Ronís Super Insane Clown Control-AZ

Amazing Discoveries

Tucson Arizona


Participants: 40

Entree Fee: $5.00

Prizes: 1 tournament pack per entree and some various packs for winning

Well here it is. Your typical clown deck. My deck is pretty much the same as SomeGuyís deck. I just changed a trap card for a more preferred one in my area. This deck has been killer. Iíll just reveal the tourney results and let you see for yourself.


3x Dream Clowns

2x Crass clowns

2x Hayabusa Knights

2x Magician of Faiths

2x Sangans

1x Cyber Jar

2x White Magical Hats

2x Giant Soldier of Stones

1x Goddess of Whim


2x Axe of Despairs

2x Mystical Space Typhoons

2x Prohibitions

2x Messenger of Peace

1x Pot of Greed

1x Premature Burial

1x Change of Heart

1x Monster Reborn

1x Raigeki

1x Dark Hole


1x Call of the Haunted

3x Gravity Binds

2x Magic Jammers

1x Mirror Force

1x Imperial Order

1x Seven Toolís of the Bandit

Side Deck:

1x Witch of the Black Forest

1x Jinzo

1x Swords of Revealing Light

1x Card Destruction

1x Delinquent Duo

1x Snatch Steal

1x Prohibition

1x Axe of Despair

2x Robbiní Goblins

1x Seven Tools of the Bandit

1x Magic Jammer

1x Exchange

1x Noblemen of Crossout

1x Confiscation

Well here I go. I arrived at Amazings at about 9.00 A.M.. It was a typical Saturday morning here in Arizona. When I got there I saw two people dueling. I approached one of them and asked if I could duel after he was done with this duel. He said that I wouldnít stand a chance. So I said you wanna put your cards where your mouth is. He said he will put his GOD cards up for my Axe and Jinzo. I was a little skeptical about it. I said I will only play if you play English cards only. He accepted. We shuffled and then cut each otherís deck.

He didnít focus on any particular theme. This kid was a little too confident in his deck. I had my clown out with the lock down. He didnít even touch my life points. It was funny. He was in complete disbelief. I won and he reluctantly gave up the cards. I am gonna put them up on EBay.

Me: 8000

Him: 0

With the new series Labyrinth Nightmare just around the corner things are starting to heat up. I wanna get the Mage Power and replace one of my axes with it. Also Magic Cylinders can become another staple card. Itís effect is negate the attack of one of your opponentís monsters and do direct damage to them equal to the attacking monsters attack. Donít miss out. Well on to the tourney.

1st Round

Me vs. Ryan

He had a beatdown deck. He was an intermediate player who showed good strategic moves. He played smart but he just couldnít handle the amazing power of clown control. I beat him fairly easily and he managed to get some of my life points down.

Me: 6800

Him: 0

No comments on this one. I beat him without a fight.

Me: 8000

Him: 0

2nd Round

Me vs. Adam

Adam is a cool kid. He played a semi beatdown with the dragon/flute combo. He is one of the few kids who actually pays his way through Yu-Gi-Oh. I see so many kids who get whatever cards they want through Mommy or Daddy. One of these days their gonna have to learn the hard way. Anyways, the duel went by smoothly. For a duelist on a budget he proved to be very good. The clowns didnít show any mercy though and came up on top for the win.

Me: 8000

Him: 0

For the this duel he was able to burn 1000 of my life points. After both duels were over I handed him one of my Axes. I guess he was happy after that.

Me: 7000


3rd Round

Me vs. Some Kid

I played rather quickly so that I might have more time to prepare for the finals if I got in it. He was basically playing with a beatdown/Exodia deck. I thought that was a funny combination since most Exodia decks are defensive. I pulled some clowns in the beginning and was able to get the lock. He Snatch Steals one of my clowns but he couldnít attack with his other monsters due to the Gravity Bind. I Raigeki the field and put a Hayabusa down with two Axes and do 6000 damage. I use Call of the Haunted to get my Dream Clown back on his turn. On my turn I switch him from attack to defense and destroy his man eater. I attack with Hayabusa to end the game.

Me: 6800


The second duel he hits me for 3500 and that is all he could do. I just played the typical clown combo and attacked him with White Magical Hat and Hayabusa Knight.

Me: 4500

Him: 0

4th Round

Me against the kid I humiliated and won his GOD cards.

I just canít see how he got as far as he did. He just didnít play a good game. The funny thing is he has all these ultra rares and super rares yet he doesnít do all that good. I said to him that he should concentrate on one theme for his deck and utilize every card to make that theme work. The first duel was an easy one.

Me: 8000

Him: 0

I let him change his deck to make it more compact. Now he has 44 cards in his deck. I tried to have him focus on a beatdown/recovery theme. This duel I have to admit was the hardest one so far. He was able to deal me extensive damage. At one point I thought I would have lost. Thank god for Mirror Force. I just couldnít get the lock down and he was able to get a lot of direct hits to me. But at the end I was able to pull through and win with the superiority of the clowns.

Me: 4350

Him: 0

He thanked me and apologized for being a jerk. I said no problem and told him to never underestimate an opponent no matter what. If you are always prepared for the worst you will be unbeatable. I also said that you should make a side deck that involves fine tuning your weaknesses. This way you can go against any particular kind of deck.

On to the Semi-Finals

Me vs. destruction kid

We donít call him destruction kid for nothing. He has many different ways to destroy your cards. This duel was bound to be tough. I was pretty well prepared and choose to sidedeck a couple of cards in. I switched in a Seven Tools and some Robbin Goblins for a taste of his own medicine. It was a tight duel even with the clowns. I just could not get a lock since he kept using Mystical Space Typhoons. I was able to finally get some luck and Prohibited his Typhoons. I got the lock with Messenger of Peace. He uses Heavy Storm. NOOOOOO. I should have Prohibited that first. Oh well. He attacks me for 2000. I draw Pot of Greed. I pulled an Axe and a Gravity Bind. I set the Bind down and ended my turn. He goes and then attacks but I flip Gravity Bind preventing his attack. I lay my clown down and use Monster Reborn to get my Hayabusa Knight back out. I end my turn. He plays Raigeki. I counter with Magic Jammer. He ends his turn. I destroy his monster with Dream Clown and attack with Hayabusa equipped with Axe. He activates Mirror Force but I counter with Seven Tools. He only had 2200 life points left. He activates Card Destruction and destroys all my cards. I didnít have many good cards except for a Crass Clown and Premature Burial. He plays a Heavy Storm and uses Soul Exchange to get his Jinzo on the field. He attacked me destroying my Hayabusa and putting me down to 3100. I draw a Magician of Faith and end my turn. He attacks and I get my Monster Reborn back. I draw a Raigeki of my own and activate it. I play the monster reborn and get my Hayabusa back again. I equip him with Axe and attack him with 4000 ending the game. I was able to keep him from playing his destruction cards and kept him from having a chance.

Me: 3100

Him: 0

The next duel was rather easy. I was able to get the lock and keep it early. He was unable to destroy any of my cards either. I just kept on using the clownís effect and attacking with my other monsters.

Me: 8000

Him: 0

The Final

Me vs. Albert

Every time I had played against Albert Iíve beaten him fairly easily. This was no exception. Everyone crowded around to see the final match. Iím sorry everyone if I couldnít give you much of a show but I didnít want to give him the chance to win. I got the lock and attacked him directly. He played a rather simple Exodia/defensive deck.

Me: 7400

Him: 0

The next round he got really lucky and was able to assemble all 5 pieces of Exodia in 6 turns. I couldnít beleive how he did it that quickly. He must be lucky.

Me: 8000

Him: 8000-automatic victory

After that I choose to switch some cards from my side deck. Exchange and Card Destruction along with Delinquent Duo. It was the same old typical match. I got the lock down fairly early and was able to decimate him. He plays Sangan down and I destroy it. The next turn I play Exchange. I got his Exodia head and he got my Dream Clown. He was extremely angry and almost resigned. He next played a monster down. I used Raigeki and attacked him directly. The next turn he forfeits and leaves the store.

Me: 8000


Well guys it looks like I won the tournament. It was a pretty good tournament here. I got some various packs for winning.


Me winning the tournament

For pulling another Jinzo and than a Magic Jammer

For having some fairly good competition

Destruction kid for giving me a fairly good match

GOD cards

SomeGuy for making an awesome deck


Kids for being too arrogant

All the older and more skilled players being gone

Getting nothing but crap in the tournament packs

Albert for being a sore loser

Well this is my first tournament report. I hope you guys enjoy. Any questions, comments, or tips, e-mail me at . My name is Ron Foxall. I can also help people with their decks if they need it. Thanks for looking.