My name: Eric

Store name: oracle comics Delphi Indiana

Deck name: beat you down

# of people:25+


Barrel dragon


2 summoned skull


witch of the black forest

2 man-eater bug

mask of darkness

3 magician of faith

3 la jinn

hayabusa knight

2 harpie’s brother

goblin attack force

2 gearfried the iron knight

cyber jar


swords of revealing light

tribute to the doomed

monster reborn

nobleman of extermination

pot of greed

premature burial



2 malevolent nuzzler

messenger of peace

change of heart

dark hole

delinquent duo

2 heavy storm


call of the haunted

horn of heaven

imperial order

mirror force

seven tools of the bandit



Iv gave up on keeping track of life points.  This time a bought a box of pharos servant before the tourney.  My luck was with me I pulled Jinzo, nobleman of extermination, buster blader, and The fiend megacyber and a whole lot of other good stuff.


Duel 1:  one kid there was walking around the whole time complaining that he didn’t want to duel me because I won the tourney before.  As it ends up he gets me first.  This tourney is single duel double elimination so e wasn’t to upset.  The duel start with him winning the coin toss.  He played a mon face down and a magic/trap f/d.  my turn I draw my jinzo.  I play change of heart the mon he had was big eye so I arranged my cards so that I got summoned skull next.  I sacrifice his mon for jinzo.  He tried to trap hole it.  I wouldn’t let him I explained why Then atked for DD. Next turn he plays a mon f/d. I draw my summond skull and play a harpie’s bro in atk.  I atked it ended up being Giant soldier of stone.  I loss 200 lp then atk it with jinzo.  Next turn he plays a mon f/d I drew raigeki and play my summoned skull.  Raigeli him atk fer DD that’s it next turn I beet him.


Duel 2: same as last.  SS and jinzo won it.


Duel 3:  This time I play against an exodia deck.  I got exchange my first draw ( I side decked my seven tools for it)  I wait like 3 turns to play it then I take his head he took la jinn ( that’s all I had)  I won from there.


Duel 4: This time a kid wit the insect barrier dna surgery was my opponent.  I played him before. He always won until my friends and I started to duel here.  He went first.  He played his combo. I played imperial order.  Eventually my barrel dragon came out along with SS I won after that.


Duel final:  this was the second easiest duel all day.  Jinzo and barrel dragon took the field in a glorious combo of destroy his only mon and then do DD.


Duel 2 or final:  I finally drew a malevolent nuzzler.  I played it on jinzo just as blue eyes came to see the field. I reborn SS raigeki and took his remaining lp. 


            In my prize packs I got a second Jinzo. I almost shnit myself.  I also bought a first addition imperial order from some little kid before the tourney for a dollar that’s right 1 dollar.



To my 2 jinzo

To my good deal on imperial order

To my mom for driving

To winning



Not getting more gaf

Not being able to go to the comic shop in the city

My friends not being there this week.     

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