Subject: killer eric orical comics delphi IN

Name: Eric


Place:orical comics Delphi IN

# of people: unknown

1st prize:  half of stoe earnings in store credit

(effect/tribs 1)

barrel dragon (what ur WoI was supposed to send him were)


(tribs 2)

summoned skull x2 ( I am tring to replace one of them for jinzo)


(effect/no tribs 13)

man-eater bug x2 (one BewD down, 2 bEWd down)

wall of illusion (all that work to get your gate guardian out)

magician of faith x3  (raigeki, raigeki, raigeki)

goblin attack force (looking for 2 more plz email me if u got them)

gearfried the iron night x2 (lets see that paralyzing potion stops him)

4-starred ladybug of doom (u were hoping I wouldn,t man-eat 1 of your 3 “6” color fish)

big eye (lets see ill do this then this then I will win, ok im ready)

witch of the black forest (and out comes SS)

mask of darkness (what I used mirror force twice)


(no tribs 5)

la jinn the mystical genie of the lamp x3 (I wish your fire soldier dead)

harpie’s brother x2 (mach 5 killers)


(magics 12)

heavy storm x2 (call of what?  Mirror when?)

raigeki (dang all our mons are gone wait nope just urs, atk my force)

tribute to the doomed (what not my wOi oh wait did it just kill ur 3050 atk maha)

share the pain (good by already used MeB and your BeWd)

monster reborn (jinzo works for me now)

premature burial ( what SS is dead? Wait here it is)

pot of greed (wow look at that I drew raigeki)

swords of revealing light (nope you just sit tight while I kill your army and life)

messenger of peace (no u can just wait till my berrral dragon is on the field)

dark hole (wow did I kill your whole 5 mon army)

change of heart (what u planed to kill SS with that man-eater bug)


(traps 9)

magic jammer (what raigeki)

call of the haunted (once again SS come till kill all)

spellbinding circle (lol lets see that barrel dragon atk for dir. damg. now)

solemn wishes (-1000 for 7 tools no big deal)

mirror force (what happened you atked!!! and now ur dead)

waboku (what my man-eater bug is dead wait no its not only your Dark magician)

mirror wall (WoW whats this my LaJinn killed your SS)

seven tools of the bandit (ur mirror force does what?)

trap hole (was BeWd supposed to kill my SS)


Pre review info:

Well I broke my promise I once again forgot to keep track of life points.  Sry about that.  Once again ill try to have that next time for you.  But anyway most of the rules have been fixed.  A few left but hey the mans trying. 


Now for the dueling


Round 1:

Well I get matched against this bigheaded little kid who thinks he’s yugioh god.  Well it ends up he wasn’t.  he tried to stop call of the haunted with trap removal.  This time the judge sided with me.  Well it ends up with hey me wining 8000 to 0 both rounds. 


Round 2: 

LoL this duel is a joke.  I end this kids life points both duel in like 5 turns.  And when the end of the duel can I see that he was hiding cards in his lap.  This little cheater will never show his face in a duel at thus comic shop again.  Well I guess there has to be one in every crowd.  


Round 3:

Well finally I meet my friend.  We started to trade each other blow to blow. Then in the end I win.  I apologize for not keeping notes on the duel.  But by the end we both had 4 cards left when I played monster reborn call of the haunted and premature burial all in the same turn.  I played down a heavy storm and raigeki  I atked for direct damg and won.


Round 4:  well this round was against the so-called best in the place.  Well someone tiped me off that he played an insect burrier dna surgery combo.  So I put prohibition in my deck.  I got it in my first had stopped his insect burrier just in case his f/d card was dna surgery.  Well it was down hill for him from there.


Bye to the last round:

Remember I seed this was a double elimination last time. Well it ends up my friend duel the kid I just beat in the semi finals. The kid played his combo.  Well now my question is that if my friend played monster reborn on the kids blue eyes can it atk since it is technically the other kids’ monster?  Wouldn’t have the same effect as change of heart just more permanent? 


Ok final round:

Well my friend ended up losing the last duel. So one again I had to duel the insect burrier deck.  He played his combo but I had heavy storm in my hand. I didn’t play it though.  He let me have a break cuz I couldn’t atk so I got my barrel dragon and SS out. Sometime in there I got Raigeki.  I played heavy storm Raigeki then atked for 5100 DD then he played 1 mon f/d I used barrel dragons effect. I won got rid of his wall of illusion. I atked once more and won.  Well the final round is best 2 of 3.  this was a quick duel. I played magic jammer on his dark hole got rid of my barrel dragon for the effect. I had call of the haunted f/d and one SS on the field. So he ends I play tttd on his f/d mon I got rid of my SS in my hand to play it.  I played coh and monster reborn I used SS SS and barrel dragon all for DD.  –7600 from him then next turn he played a f/d I won the coin toss and won the duel. 


Well I got ceasefire form my packs and traded it for a second barrel dragon.  The reason I did that is because im building a machine deck.  All I need is 2 mystical space typhoons and a Jinzo to finish it.  Plz email me if your willing to sell ill pay with paypal if u can come up with a secure method that I will receive my cards.    


Props to:

My second barrel dragon

Me for winning

The place finally learning some rules

For me winning

For the dude who sent me the last improvements to me deck


Slops to:

Me not having Jinzo

Me not having Mystical space typhoon

My friend not making it to finals

To the place not knowing all of the rules


PLZ PLZ PLZ  reply to answer my questions and review my deck.  Also you can talk to me on AIM   wower22   or yahoo   hia222003

Thx     wower22   out 


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