From: hia byea []
Sent: Monday, February 17, 2003 4:32 PM
Subject: my mons r back-eric -orical comics IN

Deck name: killer

My name: Eric

Location: oracle comics   IN

Date of tourney: 2/8/03

Date today: 2/14/03

# Of participants: 20+

First prize: half of the total entry in store credit

Second prize: 2 boosters

Third prize: 1 booster



barrel dragon



summoned skull x2 ( I am tring to replace one of them for jinzo)


(effect/no trib)

man-eater bug x2

wall of illusion

magician of faith x3

goblin attack force

gearfried the iron night x2

4-starred ladybug of doom

big eye

witch of the black forest

mask of darkness


(no trib)

la jinn the mystical genie of the lamp x3

harpie’s brother x2



heavy storm x2


tribute to the doomed

share the pain

monster reborn

premature burial

pot of greed

swords of revealing light

messenger of peace

dark hole

change of heart



magic jammer

call of the haunted

spellbinding circle

solemn wishes

mirror force


mirror wall

seven tools of the bandit

trap hole



Tourney info

This is my first report.  I didn’t keep track of life points but I plan on it next time

I also don’t have an accurate copy of my deck that I used this is 5 days after the tourney and its changed a lot.  So what u see above is what I’m gana use today. So here’s how the last tourney went anyway.


Duel: 1

This is the duel that I found out that this was gana be a long day.  The duel started good I won the coin toss.  As we started to get into it I found out he had 3 monster reborn.  Well I complained to the judge. He didn’t know any more rules than the kid I was dueling. Well I beat him anyway.


Duel: 2

Oh ya I forgot to mention we play 1 round double elimination.  Now I was kinda worried all the kids seed this guy was the best there. Well they were wrong.   I start off wining the coin toss so I play a lajinn in attack and a mirror force face down.  This kid drew played 1 trap face down.  So I draw a malevolent nuzzler I put it on la jinn and atk.  He flips up an enchanted javelin and adds the life points on that just a bought blew my mind. By this time I was getting mad. But I played on.  He broke a bought 7 more rules by the end of the duel.  But I came out victorious.


Duel: 3

Finally I got to duel my friend.  We had a smooth duel with all of the rules.  I lost the coin toss this time.  He started by playing a Harpie’s brother in atk and two face down traps.  I play a face down man-eater bug and end my turn. Well I’m sorry but I pretty much forget the rest of the duel. Next time I promise I’ll keep notes and give a good play by play wit life points.  But he did end up beating me for the first time in 3 months. 


Duel: 4

Now remember this is double elimination.  Now some where in this duel u played a sonic bird and brought out a black illusion ritual. He then tried to look through his deck for a relinquished.  So  after I final convinced him that he could not do that he played 1 from his hand that he had anyway.  He then took control of my la jinn. I also had a face down man-eater bug.  I played down a goblin attack force.  This is what pissed me off the most the whole night. He tried to switch the la jinn he tock over for my goblin attack force. So one again we went to the head judge.  When the judge agreed with him I just quite and went home. 


After tourney info

Well the next day I want back got on the internet and showed the guy the Pojo F.A.Q. section so he could look up all the rules him self I taught what was supposedly the top duelist in the place the real rules and another friend of mine who learned how to play by the comic shop rules how do duel correctly. So my next review should be a much more exciting. I can give you play-by-play in each round the life points and be able to tell you that I won the tourney. Oh ya I can home made like 7 card changes to my deck and beet my friend 7 duels in a row.  So with an apology for this duel I bid you farewell.


Props to

My friend for being the only good duelist in the place

My friend for winning the tourney

The kids who made some good trades to me before the tourney


Slops to

Every duelist (and judge) there that didn’t know the rules!!!!

My friend for beating me

The kids who I ripped off in trades (learn the diff between ultra rare and common!)

The made up rules like they say that to activate a trap they have to atk. And that when they atk you have to activate any face down cards you have. They also say that you have to play a monster before you activate a magic card or you have to wait till main phase 2 to summon a monster.


Plz email all responses to  I beg you to email me the correct rules on the questions above so I may teach the rules to the “judge”. Also you can talk to me on AIM I’m wower22    and on yahoo I.M.  I’m hia222003   plz talk to me!!!!

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