except I got more
mons out.
Salman 8000
Greg 8000-6000-2000-800-0

Well that was a good tourney. There were more people than usual
so the prizes were a bit better and there were prizes for third place
I got three packs two pharohs servant one magic ruler. In the packs
I got a beast of talwar, shift, and something. Before the tournament
started I told steven I’d give him a card he wanted after the tourney
since he gave me michizure. I traded beast of talwar for spellbinding
circle and I gave that to steven. It was the stupidest trade of my life.

Now to props and slops

To me for getting second place again
For some of my friends for being there
For getting Beast of Talwar
To Pizza hut for making good pizza
For having money that day

To me for being stupid at trading
To Gamma for never being beaten
To Jinzo (since I don’t have it)
To Sorl (same reason as Jinzo)

Ok that’s it. If anyone has questions or comments or would like to help me with my deck e-mail me at BurningStance@aol.com or IM me. Whatever see ya.