Got Relinquished?
Bremerton, WA/ Kitsap Mall
February 15, 2003
# Participants:28
Winner recieves: 7 PSV packs

Sad to say this will be one of my last posts with this deck and it won't even be a very long one. It has won around ten tourneys since its creation, but I just can't stand its lack of excitement since I know how to use it so well. I live for the game and if I know when I'll win and when I won't, it drains the anticipation for drawing that game changing card. Oh well, time to move onto a new deck. If any of you duelists out there have any good ideas for good decks, please feel free to email me them ( i've already tried clown control, beatdown, weenie rush, wont do exodia, etc). Anyways, onto the tourney report

3 Relinquished (basis of deck)
3 Sonic Birds (deck searcher for BIR)
3 Senju of 1000 hands (deck searcher for relinquished)
3 Magician of Faith (magic reccursion for anything)
3 Harpy Brothers (back up for relinquished)
1 Witch of the Black Forest (deck searcher for anything in deck)
1 Cyber Jar (little dark hole, refreshes hand)
1 Jinzo (negates pesky waboku and mirror force)
1 Summoned Skull (back up tribute for relinquished)

3 Black Illusion rituals (relinquished ritual card)
2 Heavy Storms (destroys m/t field)
1 Pot of greed (....)
1 raigeki (....)
1 swords of revealing light (stalls for relinquished)
1 monster reborn (reborn relinquished/Jinzo)
1 premature burial (reborn jinzo/relinquished for a cost)
1 change of heart (uses opponent flip effects or as a tribute)

3 magic jammer (blocks raigeki, tttd, fissure, etc.)
2 seven tools of the bandit (counters waboku and mirror force)
2 waboku (deters attackers, prevents damage)
2 dust tornado (gets rid of imperial order)
1 imperial order (free magic jammer, magic control)
1 mirror force

Deck Analysis: Well after many tourneys, this is the best I could come up with when centering around relinquished. I'm happy to say that since it's basically a change of heart in monster form, it does good in nearly any situation. The only way this deck can be stopped cold through my experience is....well...I'll just
let you find that out for yourselves. Again, the main point of this deck is to pull out relinquished and then summon him when its most benificial to me and make sure he stays out there. Here's how its final tournament went.

1st Match: Ace vs. umm...can't remember....

1st Duel: I remembered dueling this guy from the last tourney, him being the only one in all the people I faced to get me down to 3000 life points. Anyways, after trading a couple of blows, I realized he played a fairy meteor crush/mad sword beast deck, equipping it onto maha vailo and attacking my face down magician of faiths. Fortunately for me, the only thing to bring back from my graveyard was a raigeki, so I ended up playing three raigekis before amassing an army of jinzo and harpy brothers to destroy his lp.

2nd Duel: This was a very wierd duel. About midway through the match he used card destruction on me and I ended up discarding a relinquished just to draw another relinquished. what I didn't know was that he set down an M/T card and then used it after his card destruct, which turned out to be confiscation. He payed 1000 life to send my second relinquished to the graveyard. I thought I was in deep crap after he did that since there was no way to get my relinquishes out of the graveyard without properly summoning them first, so technically all I had was one left! After summoning a sonic bird and a senju, I finally got the last pieces of my last relinquished in my hands. He then summoned a maha vailo with two axes and murdered my sonic bird, doing a grip of damage to my lp!. I drew and it turned out to be another sonic bird, so I summoned it getting another BIR in my hand. He had one M/T on the field and I was thinking it was a magic jammer so I played cautiously and used one BIR. I was right! it was a magic jammer, so after he had wasted it on my first BIR, I used my second one using my sonic bird as tribute and summoned relinquished to absorb his pumped up maha to attack him for the win!

Winner: 2-0

I didn't expect too much out of this match, but he did get a lot better from the previous tourney. I looked through his deck and if he had more focus on what he wanted to accomplish with it, he would've stood a better chance against me. Oh well, onto the next match.

Match 2: Ace vs. Jonathan

1st Duel: This was utter crap! I could not believe that I was facing my good buddy jonathan. He had won his match but didn't sweep so we were utterly astounded when Jen (wotc manager rock!) ended up calling our names for as she put it "the battle of the titans." Now I didn't mind facing jonathan, but not with this relinquished deck. I had faced him many times before with this deck, me resulting as the winner, but after a certain number of matches, it was no longer fun to face each other when I played relinquished. It got to the point that our games would be decided after three/four moves taking ten minutes apiece. Nevertheless we unwillingly faced off. I knew my little stall tactics would not work on him so I ended up playing beatdown style, summoning monster for monster with him. We each got down to about 1000 life and here's where I made a fatal mistake. I miscalculated the damage my jinzo, summoned skull, MOF and harpy brother were gonna do to his life, so I declared an attack and ended up 400 life points short! stupid me! if I had only summoned one more harpy brother or even a senju that I had in my hand, I would've won! But unfortunately I was wrong so he just summoned a la jinn and attacked my remaining 1000 through my MOF. Gay.

2nd Duel: My relinquished ended up winning me this match after a few magic jammers getting seven tooled by yours truly. Again a very drawn out match with no fun so I didn't remember much of it.

3rd duel: oh my gosh I actually have to go into a third duel!? oh well it basically went the same way as the second duel, with my relinquished jacking his goblin attack forces and attacking his life constantly for 2300 life points each attack.

Winner: Ace 4-1

I didnt' sweep my first time with this deck at WOTC. Oh well it was bound to happen one day. After this match my dueling spirit was just gone. It was that tedious to face jonathan! But oh well, at least I won, but not in the way I would've liked. I drowned my sorrows by trading away my spare MOF and MOD for two Gierfried the Iron Knights.

3rd duel: Ace vs. Connor

1st Duel: He's definitely gotten a lot better since last I faced him, but he couldn't do anything about relinquished taking his goblin attack forces (seem to be a very popular card nowadays). Anyways, after taking that and a summoned skull, I whacked at his life points, change of hearted his last line of defense (a man-eater that destroyed itself), and finished him off post haste.

2nd duel: After recieving the same loss yet again, he opted for his side deck, but wanted to know if I was going to reach for mine. I played a good mind game and pretended to switch out cards in my deck for gravity binds....or so I said. He ended up putting a butt load of level 3 monsters into his deck and removed much of his upper level attackers. Lets just say that little trick cost him the game after I went straight for beatdown, not relying on relinquished and using summoned skull and jinzo to plow through his level three's for the win

Winner: Ace 6-1

A fast match and not too bad. He fought pretty hard, but after I revealed to him that i had not opted in gravity binds he was floored. I could do nothing but laugh. I guess mind games do work! He made sure not to make the same mistake later on in the tourney.

4th Match: Ace vs.some guy that was apparently really good.

1st Duel: This guy had apparently appeared here at wizards for quite some time, but unfortunately didn't show up when I had won my handful of tournaments here. Anyways, after a few turns I realized he played a modified dragon/beatdown deck that he utilized pretty well. I wasn't really intimidated after I saw the first blue eyes appear, I just ended up absorbing it and attacking with it. he had a massive amount of monster removal cards and magic jamming cards so it took a while to defeat him after he got rid of that blue eyes white relinquished. One part in this match that got me sort of apprehensive is when he attacked with a powered up hayabusa knight and I mirror forced it. Unfortunately he seven tooled it, but I had a seven tools of my own so I seven tooled his seven tools. Unfortunately for me again, he had the last seven tools to end the trap chain. I recovered later on from that devastating chain and ended up winning.

2nd Duel: He didn't fare too well in this duel either. It followed the same fashion of the first, but I ended up pulling a relinquished out twice in one turn absorbing both his monsters, summoning a harpy brothers and attacking with all. He enjoyed a nice time at 1000 life when I ran my monsters straight into his mirror force, but I regained control and won the match when I summoned a jinzo after change of hearting his face down cyber jar. Game over.

Winner: Ace 8-1

I have to say that this was the best match of the day. I really had no idea who was going to win but in the end, I pulled the cards I needed and won without too much trouble. I talked with him after the match and realized that in previous tournaments he'd normally place pretty high if it weren't for me. Well we'll see with my new deck won't we?

Final Match: Ace vs. previous exodia guy now dragon guy

1st duel: I recieved a call from my best friend that we were going to catch the 3:50 ferry to seattle to meet up with some other friends, so I had to make this match literally only minutes. With great speed, I layeth down the smacketh down pretty hard when I kept summoning relinquished after relinquished to absorb his monsters and he couldn't do anything about it, but take the damage from each one. He did manage to pull a flute on me, but I just attacked his lord of d(since I wouldn't be able to absorb any other monster as long as he was on the field), with one of my relinquished with a harpy brother absorbed to it and then summoned one more relinquished not far after to absorb his blue eyes and attacking his lp directly with it.

2nd duel: I can't believe it! He pulled a first turn imperial order, kept paying for it, and all I could do was watch as my sonic birds and senju's got pummeled to the ground by his massive army of dragons that were properly summoned. I can't believe he did that, but then again that's the only weakness to the deck.

3rd duel: I was utterly pissed off at what he ended up doing so I thoroughly cleaned out his life points in three minutes because of my mood and because I had to catch a ferry.

Winner: Ace 10-2

Not a good tourney. Not a bad tourney. Overall a decent tourney. I was able to make it on the ferry with one minute to spare and five boosters in my pocket! Normally I would've recieved seven, but Jen decided that since she didn't really know how to divide the prizes up, if I was to end up with seven or eight booster packs, she'd reimburse me later on. Later on however, I find that she just ended up giving more prizes away to the lower ranking players, which of course I was totally alright with. Anything to entice newbies or intermediate players back, I'm all for it. Good decision jen....though I'll be expecting ten pack next time! haha! j/k.

Oh well, it's time to retire my relinquished deck and I think this was one of the best ways to do it: with a tourney win. Of course, if anyone has any ideas for a new deck I can create, feel free to drop me an email, or if you just wanna talk about anything in particular.

-For winning the tourney
-for new duelists learning more about the game
-for getting my last geirfried and a magical hats in my boosters
-for making the ferry
-for sushi being so good

-For parents of duelists who basically play for them (fags!)
-for getting IO'd in my final match! boo!
-for not playing a more interesting deck

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