The New School Beatdown V1.41
Matt Bishop
Comic Warehouse
Brampton, Ontario, Canada

Monsters [21]

3 La Jinn
3 Dark Elf
3 MoF
2 7 Fish
1 Jinzo
1 SS
1 WotBF
1 Cyber Jar

Magikz [13]

1 Pot of Greed
1 Dark Hole
1 Monster Reborn
1 Swords of Revealing Light
1 Raigeki
1 Change of Heart
1 Snatch Steal
2 Axe of Despair
2 Heavy Storm
2 Nobleman of Xout

Trapz [6]

2 Trap Hole
1 Imperial Order
1 Mirror Force
1 Magic Jammer
1 Call of the Haunted

Total = [40]

Round 1: Beatdown vs. Christopher Sim with Beatdown/Clown

I have to admit. This guy was good. He had improved a lot since the last 2 times I had played him. We were neck and neck in the first game. Both of us losing pretty much equal life points. He ended up getting a reborn just at the right time, and got back Summoned Skull to give me my first loss of the round.

Game 1: 0-2500

This game I was determined. I fought back. Jinzo controlled with Dark Elves/GAFs on the side. I think I took a little damage from him and from the Elves. Overall I won the game pretty quick by removing/Change of Hearting/Snatch Steal the monsters. It was a pretty easy game, which I won in around 5 turns.

Game 2: 5200-0

This game was third. It was deadly close. I knew that one wrong move could kill me, and kick me out of the tournament. I played careful. Well the main events started when I set his Cyber Jar off getting a couple of monsters. I got Snatch Steal, Change of Heart, Dark Elf, MoF, La Jinn/Fish. I stole 2 of his 1800s, Crossed out the facedown and ended up taking a big chunk of his life points taking him to about 1000. I attacked again and he Mirror Forced. I got him down to around 200 life points, with me hanging at 1050, and I ended up getting Dark Elf and attacking for the win.

Game 3: 50-0

Round 2: Beatdown vs. Terry with Elegant Beatdown

I showed no mercy. He isnt exactly a newb, but he isnt expert level. Although he had improved since I last played him. His brother is also quite skilled. He ended up doing a small chunk of damage with Harpie Lady Sisters. I ended up taking one Summoned Skull attacking the other Summoned Skull, and then Monster Reborning it. ;) I ended up winning in the end.

Game 1: 4850-0

The next game went pretty much the same way with me keeping some life points but not too many, >_< Dark Elf. lol.

Game 2: 5000-0

Round 3: Beatdown vs. Joel with Beatdown

This guy is expert. He showed me some good rules to the game and strategy. I Jinzo controlled him 1st game. I got all my monsters while Nobleman of Crossout/Raigeki'ng his.

Game 1: 4000-0

The second game went more his way. He played his cards right. He also set up good combos killing off my monsters. I pretty much went home packing from the get go.

Game 2: 0-6200

Game 3 was getting to be interesting. He played Swords I activated Imperial Order, on turn 2. We played out and as I didnt draw any magic cards and killing off his last couple monsters I mainly killed off everything in sight. He showed me his hand after. It had pure magic. I got lucky. ^^

Game 3: 5000-0 >_< Dark Elf 0wnz Itself LoL

Round 4: Beatdown vs. Ashley Dafoe with Beatdown

Well I didnt think this to be much of a challenge. I mean, she is good, but she hasnt beat me...ever. So I went into the match thinking good thoughts. The first game Monster Controlled with Goblin Attack Force/La Jinn with Axe of Despair. Killing off her life points fast. I took her to the cleaners.

Game 1: Dont Really Remember mine - 0

The next one went almost the same way except I know she hit me up a little. It was with La Jinn I believe. I overcame it with some GAF + Axe + Swords + Reborn action ^^. I Reborned a GAF. Attached Axe. Attacked with my other GAF, and attacked with the Axed one then laid Swords. Needless to say I pretty much won the game in a couple hits. ;)

Game 2: 3750-0

Round 5 - Finals: Beatdown vs. Anthony with Clownz

I was kind of nervous seeing how good his deck did, in such little practice, nevertheless, I was ready. I had beat him in our practice duels, which built my confidence. In the first round I dominated with Jinzo/Big Hit damage. He couldnt activate Gravity Bind or Mirror Force. Therefore he lost quite quickly with me killing off monsters of no purpose. (Giant Soldier of Stone, White Magical Hat, Dream Clown, etc.)

Game 1: 3200-0

This game he got all of his cards and so did I. It made for a good matchup. I negated Gravity Bind with Jinzo but he Raigeki'd and then Hayabusa'ed me with me having minimal life points.

Game 2: 0-1100

This game was quite good. Again we both got good cards. He got to stall me for a while because of Prohibition/Gravity Bind. You guessed it, Heavy Storm. The only way I could negate Gravity Bind was to use Jinzo. Eventually he killed my Witch and I got Jinzo out. I controlled him with all kinds of stuff that was in my hand. It was a very interesting game, in the end I won.

Game 3: 950-0

Props & Slops

Props to Anthony for Being a good sport
Props to my mom for driving me to the tourney
Props to David for improving his play
Props to Shane and Jon for using original Decks
Props to Ashley for being an okay sport [She wasnt exactly calm, but she was better then screaming] Props to Joel for being a good sport Props to Cardboard Memories' cheap cards

Slops to Commons in tournament packs
Slops to people that pull Tourney Ultra rares...Except for me ^^ Slops to Ashley for forgetting her teddy bear...yet again Slops to Cardboard Memories for having Raigeki for $8 3 days after I went there Slops once again to Andrew for keeping the TP2 Packs in his POCKET!!!! >_<

-Matt Bishop
-SirEatAlot from Realms
-PCK AKA from Pojo Trade Boards
-Pokemoncardkid from Pojo's EZBoard
-Majin Eminem 2k3 - AIM
-Old School the Movie is amazing!!

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