Subject: POOPY_POTTY_comix_universe_hanover_PA

poopy potty/42 cards

comix universe

Hanover, PA


people: too many

Sean burke

ok, weird name, but, just like a toilet sucks up poops, snatch steal

sucks up you monsters, like poop. Well I got a steady third place, and

revival of dokurider in my tournament pack, which was everyone’s prize.

but the top 5 got rare(hint, hint)more poop decks are needed, like mine,

and trap hole in my deck is full of poops, not really. here’s the deck:

fusion deck: 1

B. Skull Dragon

monsters: 21

1 muka muka

1 dark elf

1 magician of faith

1 time wizard

1 wall of illusion

1 shadow ghoul

3 man eater bug

3 harpies brother

1 cannon soldier

1 la jinn

2 summoned skull

1 red moon baby

1 red eyes

1 giant soldier of stone

1 kuribo

1 7 colored fish

1 spear creatin


traps: 8

1 robbin goblin

3 trap hole

1 magic drain

1 solem wishes

1 imperial order

1 wobuku

magic: 13


1 polymerization

3 fissure

1 snatch steal

1 confication

1 change of heart

3 malvoilent nuzzlers

1 mistic plasma zone

1 dark hole

1 monster reborn

1 dian keto the cure master


round one: poopy potty vs really good kid


wow he draws nothing both games.

first game he got a neo with a horn of the unicorn, poop, snatch steal.


second game: I counter his summoned skull( la jinn sacrifice) , blah,

all down hill for him.(a neo in defense, ha ha I had la jinn)



round 2 : poopy potty vs. duhhhhhhhhh kid


game one: I’m just thinking my deck is good, or everyone else is bad. he

played confiscation, whooooooo, bye bye, snatch steal all he’s got (1

monster) and direct damage. once about every other turn he had a


game two: open up this game as good as ever. lord of D, blue eyes,

parrot dragon, snatch steal in my hand, I just laugh, and kill and


round 3: bye

round 4: poopy potty vs. jinzo cheater


game one: its all power, until i die. snatch steal helped, but it didnt

win. harpies bro from me la jinn kills both, direct damage, I lose( damn

call of the haunted, tribute to the doomed killed my skull!!!! argh)

game 2: even a bit of killing’ snatch steal from me, call of the


oh, jinzo, snatch steal its mine, dark hole (he had nothing) and a call

of the haunted on him, which was illegal, which I remember that it was

once I left. third aint bad now is it,?( duelist for 1 or 2 quit so it

was a championship battle.)


Sean burke


sorry after reading upper deck rulings, jinzo can be summoned with call of the haunted.


tied for 3rd

revival of dokurider in tournement pack


$3 enery fee

it snowed like hell and almost got us hit by a car