Subject: The_Thousand_Eyes_of_Jinzo_Sean_Battlecity_rules
# of People:48!!!
Where: A park,CA
NOTE:Pojo please post this it was the best tournament ever and I mean ever! PLEASE!

Now please this may seem weird it is taking place in a Park but please please post it this was a awesome AWESOME tounament. Last Saturday we didn't have a tournament because we were giving out flyers to all the duelists we knew and we managed to get 48 clean cut. Now this is Battle City rules so let me explain. Now what we do is we get a clear plastic case for a locator card and the holder of the tournament(Zack really good wind beatdown) and then when we beat a person we get there rarist card to the winner then we go to the main bench with the person you beat they say they have lost and then the person at the bench would give you a peace of paper showing a section of the park then you slip the paper into the clear card holder to show it.
             THen when you beat4 people you get the final slip of paper with a red dot on it showing were you need to go on the park.(It took a LONG time to make copies of the slips of paper but its all for the ultimate tourney EVER!). Then when you get to the place there are four other people then this is when the semis and finals begin. Well here is my deck I made big changes to it from last time!

Barrel Dragon
Summoned Skull
Harpies bro x2
7 Colored FIsh x2
Gearfried The Iron Knightx2
Maha Vailo
Man Eater Bug x3
MOF x2
Cyber Jar
Wall Of Illusions x2
THousand Eyes Idol
La Jinn


Pot Of Greed
Malevolent Nuzzler x3
Dark Hole
Noble Man Of Crossout x2
Black Illusion Ritual
Monster Reborn
Snatch Steal
Gaint Trunade
Change Of Heart
Fairy Meteor Crush
Delinquent Duo

Trap Hole x2
Magic Drain
7 Tools
Mirror Wall
IMperial Order
Solemn Judgement

Thousand Eyes Restrict


Well I got my locator card and all that stuff done after signing up then I got challenged by a girl named Sarah who ran a Great Moth Deck! I thought I would own this duel all over ,but she had really made a good deck. Oh yeah and I made a deal to her for her to put her set of Great Moth for my set of Thousand Eyes Restrict like Poly,Relinquished the whole 9 yards and well that was when I thought she had only one set of Great Moths but she really has 6!
So we find a bench and get started.

Round1: Sean(ME) Vs. Sarah(Great Moth Offensive staller)

OK in my opening hand I have Thousand Eyes Idol, Noble man, Black Illusion Ritual, Harpies Bro, Wall of illusion and I draw Magic Drain. I set Magic Drain and Wall. Her go she sets two cards and 1 one monster in DEF. My go I draw and get Summoned Skull. Just to take it safe I don't summon the Skull and summon Harpies bro and flip Wall Of Illusions then play nobleman and atk for 2800(Oh yeah we are playing 4000 LP) Her go she flips Light Of Intervention and sets a face up def Petit Moth and equips the Cocoon to it! Just great then she boosts it even more with Horn of Light and play the field card CHorus of Sanctuary making its def 3300! Then she flips her other Solemn Wishes Not even my BEWd could win it so turns flew by and now on my field is Jinzo,Wall, and Skull. She has her first cocoon and a second one she put down the turn before I summoned Jinzo. So then I skip cause I have nothing to do. Then she summons Great Moth and equips it with an axe of despair then atks Skull for 1100.My turn I pick up and get a Gaint Turnade so I get an evil Idea. now with my LP at 2900 and hers at3200 I think up something ingenious and Gaint Trunade the Axe then play Mega Morph on her Great MOTH!! And since her LP was higher it halves the Moths atk bringing it down to 1300 so then boost Walls atk and form there it was easy. I ended up trading the set I won from her for another Noble Man Of Crossout for my Clown Control deck.

Round 2:Sean Vs. Gary(BEatdown with his Jinzo on the line)

Ok this match wasn't that hard so I am kinda shady on it I only remember the good stuff but I do remember him getting out Jinzo with an Axe  and I beat it with the effect of  Barrel Dragon. Form there it was easy. Oh yeah and I sodl his Jinzo For 20 bucks to some kid! SCORE! Bein as Ize already gots Jinzo..

Round 3:Sean Vs. Victor(Clown Control and Weenie Rush)

Ok this duel was some what tough my opening hand was Gearfried,Mega morph, Change of Heart, Jinzo, Poly, and I drew Relinquished.So I summoned Gearfried and his go eh set a card and a monster. My go and at the beginning of my turn he flips Gravity Bind go figure! Well I pick up and get Sangan! SO I set sangan his go. He summons Jinzo #7 Equiped with Malevolent nuzzler and atked for 1200. My go I trib sangan for Jinzo then I get the Thousand Eyes Idol and use the fusion and suck up his Jinzo 7 with restrict!Then I use MegaMorph on Jinzo then atk teh FD monster with restrict. It was Big Eye then I just atk with the rest for win.

Round4:Sean Vs. Some Kid(Exodia)

Well I knew that at least one match would have Exodia now I had to beat the unbeatable and break the unbreakable. Well my opening hand was Chagne Of Heart< Snatch Steal, 7 Colored Fish, Cyber Jar, and I draw to get Man Eater bug. I set Man Eater . This duel Is when I really need Delinquent duo. He had a BIG smile on his face. It turns out that his opening hand had four peices and a Sangan in it which I found out know so .He sets one monster and one card. My go I draw and get NOC yes I have to use this to its max and use it then I summon 7 colored fishand atk for 1800 now I have his two sangans out of the duel! He draws sets one magic/trap and activate Gravity bind. My go I pick up and get Barrel Dragon so then I set Cyber jar his go. He sets one card. My go. I draw and get NOC. So then I flip Cyber Jar! I get a Man Eater, Gearfried, MoF, Solemn Judgement. and Mirror Wall. And I forget the rest but one the one that led to his loss it was the head of Exodia!!!!!!!!!SO I play NoC and its over. I don't have anyuse for his peices of Exodia so I get a Mechchaser from him that I sell for 35 dollars.

Ok now I have gotten so far and then the final slip of paper was a map of the block and the red dot was on Zacks house which was down the street of park. Ok so its like 6:30 somethin and I get there the final people are Yoshio,Alfy and Me. Oh and Zack so then we draw folded papers from a hat and I get number 4 and Yoshio gets 3  so he was my semifinalist and when I win I will take his Catapult turtle for my Direct Damage Deck.

Semis:Sean Vs. Yoshio(An ingenious level Direct Damage deck but he is VERY easy now compared to the Restrict.)

This duel got hard at some points when he had out two Catipults and A gravity bind . So I eventually won with Barrel Dragon and Jinzo. But Getting into detail would be too Long. So onto the finals.!

Finals:Sean Vs. Alfy( Buster Blader Deck)

Alfy was pretty tough but he was easy to me cause I only have one Dragon in my deck and I ended up taking a Bster Blader with Relinquished and then overwalmed him with BEWD which eventually died by another Buster blade and that is when Barrel Dragon came in and took out the thing with his effect then from there it was all up hill But instead of taking his Buster Blader I took Kuriboh that I let him have because he is on a VERY strict budget and taking that would really hurt his deck so I let it slide.

Well I WON!!!!!!!!!!!! It was extremely hard but now it is over This thing is friggin long man!

-Jinzo and Restrict and Barrel Dragon
-Zack for holding a good tourney
-For there being tough competion
-For me buying some sodas for the finalists with the money I got form the cards I sold.
-For Metroid Prime for being the best game ever even though it doesn't involve this! =)


If you wanna contact me catch me at Later!!!!!!!!!!!!!