Subject: beatdown zach taylor bams texas
zach taylor, bams, willowbrook texas, about 30 participants on 11-15-03

barrel dragon x1
summoned skull x2
jinzo x1
cyber jar x1
goblin attack force x3
man-eater bug x3(man-eater bug does not die!!!!!!!)
la jinn the mystical genie x2
witch of the black forest x1
magician of faith x2
wall of illusion x2
hayabusa knight x2

pot of greed x1
axe of despair x3
monster reborn x1
swords of revealing light x1
mystical space typhoon x1
heavy storm x2
tribute to the doomed x2
change of heart x1
snatch steal x1
premature burial x1
dark hole x1
raigeki x1

mirror force x1
waboku x2
imperial order x1
call of the haunted x1

1st round: me vs.gravity bind deck
this was a really annoying deck because he got the gravity bind out and solemn wishes so
he got his life up and stalled but once i got rid of gravity bind it was all over though.

2nd round: me vs. basic beatdown deck
this was a simple beatdown deck. i just plowed over everything with heavy storm and the
hayabusa knight eqiuped with an axe or two on both games.

3rd round: me vs. exodia deck
i basicly played as fast as i could before he got exodia out so he didnt really have a chance
of wining without exodia, lol i got him so desperate that he put an exodia piece in defense

4th round: me vs. TOKYO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i hate playing TOKYO because hes ranked #2 at bams and im #1, but hes just as good as
me, so i lose to him as much as he loses to me.he has a beatdown deck similar to mine but
i think he has a magic jammer or two and some magic drains and hane-hanes. i just
simply got luckier than he did and pulled out the right stuff.

5th round: me vs. another really good beatdown
in the 5th round it was only me and 2 other guys left. this guys deck was so good. he had
something against everything i did. and every first turn he got change of heart and
summoned skull out and got rid of everything i tried to get against him. so i lost and made
third, but thats still good even though i can beat the dude who made second which i think
is unfair that we didnt play for 2nd and 3rd, they just gave me 3rd because i lost and he
got a bye, owell.

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